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The Outer Worlds, a video game that was released in 2020, was created by Obsidian Games which was responsible for its production. Within only a few short days of its debut, this dynamic role-playing video game won over the gamers of those genres of games. Both the people and the setting are truly intriguing and engaging in their way.

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The command game pass was developed specifically to give you access to a variety of quick gaming elements. By carrying out the console instructions, you may get experience points, health points, the ability to jump, and a great deal extra.

You would have the opportunity to develop into a space-based superhero if you use the game Controller Orders, which will also make it possible for you to explore previously inaccessible parts of the game.

How to use Outer Worlds commands?

The game, the same as other games, had a programmer interface. You are in luck since all it takes to get access to a control terminal is to obtain a little modification.

  • After that, everything you require to do to activate the application follows the directions that appear on the display.
  • When you are finished, you might be able to enter the consoles by pressing the key that is located beneath the Esc button.
  • This is how you can enable game commands.

Console Commands List

TeleportThis press command is used to teleport your character to the position of the camera.
SetWeaponLevel 1You can set your armament position by executing this command.

Commands Benefits

The outer worlds command item list provides you with a few of the console instructions that could be in use to help. They might still modify how you play the game, as well as even cause your settings to get corrupted, so you should think about making a backup of your data before you begin playing the game.

Command Effect Console Command
Pauses the game pause
Changes FOV to [amount] for [amount]

Cheat Engine

We are aware of all you need, allowing you to function like an expert. Keeping that in mind, and to bring you up to speed on the other aspects of the game that are as important, I will now explain how to set up the outer world’s console commands windows store and make utilize the outer world’s cheating power unit.

  • Install Cheat Engine from the web and double-click on the CT file to open it.
  • Next, click on the PC icon in the cheat engine so that you can select the game to process.
  • Now, keep the list and by checking boxes or setting values from 0 to 1 you can activate the trainer list option as well.

How do you get infinite money in the outer world?

The duplication bug is a very cool trick that can be used in video games. This cheat gives users the ability to generate even more money as they choose by duplicating replaceable goods as many as they like. This code could be utilized to purchase a bunch of items and obtain cash in exchange, which is necessary to acquire trillions of bytes.

You should also be aware that you may utilize its commands skill points to get money into purchasing weaponry and other gameplay needs to keep yourself engaged in it and unlock new stages for yourself.

  • Attribute pointers during character creation
  • During character creation set available skill points to 7
  • Infinite ammo clip
  • EXP multiplier
  • Infinite HP
  • Always have max durability
  • Save anywhere on supernova difficulty
  • Fast travel anywhere on supernova difficulty


On the console, we will have to enter the administrator mode to enable the spawning of items. This may be accomplished in a game with only one player by pressing “enter” and then typing “/admin 1” into the control box that opens when you do so.

This will give you access to all of the game’s controllers and its console commands on Reddit. By enabling this feature, you will get access to all of the producing methods, you will become immune to damage, and you will no longer experience energy loss.

Weapon Ids

To ensure that you adore a complete and satisfying experience when playing the game, the outer worlds command attributes creators have included a variety of impressive weaponry of varying types. You have the opportunity to get better weaponry at various points during your journey. Numerous distinct protectors feature various properties.

They are distinct from one another not just regarding their outward look but also regarding the roles that they play. If you have reached a certain level, you will additionally acquire the ability to add customizable features to the weaponry you use. When we talk about high-velocity weaponry, we’re referring to things like missile launchers, pistols, guns, rifles, firing stones, assault rifles, and revolvers.

Name of Mission Clan Chief 
Erchius Extraction Skill No specific clan Archives Horror
Observance Chase Cavities Floran Ixodoom

How to increase carry weight in The Outer Worlds?

You will have the opportunity to acquire a variety of Backpack protection upgrades as you go throughout the gameplay. These mods will enable you to handle an additional 25 kg of payload. When you have the modifications loaded, you will also have the ability to transport equipment via your friends.

Friends, on the other hand, will not have their own storage space; rather, they will add to the overall weight that you are carrying the outer world’s command steam. In addition to this, apply the Backpack modification to three different sets of armor.

In this manner, you will be able to attach weapons to your characters as well as your two friends, giving you a total capacity of more than 70 kg for carrying the load.

About the game

The environment of the videogame is quite realistic. The primary purpose of the adventure is to assist a researcher so that he may amass a collection of substances that will allow him to recover some colonists who have been lyophilized and preserved aboard an abandoned island.

This game’s wheels are very intriguing because of the notion of damage kinds and scientific weaponry, which also contributes to the game’s potential to be played several times. You can construct rather effective equipment, which will let you deliver the majority of the firepower in the match. Playing the Outer Planets videogame is a great time for everybody who does so.

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