Pokemon Gen 7 Tier List

Welcome to the captivating world of Pokemon Generation 7, where Alola region adventures await trainers. Our Pokemon Gen 7 Tier List is your guide to assembling the ultimate team for battles. With a diverse range of Pokemon, each carefully ranked based on performance, you’re set for an exciting journey. From powerful legendaries to beloved companions, this tier list offers insights into their strengths. Explore Alola with confidence as you choose your top-tier team. Get ready for thrilling battles and strategic gameplay with our Pokemon Gen 7 Tier List!

Pokemon Gen 7 Tier List

We’ve categorized every all the pokemon into S, A, B, and C tiers based on their ablities:

S Tier

Dominating the Alola region, excelling in both offense and defense.

  • Solgaleo: The Psychic/Steel-type legendary Solgaleo commands the S Tier with incredible stats and versatile moves.
  • Lunala: As a Psychic/Ghost-type legend, Lunala secures its place in the S Tier with impressive power and moves.

A Tier

Pokemon with reliable performance, offering a good balance in Gen 7 battles.

  • Decidueye: Decidueye’s Grass/Ghost typing and versatile moves make it a solid choice, landing it in the A Tier.
  • Incineroar: With its Fire/Dark typing and strong Attack, Incineroar earns a place in the A Tier.

B Tier

Pokemon with decent performance, providing valuable support in Gen 7 battles.

  • Primarina: Primarina’s Water/Fairy typing and impressive Special Attack contribute well to Gen 7 battles, placing it in the B Tier.
  • Mimikyu: Mimikyu’s Ghost/Fairy typing and unique ability secure its spot in the B Tier.

C Tier

Pokemon with limitations, facing challenges against the toughest Gen 7 opponents.

  • Gumshoos: Despite its Normal typing, Gumshoos’ stats limit its effectiveness, placing it in the C Tier for Gen 7 battles.
  • Bruxish: Bruxish’s Water/Psychic typing and specific movepool contribute to its placement in the C Tier.

So which Pokemon Is the best?

In the Pokemon Gen 7 Tier List, Solgaleo and Lunala reign supreme in the S Tier with incredible power. Decidueye and Incineroar in the A Tier provide reliable performance and balance. Primarina and Mimikyu in the B Tier contribute well, while Gumshoos and Bruxish in the C Tier have limitations against the toughest Gen 7 opponents. Choose your team wisely, and may your Alola journey be filled with triumph!


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