Daggerfall Unity Console Commands 

What makes this game interesting is the fact that it is an open-source project game and to make it even more interesting is the use of the console and cheat commands. These cheats allow you to have control over a wider part of the game and settle things according to you.

Players without using cheats can not have fun crossing the limits whereas the people using cheats can do whatever the cheats offer. From having unlimited inventory to the top of the leaderboard. Once you start using these cheats like adding on armor you have no idea what this game will take you to.

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How to use console commands?

It’s possible to do so by adjusting a corresponding option in the game’s scripts or by putting in a downloadable content pack. daggerfall command center is very user-friendly. For your convenience, we’ve laid out each process in detail beneath.

  • To begin, use Classic Shell and navigate your Daggerfall organizer to identify any potential problems.
  • Select “Browse” from the context menu that appears when you right-click Daggerfall in your Gog Collection.
  • The following step is to use the Daggerfall console instructions, and the modification folder will appear in Windows Explorer inside the identical file.

Daggerfall Unity Console Commands List

Command Purpose
activate opens a door in a dungeon remotely, for example, to start an action object. overcomes the usual defenses against the opening.
add brings new goods into the inventory. utilizes the following categories: torch, gold, magic, drug, map, book, armor, weapon, and cloth.
add_all_equip adds EVERY equipable item of a specific kind to the inventory. provides gear for the current character using criteria like “armor.”
add_armor Adds one piece of armor with the following parameters: race, gender, kind of armor, and material. Each parameter must have a capital letter at the start.
add_clothing Adds clothing to inventory.
add_weapon adds a single weapon with the criteria material and weapon type. Each parameter must have a capital letter at the start.
addArtifact adds one of the epic artifacts from the game to the inventory. The text file /DaggerfallUnity Data/StreamingAssets/Tables/Quests-Items.txt contains artifact numbers.
addbook a book is added to the inventory. the name or book ID parameter is used.

For adding equipment adds

Likewise, the Daggerfall noclip put into possession ALL objects of a particular equipable category. Variables like “armour” are used to outfit the active character with appropriate gear. This function creates a new bullet, specifying its class and substance.

Parameters need to be entered with an uppercase at the beginning. Repeats the player-specified quantity of “Message #”s across the window using addpopuptext 600.

More Useful Commands

Daggerfall Unity Console Commands


Increase stats (alternate)

Click [F5] in-game to bring up the scoreboard. Then, choose a metric and move the cursor to the spot wherever the corresponding extra points icon normally shows. To get up to twelve more points in the chosen stat, click wherever the up arrow typically displays.

For extra points, log out and restart the process. It’s important to note that this cheat password might still be used with the original game installation.

Understanding the stats 

PipBoy currently highlights important objects as you collect them, making it simpler to track down what you need for different upgrades. To save time and avoid a never-ending searching loop, you should remove tags from objects after you have found them.

The game’s building system may be a little murky in Daggerfall. You may carry around things like soda cans, adhesives, and candles on your travels, however, you shouldn’t bring things like sinks or tires. Wait to acquire these items until you are near a workpiece, such as in the Red Dragons drugstore or the Utopia community getting you the Daggerfall unity god mode.

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Weapon dump block 

In Daggerfall, it’s been vastly expanded. It’s a great chance for you and your date to experiment with different options and create an experience that’s perfect for either of them. Yes, there is a bunch to it. It is possible to upgrade your armor, weapons, and additional gear using replacement parts found among the trash we collect on our travels via Daggerfall console commands to cure disease.

Prepare a checklist of everything you require to produce whatever it is you’re working on, and then employ the Labels for Elasticsearch function on that manufactured product to quickly discover whatever you’re looking for.

Command Purpose
in red sage How many recipes are feasible with certain ingredients is noted in the debug log.
kill all Kills all nearby opponents, even those from a mission.

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Game Summary

Skyrim Softworks released The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall, an explorable adventure role-playing multiplayer. After the popularity of The Elder Scrolls: Tournament in 1994, the sequel, The Elder Scrolls II: Oblivion, was published for MS-DOS on November 20, 1996.

The player is tasked by the Empress to find out whatever transpired in a message between the Empire to the previous princess of Daggerfall and to liberate the spirit of Monarch Lysandus from his terrestrial bonds. The fictitious country of Tamriel is the setting for all video games in The Elder Scrolls series, including Daggerfall.

The player may explore the kingdoms of High Rock and Hammerfell while exploring Tamriel. All Elder Scrolls video games provide the player complete freedom to explore as they like, without forcing them to complete set quests or assume predetermined responsibilities. The game further offers you several Daggerfall mods.

A wide variety of housing possibilities are available to the player in these games since there are over 15,000 settlements, hamlets, and dungeons for their protagonist to discover. In contrast to seeing the universe on their own, players may also sign up with other groups like clubs, organizations, and faiths, each of which offers its own set of missions and objectives.

By embracing and helping these groups, the player may advance in status and earn notoriety in the gaming environment, both of which affect how NPCs and opposing groups treat them. Follow the article to know about the Daggerfall console commands gold. Check Out Borderlands 2 Console Commands.

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