Atlas Admin Commands 

To have longer survival instincts make use of these cheats codes that allow the player to experience a wider side of the game that normal players can’t. Since atlas is a tough game, using these cheats will make survival easy for you and will give you a margin over others.

These cheats will let you have a high health bar with supervising skills hence making you the main character, they make you get the treasure box easily and escape the enemies with any one of the cheat codes. You can get the cheat codes anywhere on the internet and use proper commands to access them.

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How to access console commands?

Items with item ids may be obtained through killing monsters, breaking blocks, opening condition pods, finding chests, buying NPCs, selling working NPCs, playing multiplayer games, harvesting crops, using glitch nets, and completing certain hunts, to name a few atlas availabilities. Via access of atlas creative mode.

  • Launch Atlas.
  • Make a connection to the console.
  • Launch the Start button (Options)
  • By selecting “X + Y + LB + RB,” you may access the admin password box.

Console Commands List

Command Function
enablecheats <password> Logs you in as the administrator
setcheatplayer true/false enables/disables the cheat menu
showmyadminmanager Displays your Atlas server’s administrative manager
cheat AllowPlayerToJoinNoCheck <Steam64ID> Whitelists the person’s Steam ID
cheat DisallowPlayerToJoinNoCheck <Steam64ID> Removes the person’s Whitelist entry
cheat SetMessageOfTheDay <message> creates a daily message that is displayed when users connect to the server
cheat broadcast <message> sends a message to every server user and makes their chat window open.
cheat god enables god mode, which prevents death save for drowning.
cheat fly Allows you to fly
cheat walk enables walking again and turns off soaring.
cheat teleport Teleports you to coords 0 0 0 (X Y Z)
cheat slomo 5 uses slowmo 1 to return to normal speed on the server when it slows down player movement, for example.
cheat players only everything, even crafting, is frozen, but not players.

Enablecheats <password>

Once you are done with the login process of the game you just simply need to enter this along with the password to get access to the working of the cheats. Make sure you continue changing your password so that it’s saved from any kind of bug.

Cheat SetMessageOfTheDay <message>

If you want to let your server members know anything especially if it’s about the game then you need this console to activate the daily pop-out message whenever the game is started. This is the third most used console command after enabling cheat.

Cheat god

Concerning the atlas, the admin commands a single player. Players in Atlas may now reach a degree maximum of 50. Although it would take some time for you to achieve this threshold, whenever you do, you would have accomplished everything you could sans engaging in end-game activities. You may buy new talents in Atlas as you rank higher.

Atlas admin weapon ids 

To help you fully appreciate the core of the narrative, the game’s creators have included a variety of amazing weaponry. You may methodically acquire improved weaponry while traveling. Distinctive infantry armor has various characteristics. They vary not just in terms of design but likewise in terms of their intended use like the atlas admin codes saddle.

If you have reached a certain rank, you may also give your weaponry customizability. In video games, combat, ballistic, and racial firearms are all possible. The ballistic weapons category includes rockets, missiles, pistols, rifles, shooters, shooting irons, small arms, and assault rifles.

Command Function
cheat ghost Activates Noclip, allowing you to pass through things and walls
cheat forcetame The beast is instantly subdued, and you can even ride it without a saddle.
cheat addexperience 1000 0 0 gives you 1000 experience points; you may modify the number, and by changing the second 0 to a 1, your tribe will share the experience points.

Atlas Admin Commands

Additional features 

Changing game 

Once you are in the atlas admin creative mode the gameplay is now easier and highly entertaining thanks to this update. For illustration, when you’re trapped and ready to give up on the game. You may use these instructions to advance your gameplay to the following level once they appear on the display.

Tactics planning 

Sometimes there are younger comers, and other times the participants are experts. Those who are previously familiar with the game may organize their gameplay accordingly. Since they currently know whatever instruction or code will assist you to advance to the following level.

They simplify their strategy while doing so, increasing their prospects of winning. They may also instruct their teammates on whether to enter these credentials and whether it would be advantageous for them to immobilize their adversaries.

How to use the console commands?

It’s essential to begin to work now that you’ve gained a basic understanding of the game’s premise and the value—or perhaps necessity—of Atlas instructions. We’ll take this in stages. Understanding that these instructions can exclusively be used by personal computers is the initial step towards enjoying these instructions.

Having stated that, we must access the game development interface to appreciate these tactics. As provided as you adhere to the stages that we would outline above, it is a rather short and simple procedure that should be depending on your position in the tournament. Employ your administrative account and password to sign in as the competition’s operator.

  • To access the terminal, use the Tab button.
  • Write “enablecheats” (password).
  • Click Continue.
  • Employ your Steam Account.
  • Make a document named AllowedCheaterSteamIDs in that location.
  • For Atlas to support console instructions, provide your Steam Account in the script.
  • Download, then exit the document.

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Game Summary

For Internet Explorer and Xbox 360, Arcane missiles Software has created and released Atlas, a survivalist MMO experience that is now in instant release. Players must sate necessities, fend off foes, and seek wealth whilst navigating a world full of pirates. The videogame offers users the option of selecting either a PvE or Fps environment, wherein Fps permits other individuals to strike at any moment.

It is a survival game comparable to Ark: Survival Evolution wherein the objective is to survive as long as you can. Much of the surviving strategy involves the player controlling four “nutrient” amounts. Over age, vitamin concentrations decline.

The use of the atlas admin shipyard because when the protagonist consumes meals rich in different nutrients, such as protein, tomatoes, citrus, and fish, their concentrations rise. Nutrient concentrations have minimal and optimum values; when concentrations exceed certain values, the player experiences condition consequences including a fuzzy display or a dwindling health bar.

Other characteristic aspects, such as hydration/water requirements, must be controlled; failure to do so might lead to exhaustion. Chopping trees and breaking rocks requires some energy, but it is necessary to collect sufficient materials to construct anything. By creating the ship’s components and stocking the supplies with provisions and armaments, a ship may be built. They may be used for transportation throughout the regions.

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