Pokemon Blue Cheats

We have compiled a list of the Pokemon Blue Cheats for you to check out and try. Pokemon Blue Cheats are fun to use in the game and can be used on Nintendo 3DS, Citra Emulator, and DeSmuME Emulator. Some famous cheats of the game include gameshark codes exp multiplier, rare candy. We also explain what each code does, the walkthrough, and how to use it below

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How to use Pokemon Blue Cheats?

To use the cheats easily, you’ll need to follow the steps below:

  • Download a reliable emulator like VisualBoy Advance
  • Install the emulator on your device
  • Download a genuine Pokemon Blue ROM
  • Find compatible Pokemon Blue cheat codes from reliable sources
  • Load the game ROM into the emulator
  • Enter Pokemon Blue cheat codes in the emulator’s cheat menu and activate them
  • Play the game to see the applied Pokemon Blue cheats.

Pokemon Blue Cheats List

Walk through Walls010138CDThis cheat can crash your game, be sure to save your progress before activating the cheat.
Infinite Cash019947D3You will get Infinite Cash.
Infinite HP01FF16D0Your Pokemon will appear glitchy but there’s shouldn’t be a problem.

Cheats & Commands Benefits

Cheats and commands in Pokemon Blue offer benefits such as rare Pokemon matches, infinite items, and improved abilities.

These features can speed up the game, create unique team options, and accommodate different play styles. However, overusing these features can reduce the game’s original challenge and exploration.

Pokemon Blue Cheats game summary

Cheats in “Pokemon Blue” add a new element of excitement to the classic game. These codes, which can be accessed through emulators, provide advantages such as increased statistics, limitless items, and evasive Pokemon capture opportunities. However, while cheats can improve gameplay, they can also interfere with the game’s natural challenge and narrative progression.

Therefore, it is important to use cheats carefully to avoid any glitches or unintended results. By utilizing cheats, players are able to experiment, modify their strategies, and reinvigorate the game in new ways, all while taking into account the potential effect on their enjoyment of the classic Kanto region journey.

Are Cheats Safe for the Game?

Cheats in Pokemon Blue are safe as long as they are used from reliable sources. However, if the cheats are used incorrectly, they may cause crashes or glitches.

Can Cheats Affect My Save File?

Yes, cheats can change the save file. You should always back up your data before using cheats to avoid data loss.

Do Cheats Work on All Emulators?

Emulator-specific cheats can be used. It is important to ensure that the cheats used are compatible with the current version of the emulator to avoid compatibility problems.

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