Valorant Commands

Would you like to take your game to the next level in Valorant? If so, then knowing the right commands in chat and for your crosshair can help you out.

From adjusting your crosshair size and shape to changing your in-game chat settings, these commands can help you take your game to the next level. As we talk about valiant commands in this post, we will learn a lot.

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How to use the Valiant command in chat?

Although Valiant doesn’t have a tonne of commands or options, some of them are pretty helpful.

  • Team Chat: Type your message in-game by pressing the Enter key.
  • Press SHIFT + Enter, then type /team + the message to broadcast it to everyone in the chat.
  • The message using the /all switch to send Party Chat hit Enter:
  • SHIFT + Enter, followed by the message and /party, Whisper Chat can be sent by pressing Enter + Tab, followed by the player’s name, enter, the message, and send.
  • Answering a private message
  • Use the preceding command (easier and faster than inputting the player’s name in-game).
  • Emoji: ALT key and a few NumPads together
  • Alt + 3 Spade for the heart emoji.

Alt + 4 Random Emoji: 

  • Alt + any two-digit number (10-99)
  • Acceptance (vote): either “ff” or “surrender” or “concede”

Commands List

TeleportYour character will be teleported to the camera's location by using this console command.
SetWeaponLevel 1By executing this command, you can set the level of your weapon.
SetArmorLevel 1Setting your armor level is done using this console command.

Benefits of Commands


Turning invisible and ambushing your enemies are two features of this command.


This command gives you the ability to move around the map quickly, making it easier for you to travel from one place to another.


This command allows you to assign certain commands to specific keys, allowing for faster execution of those commands.


This command sets your character as inactive, so if you need a break in the game, you can use this command without any worries.


This command allows you to customize the color of your crosshair or other elements of the game.

Radio Commands List: 

This command provides you with a list of radio commands that can be used to communicate with your team in the game.

Labs Bot Commands: 

This command allows you to get help from the labs bot, which can give you tips on how to become a better player.

How to Fix the Commands Not Working? 

If To fix a problem with your commands, follow these simple steps. First, ensure that you have entered the command correctly. If that doesn’t work, try using the command keys, such as “/” for chat commands or “\” for radio commands. Additionally, make sure you are entering the right syntax for the command.

For example, the command for AFK is “/afk” and the command for changing your character’s color is “/color [hex code]”. If these steps don’t work, it may be an issue with the game itself, such as a bug or conflict with other programs. In this case, it may be best to seek help from the Labs Bot Commands list.

Best Crosshair:

Taking a gander at what the top players are utilizing may be truly moving on the off chance that you’re experiencing difficulty tracking down inspiration.

  • Cover crosshair
  • Tenz crosshair
  • Shout crosshair
  • Hiko crosshair
  • Crosshair for Tarik
  • Command ghost


These commands enhance the experience of gaming players by giving them a lot of choices. Whether it’s adjusting sensitivity, view model, and more in-game, binding keys for quick use, or utilizing radio commands to communicate with your team, these commands give you control over how you play the game.

From ‘ghost’ to ‘fly’, to ‘AFK’ and more, it provides an array of chat commands and console command codes to optimize your gaming session. With this knowledge of Valorant Commands, you can now up your game in chat and crosshair!

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