Papers Please Cheat Sheet 

This paper please cheat sheet is one that can make checking easy. fields, seals, and different reports-related data much quicker. Most of the time cheat sheets show what is basically inside the M.O.A. rules and guidelines. So it is already proven that this game is surely feasible without utilizing any cheats. The story of the paper please cheat engine ranges across 31  days with 20 amazing endings.

The story is generally pre-arranged and a significant number of the occasions and experiences are there. In papers please wiki it is also explained that you can search everything easily. However, this really implies you use a scanner on the individual. Searching can be done at whatever point the individual is from a particular country on a particular Day (Kolechia on Day 8, for instance). In case an individual’s weight is not the same as there is not the same on ID. It means he or she is unique in relation to their appearance.

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How to use Papers Please commands?

Cheat codes not only help you in winning the game. It also restores cheaters and helps you skip the most difficult levels of the game.

Using a cheat sheet is very simple and easy. Once you learn the method you can easily use it time and again. You won’t be searching for guides and tutorials to learn.

  1. In the first step you have to press Ctrl + Shift + C and press enter in the game’s main menu.
  2. You can apply this method on android, mac, and even on PCs.
  3. Once you have done this a search box will pop up on your screen.
  4. In that, you have to enter the cheat code generated by the game’s site.
  5. When you are done with this you are going to see your game moving in a different direction. This shows that the code has been activated.

Console Commands List

TokensHow to
Antegria Token:Collect the hidden Antegria Token.
Artotska Token:Collect the hidden Artotska Token.
Hired Rifle:Kill the man in red for EZIC.
Impor Token:Collect the hidden Impor Token.
Kolechia Token:Collect the hidden Kolechia Token.
Member of the Order:Help EZIC overthrow the government.
Obristan Token:Collect the hidden Obristan Token.
Republia Token:Collect the hidden Republia Token.
Snowier Pastures:Escape to Obristan.
Too Honest:Turn over EZIC docs to M.O.I investigator.
United Federation Token:Collect the hidden United Federation Token.
Worker's Best:Acquire a Class-5 Apartment.


In spite of the fact that it is definitely not how Papers please was guided to be played. In case you experience issues with the game. There is one choice to break the game: Using the Print Screen work on your PC. When an individual comes into the office, focus on what the person gives us an explanation and the time frame for passage into Arstotzka.

Show all the records of your document. With this, you can utilize the Print Screen work. Open a picture file, like Microsoft Paint, and copy your picture. You can then check out at the individual’s gallery with the help of papers please endings. Everything appears to be clear, you can return to the game, unpause it can question the person immediately.

What are papers please story and papers please country cheat sheets? 

In this article papers please have the trainer have explained the Papers please cheat the sheet. The story comprises 31 days. Every day has four phases. Each event contains amazing components.

  1. When the day starts it begins with the first page of The Truth of Arstotzka. It features changes as per the player’s previous activities.
  2. After the survey of the features, the player walks into the booth. New strategies and plans have been built up for the official Bulletin.
  3. Already planned occasions in this stage comprise visits by various governments.
  4. The following stage starts when the individual brings in the principal contestant. The Game begins from 6 am to 6 pm. The base continuous term of everyday shifts from 3 to 8 minutes. During this time, the inspector investigates the participants’ galleries and files and uses a tool to figure out if the papers are all together.
  5. A portion of the experiences are pre-arranged and consistently occur at a similar point in the same way Some of them are somewhat categorized for example names of Antegrian couples. However, a large portion of the experiences are not story-related and contain no records.
  6. This workday might stretch out past 6 pm as planned nowadays. If the limited players have been handled it won’t create any glitch or error.

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Main events of Papers, please

In the game, you should be well aware of all the major events. In this article, you will see the main events of everyday life. Here are a few papers please map the cheat sheet mentioned down below.

Papers please walkthrough

In papers please cheat sheet this is one of the most important and major events. This is the starting day of the game. A few components are presented here. However, the majority of them are not yet utilized. If you see the rulebook you will use the screens and inspect the everyday notice from the Ministry of Admission.

The day begins when you tap on the speakers on the roof of the traditions building, and the Inspector will yell ‘NEXT’. Whenever you have denied an individual, you can click it once more, yet the Inspector just yells ‘NEXT’ once the ongoing individual has left the structure on-screen.

Rules for papers please: 

  • The people who are natives and national of Arstotzka are allowed only.
  • They should have a passport to the country.

Entries papers please walkthrough: 

There are altogether four entries in the cheat.

  1. Arstotzka
  2. Imporian
  3. Republican
  4. Kolechian

November 24 is also one of the major days. On this day a very special event occurred. On that day the administration announced that the border is open for foreigners as well. As previously it was only for Arstotzkan citizens.

December 10 is the day on which the inspector goes on inspection in different areas. They visit various checkpoints and perform.

On 11 December the main character of the game, Jorji Costava, gets approved by the law and his papers are submitted and he gets justice. After the review performances of the checkpoints he finally receives justice. At last, he will be getting 1000 credits.

Papers, Please – Ending 20 of 20 (100 % Accuracy Run, 615 stamps)


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