Portal 2 Console Commands

Portal 2 is a first-person puzzling computer game. In the collaborative adventure, players take on the characters of Atlas or P-Body, twin machines, or a primitive anthropomorphic symbol in challenges made by the audience. In the single-player game, the player adopts the character of Wheatley.

These three women are competent at engaging with and exploring their surroundings. Individuals may only withstand a certain amount of harm before eventually expiring.

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How to use Portal 2 commands? 

Select the Keyboard and Mouse controls under Options. Change “Allow Developer Console” to “Enabled” after that.

  • After that, you can open the console by pressing the key, which is typically located above Tab on keyboards.
  • You must then type the command “SV cheats 1” without quotation marks for noclip to function.
  • After this thing, you will be able to type “noclip” and fly without restriction, Use the command “bind v noclip,” in my opinion.
  • As in Garry’s Mod, you can then toggle noclip on and off whenever you want by pressing the V key.
  • A word of caution: enabling cheats will remove accomplishments. To earn those tasty achievements, you must first complete the game without using any cheats.

Commands for Load Map

Cheats Effects
The courtesy call Original 1 to 19
The cold boot GLaDOS 1 to 8
The return GLaDOS 9 to 17
The surprise GLaDOS 18 to 21
The Escape Assembly line, generator
The fall Falling, ruin, intro, new gel 1
The reunion Orange gel 1, 2, and white gel 1
The itch Wheatley intro to 6 then 11 to 16

Commands for Achievement

Achievement Obtain
Call to wake up Watch Wheatley crash through the Docking Station wall, then enter the old testing track to complete this achievement. After that, you ought to get receive the accomplishment automatically.
The monster that you are This prize is yours as soon as GLaDOS wakes up in the game’s first chapter.
Never discourage As your first test of the second chapter, you will be given a simple task utilizing Thermal Discouragement Beams. The accomplishment will be given to you whenever you pass this test.
Funnel or tunnel Complete chapter 8 and test chamber 15
He kills you know that part When you eventually see Wheatley, you could notice a little white area to his left. the opening of a gateway there. The white gel will soon begin to drip from the ceiling.
Build up the team Complete the various 6 stages in a single course.
Better listener When you are able to leave, go inside the last test chamber.
You can make your point You approach the room and enter it.

What Is Basic

Shopping is a flaw in the source engine, which is often utilized to generate and maintain speed. Entire levels in other source-based games were created to exploit this flaw. Shopping has two functions: generating speed and preserving it.

Reducing speed

Jumping is the best way to maintain speed, not just randomly hopping. Limiting your time on the ground and hitting frame-perfect jumps may be necessary depending on the settings of the game to conserve speed.

Developing Speed

This is when things can become quite challenging. That’s what the abbreviated form is “you should barrage utilizing the A/D keys while turning the mouse that way in Half-Life and its extensions to rabbit jump.


Utilizing the bin cmd [key] [function] control, it is feasible to associate console instructions with set keys.

For instance, bin cmd F1 people health 1 could be used to associate the instruction prop health 1 with the F1 button.

The tournament’s setup files contain bin cmd parameters, therefore they perform not needed to be input again each moment the program is launched. Unless the player chooses to actively change them, these parameters will not be changed.


To allow the generation of things on the interface, we must go into administrative access. In a tournament with just one player, you might achieve this by clicking “enter” and afterward entering “/admin 1” into the management window that appears. By turning on this option, you’ll have recourse to all of the production techniques, develop physical resistance, and stop losing energy.


To guarantee you have a pleasurable and comprehensive gaming experience. At certain points throughout the way, you can purchase more effective weapons. Different defenders with different characteristics. They are different from each other not just in terms of how they seem on the outside, but in addition to terms of the duties that they perform.

You will also have the power to give the weapons you use customizable qualities after you achieve a particular degree. We refer to items like artillery pieces, handguns, guns, weapons, fire rocks, assault carbines, and handguns when we discuss elevated armament.

How to increase carry weight?

As you progress through the action, you’ll have the chance to pick up a range of Rucksack security improvements. You’ll be able to use your buddies to transfer items after the updates are installed.

Companions, on the other extreme, won’t possess their separate holding area; instead, they’ll increase the load you’re already hauling. Deploy the Rucksack upgrade to three distinct sets of gear in combination. You would be able to equip your avatars and your two buddies with weaponry in this way, providing you with a total hauling weight of more than 70 kilograms.

Description Code
Get a pipe bomb. give pipe_bomb
Get a propane tank. give propane tank
Get an AK-47 rifle. give rifle_ak47
Get an M16 rifle. give rifle
Get the SMG. give SMG
Get a chainsaw. give chainsaw
Become invincible. god
Become immortal, but still, take damage. buddha 1 number (0 = Off, 1 = On)
Make your both teammates shoot nonstop. open_fire
No mob rushes director_no_mobs number (0 = Off, 1 = On)

How to activate the Portal 2 commands?

Like previous games, Portal 2 offered a programming interface. You’re in luck since all you need to do is get a little alteration to gain entrance to a control interface. After that, simply follow the instructions that show on the display to complete all the necessary steps to enable the program.

If you hit the button that is situated underneath the Esc command whenever you are done, you should be permitted to access the consoles. Try our Terratech Console Commands.

Gathering resources 

A crucial aspect of the whole gaming performance is gathering commodities. In the game, nothing can be built until the player has gathered the necessary number of different resources.

Any devoted player of the game must be conscious that those products are made up of Bread, Gold, Timber, and Rocks. Furthermore, communities must gather all three parameters at a somewhat steady rate to maintain an economic advantage over their rivals.

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