Cyberpunk Console Commands 

Cyberpunk console commands are codes that are used in the game to modify various aspects of the gameplay. These commands are typically entered through the game’s console, which is a developer tool that allows for debugging. Console commands in Cyberpunk have multiple purposes.

Some commands can be used to modify the player character’s attributes, such as health, stamina, or carrying capacity. You can also change the weather of the game by applying these codes and commands. Some commands enable or disable certain features.

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How to use these Commands?

To use cheats in Cyberpunk, you should know all the steps of how to use it. Here are a few steps that everyone should follow.

  • Open the game on your PC.
  • In the next step enter the tilde (~) key. Make sure that the console is disabled in certain game modes.
  • The console is open, enter a command. Here are a few examples: “god” – Enables god mode, making you invincible. “additem [item code]” – Adds a specific item to your inventory.
  • After entering a cheat command, press Enter.
  • The code will be applied. Remember that using cheats may impact your game experience, and it’s always a good idea to save your progress before using them.

Cyberpunk commands List

Item NameIn Game Item Name
Tabula e-Rasa ShardItems.PerkPointsResetter
Stinger (Unique Weapon)Items.Preset_Knife_Stinger
Jinchu-Maru (Epic Katana)Items.Preset_Katana_Takemura
Rare Upgrade ComponentItems.RareMaterial2

What are the Benefits of using these Codes?

Codes can enhance your gaming experience and can give you a lot of exposure in the game field. It helps in updating your game with new updated features and abilities. These codes allow you to test different aspects of the game, such as trying out different weapons or exploring hidden areas.

You can change your character’s outlook just by enabling your console commands. Difficult missions or encounters can be made easier by using cheats to boost your character’s health, damage, or resources. Codes can help you skip certain parts of the game or speed up progress.

Also by using cheats, you can experiment with various gameplay styles. Cheats can make the game more accessible for players who may have difficulty with certain challenges or mechanics.

Does Cyberpunk have cheats?

Yes, this game does have cheats or console commands that can be used in the game. These commands can provide various benefits such as unlimited money, unlocking all items, God mode, and more.

However, it’s important to note that cheats may affect your gameplay experience and some achievements or progress may be disabled when cheats are active. Cheats are typically used on PC versions of the game by accessing the console command interface.

What is the Cyberpunk master code?

There is no specific “master code” for this game. The game does have various console commands that can be used as cheats, but they are specific to certain functions or features within the game.

What are some commonly used console commands in Cyberpunk?

Some popular commands include “god” for god mode, “money [amount]” for currency, and “teleport” to move to a specific location.

Can using console commands in Cyberpunk disable achievements?

Yes, using console commands may disable achievements or progress in the game.

Are console commands available on console versions of the game?

No, console commands are typically exclusive to the PC version of the game.

Can using console commands in this game cause any issues or bugs?

Yes, using console commands improperly or with conflicting inputs may lead to issues in the game.

Are there any restrictions or limitations to using console commands in this game?

Some commands may require certain conditions to be met or specific permissions to be granted before they can be used.

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Is cheating in this game bad?

Cheating can remove the challenge and sense of accomplishment that comes from overcoming difficult missions or encounters. Cyberpunk Cheats may disrupt the game’s balance, making it less enjoyable for some players who prefer a fair and balanced experience.

By using these codes you can skip or speed up progress, players may miss out on experiencing the full content and storyline of the game. Activating cheats may disable achievements or trophies, preventing players from earning these rewards for their accomplishments.


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