Gran Turismo 5 Cheats For PS3

Gran Turismo 5 is a racing game liked by millions of fans worldwide. No matter if you are a boy or girl, if you are into cars. This game will become your absolute favorite. But one thing that may be hard for you is to win tough race matches in this game.

But here we have come up with a solution for you. Cheat codes! You must be wondering, are there any cheat codes for Gran Turismo? Well, the answer is yes. Keep reading till the end to learn exciting cheat codes and their benefits.

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How to use these Cheats?

If you want to use ps3 cheats you will at first need to unlock different levels.

  • After getting the cheat engine. Just add the desired code to it.
  • Once you insert these cheats, the needed cheat action will start.
  • But be careful while using these cheat codes. As wrong implications may lead you to lose the games.

Gran Turismo 5 PS3 Codes List

Reach level 06AMG Driving Academy
Reach level 25Endurance Series
Reach level 01Gran Turismo Karting Experience
Reach level 10Gran Turismo Rally
Reach level 13Grand Tour

What are the Benefits of using these Codes?

There can be various benefits of using cheat codes. These codes will provide you with amazing game tips and tricks for PS3 that you can apply in your game to hit the finish line earlier. Some of their benefits are given next:

Enhanced Vehicle Features

There are several codes available that can enhance the vehicles. These will improve the invincibility, charging power, and swimming power. Additionally, they can make the car do a lot of new things as well. Therefore, if you want to amaze your friends with better matches do not forget to insert these cheat codes before playing.

Improved performance

If you are playing this game and you wish that your vehicle would perform better for you to win. Then you should try some Gran Turismo 5 license cheats. These cheats will help you at different levels of the game.

Secret menu

There is a secret menu that you can get access to by using cheat codes. There are codes available for accessing the game. If you enter Gran Turismo 5 license cheats they will allow you to unlock different new levels, tracks, and locations.

Super stunts made easy

If you use these game codes, they will help you play a lot of good stunts. For example, sky fall, super jump, and moon gravity. These stunts will be easy for you to perform. Hence, they will help you win the game more easily.

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How can I unlock cars in Gran Turismo 5?

In the GT5 you can unlock cars from the miscellaneous menu. You will need to hold the L1 and R1 and press down one time and right for two times. After repeating this three more times, press start and get all the cars unlocked.


How can I have the secret menu in Gran Turismo 5?

There is a secret menu present on the GT5 Prologue’s screen. If you want to find the secret code, click on one time down and two times on the right. Then repeat this by clicking PATTERN three more times and then press start.

What can be regarded as the best car in Gran Turismo 5?

This game on PlayStation 3 comes with a variety of cars. The best-known car is Mazda 787B because it is known to have the best power-to-weight ratio. This feature enhances the car’s performance. Another good option is McLaren F1 but it is quite expensive.

How can I unlock Gran Turismo locations?

If you want to unlock locations in Gran Turismo, you will need to play matches through the main campaigns in the game. You will unlock all the game tracks until the campaign ends.

What are the codes for this game?

There are various codes available for this game. The most famous ones are ” 841058005209 ” or ” 841058005261 ” These codes are used to get a free Camaro.

Are there any codes for PS3?

Yes, there are several codes available for Play Station 3 in the IGN cheats database. These cheat codes help the players to win the game races quickly and efficiently.


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