Pokemon Legends Tier List

Welcome, aspiring Trainers, to the Pokemon Legends Tier List! As you delve into the vast world of legends, each Pokemon plays a crucial role in shaping your epic journey. In this tier list, we’ll unravel the strength and versatility of Pokemon in the Legends series. From mythical creatures to legendary titans, discover which Pokemon stand out as the best companions for your legendary adventure. Whether you’re exploring ancient realms or uncovering the mysteries of mythical encounters, let the Pokemon Legends Tier List guide you in assembling a team that excels in the legendary realms. Let the legendary journey begin!

Pokemon Legends Tier List

We’ve categorized every Pokemon into S, A, B, and C tiers based on their abilities:

S Tier

S Tier: These legendary Pokemon are the pinnacle of power, dominating the legends realm with unrivaled strength and versatility.

  • Rayquaza: As a Dragon/Flying-type, Rayquaza earns its place in the S Tier for its exceptional stats and powerful moves, making it a legendary force to be reckoned with.
  • Arceus: The Alpha Pokemon, Arceus, stands at the apex of the S Tier, showcasing unparalleled versatility with its ability to change types, making it a legendary leader in battles.

A Tier

A Tier: These legendary Pokemon offer formidable strength and versatility, contributing significantly to the legendary journey.

  • Ho-Oh: As a Fire/Flying-type, Ho-Oh secures a spot in the A Tier for its impressive stats and majestic presence, symbolizing the legendary essence of Pokemon.
  • Mewtwo: Known for its Psychic-type moves and high stats, Mewtwo’s legendary prowess earns it a place in the A Tier, excelling in both offense and defense.

B Tier

B Tier: While not reaching the pinnacle, Pokemon in this tier offer considerable strength and contribute effectively to the legendary journey.

  • Lugia: With its Psychic/Flying typing, Lugia falls into the B Tier, showcasing strong defensive capabilities and a majestic presence in the legends realm.
  • Dialga: The Steel/Dragon-type Dialga secures a place in the B Tier for its unique typing and ability to control time, offering strategic advantages in legendary battles.

C Tier

C Tier: These legendary Pokemon may face challenges in certain situations, requiring careful consideration in team composition.

  • Regigigas: Despite its colossal presence, Regigigas falls into the C Tier due to its ability’s drawback, requiring strategic use to maximize its legendary potential.
  • Deoxys: As a Psychic-type with various formes, Deoxys lands in the C Tier, offering versatility but facing challenges against certain legendary opponents.

So which Pokemon Is the best?

In the Pokemon Legends Tier List, Rayquaza and Arceus reign supreme in the S Tier, showcasing unparalleled strength and versatility. Ho-Oh and Mewtwo in the A Tier offer formidable contributions to the legendary journey. Lugia and Dialga in the B Tier provide considerable strength, while Regigigas and Deoxys in the C Tier may face challenges in specific situations. As you embark on your legendary journey, consider the strengths and weaknesses of each tier to create an unstoppable team of legendary Pokemon!


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