Dad Bot Commands 

The person who first developed Dad Bot decided to stop working on it. On the other hand, these are some authors that have developed their unique exclusive DB that may be utilized for Discord. Because they are all written individually, the instruction that must be given to use each Command is distinct and varies at the sole decision of the developer.

The DB on Discord is this tiny thing extra; thus, let’s go via the steps that you need to do to utilize your extremely personal DB on Discord. To use any of the DBs commands list you need to be aware of some of the issues.

How to install Dad Bot on your Discord server?

To locate DB, you must first browse the webpage for it on top. gg. In the upper right-hand corner of the webpage, you will see a large icon colored red with the word “Connect.”

  • This would cause a separate tab to appear, in which you would have the ability to pick any network for which you possess administration capabilities.
  • Following the selection of the location, you would go through the process of reviewing the set of privileges for whom the bot will be authorized.
  • Make sure that all of the secret DB codes are ticked off for maximum functioning.

Dad Bot Codes List

helpReveals the help menu
patreonopens the Patreon page.

How Do You Use this Program?

Everyone must be familiar with the appropriate prefixes to employ to have accessibility to the instructions before you could begin utilizing DB. To put it another way, if Dad Not had been a car, then perhaps the prefixed could be the clutch which allows you to begin the engine.

There are, on the other hand, Dad Bots that will answer your communications based on specific keywords that you provide.

The prefixes may, in most cases, be displayed on the exact website where you downloaded your DB through, as is the case with the instance that follows. It’s “d!” in this particular instance. To get accessibility, for instance, to the collection of instructions that are at your disposal for the DB, anyone may take advantage of these prefixes.

DB would present you all a menu of instructions that he can carry out if you simply input “d! help” into the chat box whether those are the funny DB codes.

Mio Posts a random picture of Mio from K-ON!
embarrass gives the impression that someone has posted something humiliating. You must respond when the order is posted alone.

What choice should you make for the dad bot?

Every daddy bot command would be uniquely programmed by its designer, much as two separate broadcasters might choose to focus on distinct areas of the identical sport. You’ll have to undertake some digging on the web to locate a Dad Bot that suits their tastes.

Have no fear, I won’t abandon you here! I’ll take you to three fantastic starting points, one of which is how I tracked down my actual biological father (bot).

In my experience, the best place to learn about prominent Discord bots, including many DBs, is If you type “DB” into a lookup engine, you’ll get results for many distinct DBs.

For the Discord server, visit This service has a limited DB choice, with hardly two to choose from.

To have a more interactive father-son experience, I have added the DB by AlekEagle from to my Platform. Both the instructions I tried from the assistance page, including the crucial ones like d! advice, d! embarrass, and dad joke, were executed without a hitch. Always enter “d! help” to get a list of available commands.

dad commands

How to choose different dad bot responses?

When the moment arises and users and discord DB codes split parts, it is never necessary for the process to be dragged over. Right-click over the chatbot at the head of your Discord listing of active users, and pick “kick DB” from the contextual menu that appears.

If you prefer quiet, though, you might always use the “mute” button. It’s worth noting that if you’re not confident typing “d!” to control this specific DB, you might modify the suffix.

About Dad Bot

If you use chatbots in your Discord channels, yourself and anybody else who is speaking on those VMS will have access to a wide variety of additional settings and capabilities. In today’s world, using dad humor and wordplay is among the most effective methods to acquire individuals more engaged with what you have to say.

Sure, some individuals don’t appreciate such types of discussions, but even unpleasant participation is interaction. This guide will walk you through installing the Dad Bot onto your Platform and provide you with a complete list of its commands.

How to trick Dad Bot


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