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You will agree with me when I say, Starbound ids are some of the most useful things in the game.

Chucklefish developed your favorite action-adventure game Starbound. The game is a two-dimensional feature game in which you can establish your fables by discovering several defense systems, defenses, and articles on your way to success. In this way, you will go through several towns, colonies, and settlements.

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Your mission is to conserve the universe from destructive forces, and you need some heavy weapons on your way to accomplish this task. Another turning point in the story is you can also choose your way to favor colonized distant planets by using starboard RPG growth item ids. Here, we share some important details regarding the game so that you can easily find armor on your way to success.

How to use Starbound commands?

  • You will need to enable the debug console before being able to use these commands. You can do this by changing a setting in your game files, or by installing a DLC.
  • On your way to accomplish these challenges, this adventurous game provides you with various fracking universe item ids and elithian races item ids.
  • Some starboard avail item ids are assassinating demons, digging blocks, cracking pods, aperture of status pods, discovering chests, purchasing NPCs, the commerce of functioning NPCs, acquiring multiplayer, crop reaping, use of bug net, and finishing absolute hunts.

Starbound ids List

NameItem ID
Weapon Upgrade Anvilweaponupgradeanvil
Titanium Lighttier3light

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Weapon ids

Developers have incorporated various remarkable weapons in the game so that you can enjoy the essence of the story thoroughly. On your way, you can get upgraded weapons systematically. Several unique armors possess different qualities. They differ not only based on their appearance but also by their function.

You can also add customizable qualities to your weapons if you have achieved a particular level. There can be ranged weapons, melee weapons, and racial weapons in the game. Rocket launchers, handguns, firearms, shotguns, shooting irons, muskets, and automatics are included in the ballistic weapons.

Whereas energy ranged weapons have unique plasma features in them, and their range of armor is regarded as plasma pistols, plasma shooters, automatic plasma machines, and plasma automatic cannons.

Mission ids

We have a list of the starbound missions and peacekeeper quest ids for your ease so that you can quickly go through these missions before actually starting your game.

Name of Mission Clan Chief 
Erchius Extraction Skill No specific clan Erchius Horror
Observance Chase Cavities Floran Ixodoom

In addition to these main missions, various challenges are also included on your way to success. Details of these challenges are also presented here.

Title of Challenge Explanation
Let’s get technical Scientific Challenge
A Dashing Individual Scientific Challenge

In addition to it, various fracking universe quest ids and FFS item ids are available. You can go through them once you play the game’s trial version.

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For the spawning of things, we’ll need to activate admin mode on the game server. In a single-player game, you may accomplish this by attempting to open the consoles by clicking the “ enter ” and entering the command /admin 1 in the command window that appears.

Activating this option provides you entrance to all manufacturing recipes, makes you indestructible, eliminates vitality depletion, and, most significantly, grants us the ability to account manager instructions, which we will discuss later. In singleplayer, you may deactivate this feature by using the instruction /admin 0.

In order for your username to have admin capabilities on a cooperative system, you would have to request that the computer web server grant you similar permissions. /admin 1 and /admin 0 will function the same way they do in custom maps, so make sure you have them before you start playing.

We may begin generating goods now that we have been elevated to the position of administrator. Let’s take a deeper look at the /spawn item operation and the options that might be sent to it. If, on the other hand, you must physically type the instruction, you may do so by typing /spawnitem Subjected> into your terminal window. The ID for the article given in the table below should be substituted for ItemID> in the formula.

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