Divinity Original Sin 2 Console Commands

The DOS 2 commands that are available to select from in the initial set are fantastic for a variety of purposes beyond simply romance. You can give NPCs orders to do a wide variety of tasks while you are fighting, which will give you an edge in the fight and make it more difficult for your opponents to win.

You can completely make your character by using the instructions from the game console. You may harm, destroy, or kill warriors of fortune using the commands in spawn items. You can even start a countrywide fight, generate goods, and do a great deal more.

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How to use the commands?

The executing of console commands in the Enhanced Edition of Divinity Original Sin is not very difficult.

  • To begin, launch the developer console for the game.
  • After that, you’ll be able to download the newly updated console commands for Divinity: Original Sin 2.
  • Alternatively, when you download the newest release of the game all of these new gameplay features will already be available for you.
  • In any other case, you will be required to physically visit the gaming console on which the ReCon was installed. That is already included in the versions that have been upgraded.

Console Commands List

kill combatkills all enemies in current combat
peace on/offturn the peace mod on and off
GodTurn God mode ON/OFF

Cheats & Commands Benefits

It is very simple to install it. First, choose the option from the toolbar and then modify the Type Key and Console Key in the main game file if you want to take advantage of these cheats console commands in DOS 2.

The recently revised and improved cheat codes for the console version of DOS 2 are the most effective way to restore your previous game state. You are in need to first provide authorization before the PlayStation 4 console can allow you access to the commands.

  • raiseTension: increase tension ingame
  • ResetCrimes: removes all performed Crimes and clears your criminal records, this will lower the tension again

Master of the game

According to Reddit, the console version have the “Game Master” option, which originally gave players the ability to create their adventures and function like that a master.

How to play Divinity Original Sin 2?

On DOS 2 item editor, security kits, forging kits, and sewing kits should always be carried at any time and any damage that is done to them must be repaired after each battle. You also have a better chance to avoid the loss of your weapons to the level where they need to be fixed by a supplier, which is a process that is both time-consuming and costly.

You should start working on your older weapons as soon as possible since the equipment may become too powerful for you.

  • spawnitem GLO_QA_Debug_Item: spawns a Debug book to start in Act 2 with a Party set up – the easiest way to start Act 2
  • levelup %amount% – levels up entire party by %amount% levels
  • unlockall – unlocks all skills
  • maxout – gives level 27 and maxes out stats
  • gold %amount% – gives both players half of %amount% in gold
  • givetreasure %table_name%
  • addExp %amount% – gives the selected character %amount% xp
  • magemana – Adds the maximum amount of source points for this character
  • givetreasure CheatBooks and then the respective element will yield all the skill books of that element: eg. CheatBooksAir, CheatBooksEarth, CheatBooksNecromancy…

How do I enable console commands in Divinity 2?

If your pc has the function keys set to multiple features by default, all you should have to do is press the FN key and the F11 key. In the edition of the game that includes Developer Mode, there exists a warning against using Developer Mode that is shown in red font of the main options menu. The warning also includes a reference to pressing F11 to open up the cheat box.

Do cheat codes exist?

The use of cheat codes was a common strategy for playing older video games. However, many newer titles also enable cheats. The majority of cheat code support has been removed from newer gaming platforms. The introduction of online multiplayer, awards, and medals makes it appear unfair to earn a fair edge by entering a code.

Is Divinity 2 good on console?

One of the very greatest role-playing games (RPGs) to come out in recent times, the DOS 2 Final Version offers a new method to enjoy it. If you are loading on Pc for the first time with the help of console commands it will make a wonderful way to play the game.

How long does it take to be 100% Divinity Original Sin 2?

DOS 2 can be completed in around 59 hours while considering the game’s primary goals. If you are the kind of player who wants to experience all the game has to offer, it is expected that you will need almost 154 hours to finish it with a perfect score.


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