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Stellaris is a computer game created by Paradox Development Studio that focuses on the strategy genre. Players of Stellaris assume control of interstellar civilization in the cosmic arena and are entrusted with discovering, colonizing, and administering their sector of the universe. Along the way, they will come across other species with whom they might deal in negotiations, commerce, or conflict.

Engaging with programmed as well as spontaneous events is a significant component of the game. These events might include new empires that shift the equilibrium of power, huge crises that endanger the galaxy as a whole, or event chains that chronicle the tale of long-lost civilizations.

The ultimate objective of the empire might be anything from the conquest of the galaxy to the accumulation of riches and the attainment of technical superiority. It could even be the peaceful cohabitation with or the complete annihilation of all other sapient species.

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How to use console commands in Stellaris?

When playing Stellaris, you may access the game’s console by hitting the key, which is normally found to the left of the ESC key. If you are experiencing difficulties accessing the console, you may get more assistance by clicking here.

  • When your cursor is over items in the game, such as planet IDs and population IDs, the IDs for those entities will be shown if you enter the word “debug tooltip.”
  • You can usually reach the in-game console by pressing the tilde key () or the key (‘), but you can also use the Shift key, Alt key, and C key combination.
  • The in-game console can only be accessed while the player is not playing in the Ironman option, similar to other recent Paradox games. This is because it is considered “cheating” to utilize these instructions to progress via the accomplishment system.
  • In many cases, you will additionally need to define the destination by providing its unique ID. Stellaris features a greater number of unique identifiers compared to other major strategy games, including species, empires, special leaders, and so on.

Stellaris Cheats Codes List

Command Name Syntax Description
3dstats 3dstats When 3DStats is turned on, your FPS and render time will be displayed on the screen.
achievement_status achievement_status This command prints the status of your current accomplishments to the console.
activate_all_traditions activate_all_traditions With this order, all traditions’ benefits are immediately activated.
activate_ascension_perk activate_ascension_perk [ascension perk id] The given ascension benefit is activated by this command.
activate_tradition activate_tradition [tradition id] The selected tradition is activated by this command.
add_anomaly add_anomaly [anomaly category] With this command, you can add an anomaly category to the planet you’re presently playing as.
add_ethic_pop add_ethic_pop [population id] [ethic id] With this command, the selected population will now include the chosen ethic.
add_opinion add_opinion [source id] [target id] [opinion amount] This command can be used to add or subtract opinions from one empire to another (use negative values to remove them).
add_pops add_pops [species id] [planet id] With this command, all of the chosen species are spread throughout the whole globe.
add_ship add_ship [ship name] With this command, all of the chosen species are spread throughout the whole globe.

Stellaris Resource Commands

Resources are the driving force behind everything that happens in the universe of Stellaris, or in this instance, in the galaxy. There are three core assets, in addition to various minor ones, which fall under the category of Strategic resources. Because Pops are necessary in order to hire people to work in your facilities, you should consider this resource to be one of your most significant ones.

They are capable of producing fundamental resources and of transforming those resources into products that are valuable to your Empire. Energy, which is represented in-game by a lightning bolt, is another one of the most valuable resources available to players.

Since almost everything in the game uses up Energy, its significance cannot be overstated; in contrast to Minerals, it is often more difficult to amass sufficient amounts of Energy. In the list below Stellaris, resource cheats are mentioned for you to simply acquire the resources without having to accumulate them with effort.

Cheat effect
add_anomaly [anomaly id]] adds the chosen anomaly to the celestial body in question.
add_intel [target] [amount] adds the desired amount of intel towards the target, default 10
add_relic [relic id] When writing all rather than a particular ID, all relics are granted. Multiple instances of the same relics can be added.
alloys [amount] adds the desired amount of Alloys, default 5000
build_pops [amount] build_pops [amount]
cash [amount] adds Energy Credits, default 5000
food [amount] adds x amount of Food, default 5000
minerals [amount] adds x amount of Minerals, default 5000

Miscellaneous Cheats

If you utilize the codes that are listed here, the sandbox adventure game Stellaris will become much more enjoyable. The codes that are included here will assist you in personalizing your experience with the game in a variety of ways, such as pausing time or reloading whole events.

Cheat effect
reload [file] This command will reload all of the assets the game currently has loaded.
smooth This command toggles the graphical frame smoothing function in Stellaris.
tech update Refreshes the technology tree
war [declarer empire id] [subject empire id] [war goal id] With your chosen war objective, this command will cause one specified empire to declare war on another specified empire.
nstant_build Instead of taking time to construct, all structures are instantaneously finished as a result of this instruction.

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ID in Stellaris

The vast majority of IDs have already been specified and may be found on the ID page. Species, leadership, empire, and pop IDs, on the other hand, are determined when the game is first made, and it is necessary to use the debug tooltip function in order to discover them.

  • When you move your cursor over a species in the species list, you will be able to see its ID. The player’s species will remain 0 for the primary species and 1 for the syncretic, cybernetic or bio-trophy if a modified beginning process was not employed.
  • When you hover your mouse over a leader in the leaders or empires panels, you will be able to see that leader’s unique ID. The player’s beginning leaders will invariably be 0 for the ruler and 1 for the governor and it will be 2-4 if a modified starting method was not employed.
  • Stellaris Empire id may be examined by clicking across an empire’s flag in the connections list or its boundaries on the galactic map. Alternatively, you can press and hold the “E” key to read the ID. If a modifiable beginning system was not used, the player’s empire will remain at a value of 0 at all times.
  • In the fleet pane, you may see a ship’s ID by moving the mouse over the vessel in question. The player’s beginning science ship will always be 0 if a modified starting system was not used.
  • When you hover your mouse over pop in the demographic tab, you will be able to view its ID.

Above you will find the Stellaris id list which will be comprehensive and according to your needs.

What are Stellaris weapons ID and ship ID?

Each asset within the game files has an ID that refers to its internal name. A console command can be executed, a save game edited, or custom events or start systems can be created using them. To ensure that you have a complete and satisfying experience when playing the game, the developers have included a variety of impressive weaponry of varying types.

You have the opportunity to get better weapons at various points during your journey. Several unique armors feature various properties. They are distinct from one another not just in regard to their outward look but also in regard to the roles that they play.

If you have reached a certain level, you will also have the ability to add customizable features to the weapons you use. In the game, players have the option to use either ranged weapons, melee weapons, or racial weapons.

Plasma pistols, plasma shooters, automated plasma machinery, and plasma autonomous artillery are considered part of the energy-ranged weapons’ range of armor, although plasma characteristics are exclusive to the power-ranged weapons themselves and their variety of features. Stellaris ship id will be the name of the asset used.

How to use Stellaris Console Commands

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