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Officially introduced as Project A in October 2019, Valorant was formalized as Valorant by League of Legends developer Riot Games a few months later. The game mode Spike Rush has already been added by Valiant.

There is no buying round in this faster, best-of-seven-rounds game where every opponent is prepared with a spike and every player has the availability to every item and skill. The phases of Valorant will be known as Acts, and each one will offer new content to the game, such as Agents, maps, and modes.

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How to use the Valiant command in chat?

Although Valiant doesn’t have a tonne of commands or options, some of them are pretty helpful.

  • Team Chat: Type your message in-game by pressing the Enter key.
  • Press SHIFT + Enter, then type /team + the message to broadcast it to everyone in the chat.
  • The message using the /all switch to send Party Chat hit Enter:
  • SHIFT + Enter, followed by the message and /party, Whisper Chat can be sent by pressing Enter + Tab, followed by the player’s name, enter, the message, and send.
  • Answering a private message
  • Use the preceding command (easier and faster than inputting the player’s name in-game).
  • Emoji: ALT key and a few NumPads together
  • Alt + 3 Spade for the heart emoji.

Alt + 4 Random Emoji: 

  • Alt + any two-digit number (10-99)
  • Acceptance (vote): either “ff” or “surrender” or “concede”

Valorant Commands List

Code Description
Teleport Your character will be teleported to the camera’s location by using this console command.
SetWeaponLevel 1 By executing this command, you can set the level of your weapon.
SetArmorLevel 1 Setting your armor level is done using this console command.
SaveGame bIgnoreSuperNova 1 0 No matter what level of difficulty you choose, this command will create a new save file.
DebugUnlockCompanion 4 Enter the name of a companion, and they’ll join you without requiring a quest.
QuestComplete The quest name can be specified in the syntax to complete any particular quest.
QuestStart A quest can be activated with this console command.
for (enter value) The FOV can be changed with this command.
AddItemDebug By specifying a name in the syntax, any item can be entered using this console command.
AddCurrency (enter number) 1 Your character will receive money by using this command.

Commands for Crosshair

Carefully prepared first-shooter players deserving at least moderate respect will know that fiddling with your settings is the initial step to learning a contending shooter. Both the Valiant crosshair you pick and the mouse’s responsiveness are significant for clicking heads. Switching things up could be the way to make progress while climbing the Valorant positions.

All fresh out of the plastic new Valorant players are furnished with a programming crosshair that possesses an extensive extent of the screen’s middle. It’s sensible to express that while this could do the trick for fledgling gamers, it’s not the best Valorant crosshair decision that anyone could hope to find. It’s futile for serious matches, and dispensing with it will make the simpler point.

Team Chat Press SHIFT + Enter,   Type /team + the message, Press Enter to send
Party Chat Press SHIFT + Enter,   Type /party + the message, Press Enter to send
All Chat Press SHIFT + Enter,   Type /all + the message, Press Enter to send
Whisper Chat Press CTRL + Enter, Type the player’s name, and Hit the tab to type the message
Nullify a game (faster than typing the name of the player when you are in the game)
Surrender Remake. Works when a teammate disconnects by round 2

Best Valorant Crosshair:

Taking a gander at what the top Valorant players are utilizing may be truly moving on the off chance that you’re experiencing difficulty tracking down inspiration.

  • Cover valorant crosshair
  • Tenz valorant crosshair
  • Shout valorant crosshair
  • Hiko valorant crosshair
  • Crosshair for Tarik the valorant
  • Valorant command ghost

The Ghost is precise and has a sizable magazine in case you miss it. Managing the fire rate is necessary for distant targets. When you can see the whites of their eyes, quickly pull the trigger. The Ghost is a budget-friendly semi-automatic handgun.

It can be used to repeatedly shoot through visual barriers because it has a big magazine and a silencer, which poses no risk to the player’s ammo supply or positioning. While effective at all distances, it excels at taking out far away foes; but, at close ranges, except pistol shots, it does not deliver significantly greater power than a Classic.

Command for Fly

Players can fly, submerge themselves, and clip through specific parts of the map in ghost mode. When enabled, it also renders players invisible, preventing gunfire from striking them. This trick is useful for discovering regions on the map that players may reach without dying and for learning different Sova arrows.

The majority of player deaths occur under, outside, or on top of buildings on the map while the cheat is disabled. In this mode, players can use weapons and special abilities, making it possible to launch special powers from beneath the battlefield or shoot out of the sky. When players wish to repeatedly practice a specific skill without the game ever switching sides or changing rounds, pausing the action can be useful.

When practicing with a friend, auto-respawn is helpful since no one needs to wait for the round to conclude to respawn. The meanings of infinite credits, powers, and magazines are rather obvious. Players can use their Agent’s skills, weapons, and ability to purchase any weapon on the menu indefinitely using all three.

With cheats enabled, players can also change teams, although a team cannot contain more than six people. If a five-vs-five lobby is filled, players must switch to an observer before joining the opposing side to open a roster place.

Valorant commands keys:

The PC version of Valorant’s controls and key bindings are listed here. There are a few additional options surrounding the controls and the crosshair, but they are best explored in-game. Special keys can be assigned to the radio controls, and players can even change the crosshair’s appearance by adjusting its opacity.


  • Strafe Left – A Strafe Right – D Forward – W Backward – S
  • Standard Movement: Left Shift, Walk, Left Shift, Jump, Space Bar
  • Left Ctrl Toggle While Crouching,


Right mouse button, Fire, Right mouse button to switch fire, Sniper rifle operator using down sights and hold Zoom,

  • Auto Cycle Re-enter Primacy Equip – Scope – On Reload Spike – 4, Equip Melee Weapon – 3, Equip Secondary Weapon – 2, Equip Weapon – 1, Mouse Wheel Up to Cycle to Next Weapon, Wheel Down Drop Equipped Weapon – G, Inspect Weapon – Y, Use Object – F, Use Spike Cycle to Previous Weapon (Plant or Defuse) Ability to Use/Equip: 4 – Q
  • Ability to Use/Equip: 2 – E
  • Ability to Use/Equip: 3 – C
  • Use/Equipment Capability: Maximum Use of spray; communication; – X
  • Radio Commands Menu Index – Period Radio Command Wheel Index – Comma Interface Party Voice Push To Talk Key – U Team Voice Push To Talk Key – V Pin (Tap) / Ping Wheel
  • (Hold) – Z


Agent Ability Tooltip: F1 Show Teammate Loadouts (Hold): Left Alt Combat Report: N, B for Open Armory, Toggle Open Map to M, (Hold) Open Map – Caps Lock, Scoreboard Display (Hold) – Tab, Toggle Middle mouse button: Cursor Player: Observe Player 1 – 9 Observer: Toggle Free Camera – V.

Radio Commands

If you don’t want to use the other Valorant communication options, radio commands are an excellent way to communicate with teammates. Many of these radio commands can be used to communicate the majority of necessary messages without ever using voice chat or even the in-game chat box. It is a speedy and basic way to deal with ready colleagues to specific significant in-game ways of behaving.

  • There are three sections on the Radio Commands Wheel. Namely:
  • Combat \Social \Strategy


Valiant has done an excellent job incorporating a variety of communication channels in-game. The amount of work the developers put into ensuring that in-game contact in VALORANT was feasible regardless of the circumstance only serves to highlight how crucial communication is in games that are this competitive.

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