Pokemon SORS Pokemon Locations

We have compiled a list of the Pokemon SORS Pokemon Locations for you to check out and try. These locations can be discovered by any player using the guide we have provided. You can take any route and use any map to get to these locations. We tell you how to get to >map, locations by route, and Pokédex. Discover many items and even learn to get respawned in the game using this pdf guide we provide. Consider this to be a Walkthrough for all locations in the game.

Note: You must have some basic knowledge about different locations(from Pokedex or by playing the game) to understand all the maps we’ve listed. Please find all the locations below

Pokemon SORS Pokemon Locations List

Here is the list of all locations and the guides:

  • Lancio Town
  • Sovio City
  • Route 4 (North)
  • Route 4 (South)
  • Mt. Gerhana
  • Azluf Town
  • Destino City

Lancio Town: Lancio Town is where you begin in Pokemon SORS, found in the Hupest region. You can get your first Pokemon there

Sovio City: Sovio City is a place in the game Pokemon SORS. It’s in the Hupest area and has a sewer.

Route 4 (North): In Pokemon SORS, Route 4 (North) is a place that connects to Amor and where Lyra will challenge you.

Route 4 (South): In Pokemon SORS, you can take Route 4 (South) to get to Samurion City. To reach it, just surf to the west from Route 4.

Mt. Gerhana: Mt. Gerhana is a place in the game Pokemon SORS. It is shown in the game’s tutorial videos.

Where can you find Cynthia in Pokemon SORS?

Cynthia is in Galinor City. Go to the building on the north-west side and you will find her there.

How can you get Rock Smash in SORS?

You can get Rock Smash by doing a side quest for a man with a Cubone in the top left part of the city.

Where is Darkrai in Pokemon SORS?

Darkrai is in Colen Mansion. To get there, go to Chargy City in the Colen Region and head west to Route 12.


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