Fallout 4 Material ID Codes

One of the games that are enjoyed the most often all across the world is Fallout 4. The developers of the game have consistently demonstrated their willingness to assist with their PC game by providing a reward to the PC version of the game. PC gamers have had their lives made a little bit easier by Bethesda thanks to a feature that encourages them to bring NPCs and weaponry to the fore.

The setting of the game is a wasteland known as the Commonwealth. The “Sole Survivor” is the name given to the person that the player takes possession of in the game. The capability to create and maintain colonies is one of the new additions to the sequence, along with an extensive crafting system. With this system, players can craft substances and bombs, enhance weapons and armor, as well as design and build, furnish, and optimize settlements using materials that they have looted from the surroundings.

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In addition to assisting the Sole Survivor in navigating the Commonwealth, the instructions may also be used to unlock and get access to a variety of hidden places and weaponry.

How to use the Fallout 4 Material ID?

Simply entering the cheat code or the item’s description into the search field will immediately narrow down the 32 IDs. Please go to any spawn item support page if you need assistance generating things by utilizing these ID numbers.

It varies from person to person because the quantity and kind of downloadable content you have loaded determines how it works. Please go to the DLC code finder if you want assistance locating the DLC code required for one of your DLCs. By using the fallout 4 material shipment id you can spawn items you need.

Before being ready to run these instructions, the debug terminal will need to be activated on your computer. Altering a parameter in your game files or downloading a downloadable content pack is both viable options for accomplishing this goal.

  • The command terminal may be brought up on a personal computer, which is one of the most relevant ways to utilize console commands.
  • While you are playing the game, you will need to press the key.
  • You will gradually acquire the skills necessary to notice and understand how the cheat order console operates.

Material IDs

Item Name ID Code
Acid 001bf72d
Adhesive 001bf72e
Aluminum 0006907a
Antiseptic 001bf72f
Asbestos 000aec5c
Ballistic Fiber 000aec5b
Bone 000aec5d
Ceramic 000aec5e
Circuitry 0006907b
Cloth 000aec5f
Concrete 00106d99
Copper 0006907c
Cork 000aec60
Crystal 0006907d
Fertilizer 001bf730
Fiber Optics 00069087
Fiberglass 000aec61
Gears 0006907e
Glass 00069085
Gold 000aec62
Lead 000aec63
Leather 000aec64
Nuclear Material 00069086
Oil 001bf732
Plastic 0006907f
Rubber 00106d98
Screw 00069081
Silver 000aec66
Spring 00069082
Steel 000731a4
Wood 000731a3

Below will be mentioned a fallout 4 material list and their id. You will eventually reach a stage in the game when it will be difficult for you to gather these supplies via simple runs alone. With a vast area that is becoming smaller, finding what you need will be difficult.

What you can do is just follow the processes that were given, and you will then have the necessary supplies in your stockpile. Because of this, playing the game will be an entirely new experience in which you will have complete control over everything.

Try Fallout 4 Adhesive ID

Crafting in Fallout 4

In Fallout 4, the term “crafting” refers to a variety of different processes that may be used to create in-game goods and objects. Specifically, this refers to the creation of settlement objects, items, and item alterations. Every step of the crafting process requires a particular number of components, which may be obtained by disassembling discarded goods at a crafting table or by bringing in real-world things to an allied town, such as trees or vehicles, for example.

Components needed for crafting may be obtained and used either via the workshop of a settlement or straight from the player’s inventory in free-roam mode. If you want a nuclear weapon but don’t have the materials, Fallout 4 nuclear material it will help you.

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