CSGO 1v1 Commands

CS:GO is innately a group-based game, requiring a wide range of coordination and strategies with your partners if you are hoping to win. Covering all points, bringing down your adversaries, and keeping up with control of the bomb are exceedingly significant things during some random match.

Once in a while, however, you and your opponent or friend need to participate in some most certainly well-disposed rivalry through a 1v1. How you do that in the game is somewhat befuddling. This is the way to get a 1v1 hall set up in CS:GO.

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How to use the commands?

You can join a local area 1v1 server or make your own. Creating a confidential server utilizing 1v1 codes without anyone’s help is the only way to do it. Setting up the server takes a bit of time, taking on the other hand the chance that you don’t have a config file. There are such countless various factors to set up and it tends to be confusing.

Use a config document. This permits you to modify the server to your particulars. Since there are so many various commands you can apply to your server, it is a big deal saver to utilize a config record to set up your server.

  • Download the 1v1 config HERE
  • After the download, follow these means:
  • In your Steam Library, right snap csgo and select Properties.
  • Select LocalDocuments, and afterward select Browse.
  • Find the csgo envelope and go into it.
  • Find the cfg organizer and drag the downloaded 1v1 config into it.

Console Commands List

Name Syntax Description
bot_add bot_add [T / CT] [Difficulty] [Name] With this command, a bot is added to the game you are playing right now. The bot will be joined by the team you pick (T or CT). Additionally, you have the option of adding a name and a difficulty (if there is an existing profile).
bot_add_ct bot_add_ct [Difficulty] [Name] A bot is added to the CT side using this console command. The bot will respawn at the beginning of the following round if it spawns dead. You can choose to add a name and a difficulty (if there is an existing profile).

How to Download 1v1 Maps in CS GO?

Before you do anything more, you will require a guide to playing a 1v1 match. Without this, it’s a waste of time to play the game. Csgo 1v1 commands indicate that it is vital to realize that you don’t precisely require a particular 1v1 guide to play this kind of CS: GO match. You can in any case pick maps like Residue II, and Hellfire.

To make things with a 1v1 map seriously energizing, you will require a Steam studio map explicitly intended for the 1v1 game mode. Local area studio maps are exceptional and new to most players, making each new experience significantly more tomfoolery. This is the way to find any 1v1 map you need:

  • Go to steamcommunity.com
  • Click on Local area > Studio from the top route bar
  • Type in 1v1 in the pursuit segment
  • Click on the picture of the map you like and press on Buy in

Through this, it will easily allow you to download the guides you like and you can get to them in CS: GO.

How to run the configuration file with the 1v1 Commands? 

Make sure that you should download the Configuration Record and run it before you start a 1v1 server with the friend you need to play with. You can track down it by composing “download CS: GO Config Record” on the web and you ought to find it quickly from GitHub or different sources. After this, you need to put the Configuration Document in the right envelope area for it to work appropriately in the game.

This is the way to do the following couple of steps:

  • Open CS: GO and click on the Settings Machine gear-piece
  • Go to Game Settings and find where it says “Empower Engineer Control center”, and ensure it says “OK”.
  • Open the order console by tapping on the “‘” button on your console and glue this order: executive 1v1_commands.

What are some useful 1v1 commands?

To this end, we chose to give you a part where you will find valuable commands that will show you how to play 1v1 in CSGO all the more productively and without having anything to do. Moving along, we should get straight into it.


You can involve this order in a confidential hall, and that implies this is one of the go-to 1v1 codes to utilize. Remember that there are a lot of different commands that are useful and require sv_cheats to be set to 1.


To figure out how to play CS GO 1v1 with a companion, then giving the two contenders an armored cap for each round is an unquestionable necessity, correct? This is the ideal order for that. Remember that the defensive layer is likewise utilized when you are playing for your CSGO positions, consequently why this order is a precise portrayal of how serious mode is played.


Missteps can happen to anybody. Somebody can either sit or momentarily AFK. If you have any desire to get better at CSGO, you need to give everybody a fair break at you, and this order will assist you with beginning without any preparation.

What does BOT_KICK mean in 1v1 commands?

At times, bots might generate to fill in the spaces assuming the server is opened for additional players. To adhere to the 1v1 fight, this order will eliminate bots in CSGO from your server.

What is the purpose of MP_FREEZETIME in 1v1 commands?

This command is an ideal life code. To figure out how to 1v1 in CSGO, you want to use this one as it will permit you to stop the 15-second delay between the rounds. Remember that most contenders set this order to 2 as it moves to a two-second delay before the round begins. Any value you want can be set.

How does Csgo 1v1 command MP_WARMUP_END 1 warm up the game?

When you initially begin to find out how to set up a 1v1 CSGO server, this order will constantly come up. Upon joining the server and before the match starts, there is a five-minute warmup. To complete it right away, simply hammer this order in the control center and you are all set.

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