Pokemon Unbound Tier List

Welcome to the diverse world of Pokemon Unbound, where trainers embark on a thrilling journey with an extensive roster of Pokemon. Our Pokemon Unbound Tier List is your compass in navigating the myriad of choices, helping you assemble a powerful team. The tier list highlights the strengths and weaknesses of each Pokemon, aiding you in strategic battles and triumphing over challenging opponents. Explore the Unbound region, discover unique Pokemon, and elevate your training skills with this comprehensive tier list!

Pokemon Unbound Tier List

We’ve categorized every all the pokemon into S, A, B, and C tiers based on their ablities:

S Tier

The cream of the crop, excelling in both power and versatility.

  • Raikouza: A fusion of Raikou and Rayquaza, Raikouza dominates the S Tier with a perfect blend of Electric and Dragon abilities, making it a force to be reckoned with.
  • Megazard X: The Mega Evolution of Charizard, Megazard X earns its place in the S Tier with a combination of Fire and Dragon attributes, delivering exceptional performance in battles.

A Tier

Exceptional Pokemon with solid performance, offering a great balance in Unbound battles.

  • Scizoraptor: A fusion of Scizor and Raptor, Scizoraptor secures its place in the A Tier with a blend of Bug and Steel abilities, showcasing resilience and strength in battles.
  • Hydreigonite: The Mega Evolution of Hydreigon, Hydreigonite lands in the A Tier with its Dark and Dragon attributes, providing a formidable presence in Unbound battles.

B Tier

Pokemon with respectable performance, contributing effectively in Unbound battles.

  • Blastoisenite: The Mega Evolution of Blastoise, Blastoisenite finds its place in the B Tier with a combination of Water and Steel abilities, offering versatility in battles.
  • Garchomence: A fusion of Garchomp and Salamence, Garchomence earns its spot in the B Tier, featuring Dragon and Flying attributes for a well-rounded performance.

C Tier

Pokemon with limitations, facing challenges against the toughest Unbound opponents.

  • Flareonnite: The Mega Evolution of Flareon, Flareonnite, while interesting, lands in the C Tier due to its limited moveset and stats.
  • Luxraydos: A fusion of Luxray and Gyarados, Luxraydos faces challenges in battles, earning its place in the C Tier.

So which Pokemon Is the best?

In the Pokemon Unbound Tier List, Raikouza and Megazard X reign supreme in the S Tier with their exceptional blend of Electric and Dragon abilities. Scizoraptor and Hydreigonite in the A Tier offer solid performance, while Blastoisenite and Garchomence in the B Tier contribute effectively. Flareonnite and Luxraydos in the C Tier have limitations in facing the toughest Unbound opponents. Choose your Pokemon wisely, and may your journey through the Unbound region be filled with exciting challenges and victories!


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