Pokemon Scarlet Tier List

Welcome to the Pokemon Scarlet Tier List! Embark on a thrilling adventure in the vibrant region of Scarlet, where a new generation of Pokemon awaits. In this tier list, we’ll categorize Pokemon into S, A, B, and C tiers based on their strengths and versatility in battles. While personal preferences play a role, this guide aims to assist trainers in assembling a formidable team. Explore Scarlet, discover new Pokemon, and let the journey unfold!

Pokemon Scarlet Tier List

We’ve categorized every Pokemon into S, A, B, and C tiers based on their abilities:

S Tier

S Tier: These Pokemon are exceptional, boasting high stats and versatile movepools, making them top choices for battles in Scarlet.

  • Scarlet Charizard: With its fiery power and dynamic movepool, Scarlet Charizard dominates battles with its Fire/Flying typing.
  • Crystaline Gardevoir: This elegant Psychic/Fairy-type Pokemon excels in both offense and defense, making it a valuable addition to any team.

A Tier

A Tier: Pokemon in this tier offer a balanced mix of stats and abilities, proving reliable throughout the Scarlet journey.

  • Azure Empoleon: The Water/Steel typing of Azure Empoleon provides excellent defenses and powerful attacks, making it a strong contender.
  • Verdant Serperior: Known for its Grass typing, Verdant Serperior combines speed and special attacks, making it a versatile choice for trainers.

B Tier

B Tier: Pokemon in this tier have specific strengths but may face challenges against certain types and scenarios.

  • Blazing Infernape: The Fire/Fighting typing of Blazing Infernape grants it powerful physical attacks but may encounter difficulties against certain matchups.
  • Radiant Luxray: As an Electric-type, Radiant Luxray excels in speed and physical attacks, but weaknesses to Ground-type moves pose challenges.

C Tier

C Tier: These Pokemon may have limitations in battles and could face challenges against a variety of opponents.

  • Mystic Bibarel: Despite its dual Normal/Water typing, Mystic Bibarel may have challenges due to its average stats and vulnerabilities to common typings.
  • Shadow Zoroark: As a Dark-type, Shadow Zoroark relies on speed and special attacks, but it may struggle against certain matchups.

So which Pokemon Is the best?

In the Pokemon Scarlet Tier List, Scarlet Charizard and Crystaline Gardevoir shine in the S Tier, offering exceptional stats and versatile movepools. Azure Empoleon and Verdant Serperior in the A Tier provide a balanced mix of stats, making them reliable choices. Blazing Infernape and Radiant Luxray in the B Tier have specific strengths but may face challenges against certain opponents. Mystic Bibarel and Shadow Zoroark in the C Tier may have limitations in battles and encounter challenges against various matchups. When assembling your team in Scarlet, consider these tier rankings for a captivating and successful Pokemon journey!


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