Pokemon Tera Raid Tier List

Embark on an epic journey with our Pokemon Tera Raid Tier List, guiding you through the challenges of Tera Raids in the world of Pokemon. As you face powerful foes, this tier list will help you assemble a formidable team. Each Pokemon’s strengths and weaknesses are carefully assessed, providing valuable insights for your raiding endeavors. Get ready to conquer the Tera Raids and emerge victorious!

Pokemon Tera Raid Tier List

We’ve categorized every all the pokemon into S, A, B, and C tiers based on their ablities:

S Tier

Dominating the Tera Raids, excelling in both offense and defense.

  • Zacian: With its legendary prowess, Zacian stands as the top choice for Tera Raids, boasting incredible offensive and defensive capabilities.
  • Eternatus: Eternatus’s unique moveset and high stats secure its place in the S Tier, providing a formidable presence in Tera Raids.

A Tier

Pokemon with reliable performance, offering a good balance in Tera Raid battles.

  • Grimmsnarl: Grimmsnarl’s disruptive moves and support abilities make it a solid choice, earning its spot in the A Tier for Tera Raids.
  • Mimikyu: Mimikyu’s deceptive tactics and decent offensive capabilities place it in the A Tier, contributing well to Tera Raid battles.

B Tier

Pokemon with decent performance, providing valuable support in Tera Raids.

  • Alakazam: Alakazam’s powerful Psychic-type moves make it a reliable choice, landing it in the B Tier for Tera Raids.
  • Volcarona: Volcarona’s strong Fire-type attacks contribute well in Tera Raids, earning it a place in the B Tier.

C Tier

Pokemon with limitations, facing challenges against the mightiest Tera Raid opponents.

  • Butterfree: Despite its agility, Butterfree’s limited offensive capabilities place it in the C Tier for Tera Raids.
  • Chandelure: Chandelure’s reliance on specific moves limits its effectiveness, earning it a spot in the C Tier.

So which Pokemon Is the best?

In the Pokemon Tera Raid Tier List, Zacian and Eternatus reign supreme in the S Tier, offering unparalleled offense and defense. Grimmsnarl and Mimikyu in the A Tier provide reliable performance and support. Alakazam and Volcarona in the B Tier contribute well, while Butterfree and Chandelure in the C Tier have limitations against the mightiest Tera Raid opponents. Choose your team wisely, and may your Tera Raid adventures be filled with triumph!


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