Daggerfall Console Commands

1996 saw the release of the open-world action role-playing game Daggerfall. It’s full of secrets and surprises, and the exploration is never-ending. It is possible to customize your game according to your preferences using mods or property programming.

Here, we’ll explore some of Daggerfall’s hidden gems – little-known console commands that can enhance your experience. From modifiers to item codes, we’ll show you how to get the most out of your Daggerfall experience with these commands and item codes.

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How to use the commands?

These Commands are an essential part of the game and can help you level up faster, add items to your inventory, cure diseases and poison, and even cheat to improve your skills. But first, you have to understand how to employ them.

  • To use Console Commands, you need to access the console.
  • Once you’ve accessed the console by pressing (~), you can start using the commands to enhance your gameplay experience.
  • There are a few basic commands you need to know, such as the “help” command that lists all available console commands. For instance, the “add item” lets you add any item you want to your inventory, while the “add armor” lets you add armor to your character.
  • Additionally, if your character has a disease or poison, you can cure it using the “cure disease” or “cure poison” commands. These commands are especially useful if you don’t have any cure potions or spells.
  • This command lets you add skill points to your character, making leveling up easier. However, bear in mind that abusing this command excessively can make the game less difficult.

Console Commands List

activateopens a door in a dungeon remotely, for example, to start an action object. overcomes the usual defenses against the opening.
addbrings new goods into the inventory. uses the following categories: a torch, gold, magic, drug, map, book, weapon, armor, cloth, ingr, and religion.

Basic Commands:

Daggerfall console commands can help make gameplay smoother and more enjoyable. Here are some basic guidelines to get you going:

Cure Disease and Cure Poison

If your character gets infected with a disease or poisoned, use these commands to cure them. Simply open the console by pressing the tilde (~) key and type either “cure disease” or “cure poison” to get rid of the ailment.

Add Item

If you need a specific item for a quest or just want to stock up on supplies, use the add item command. To add the item to your inventory, enter “additem [item ID] [quantity]” in the console. For example, to add a Daedric Longsword, type “additem 2c52a 1”. You can find item IDs on fan-made wikis or use the “help” command in the console to search for specific items.

Add Armor

If you’re looking for some extra protection, use the add armor command to add armor pieces to your inventory. Type “addarmor [armor ID]” in the console to add the armor piece to your inventory. For example, to add Daedric armor, type “addarmor 6e18”. Again, you can find armor IDs on wikis or by using the “help” command.


If you’re struggling with a particular skill, use the skill cheat command to increase it. Type “set [skill] [level]” in the console to set up your skill level. For example, to set your Destruction skill to 100, type “set destruction 100”.

With these basic commands, you can improve your gameplay experience in Daggerfall. Try out several commands to see which ones suit your playstyle the best.

Can I use Commands to cure poison?

Yes, you can. Simply enter the command “cure poison” in the console and your character will be cured of any poison they may have contracted.

Is there a Daggerfall Console Command for adding armor to my character?

Yes, there is. You can use the command “add armor” followed by the name of the armor you want to add. For example, “add armor chainmail” will add chainmail armor to your character.

Are Daggerfall Commands safe to use?

Generally, yes. However, it’s always a good idea to save your game before using any console commands, just in case something goes wrong. Also, be careful not to use commands that could break the game or cause glitches.

How may Daggerfall numbers be manipulated?

To access the stats screen, press F5. Move the cursor over any stat (such as Strength) and click it. To the right of the state will be the bonus point icon. Hit the area where the up arrow would be (if you have advanced a level) to raise the statistic by 4-6 points. After then, walk away from the screen and return to add an extra 4-6 points.


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