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Xcom 2 wotc console commands breakthrough is always helpful when dealing with a challenging game like XCOM2. You might also have considered XCOM 2 War of the Chosen hard. It’s because this action-adventure game is designed in such a way that a unique strategic plan is needed to proceed in the game. Therefore, we provide xcom two wotc cheats for your convenience.

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How to use Xcom 2 Wotc commands?

You will need to enable the debug console before being able to use these commands. You can do this by changing a setting in your game files, or by installing a DLC.

Before using the features of the console command, there is a requirement of first enabling it. You need to stimulate the quality first, and then it will perform its role. As you know, there are two basic categories of the versions of XCOM2. Steam versions and Non-Steam versions are those varieties.

If you are using the Non-steam version, you need to first right-click on the address of primaryxcom2.exe and then jump to the properties tab. On the properties tab, you need to paste ‘allow console .’Remember you need to omit the quotation marks first.

  1. But if you are playing a game on the Steam version of XCOM2, you should go to the ‘games library .’
  2. After that, go to the tab of ‘general properties .’Paste ‘allow console’ on the general properties tab. Remember, pasting quotation marks will not enable it. So you need to remove the quotation marks before pasting them.
  3. Another way to enable console commands is by striking the tilde key (‘). console appears after that. Before allowing commands, you need to reload the game as well.

Console Commands List

Command  Category Uses
LightPlatedArmor # Armor Command Increases the number of suits of the spider.
AddItem BattleScanner # Item Command Increases the number f battle scanners.
ReloadUpgrade # weapons Increases the number of automatic reloaders.
GiveScientist # Scientist and Engineer Command Provides one scientist.
GiveEngineer # Scientist and Engineer Command Provides one engineer.
LevelupBarracks #  steam Upgrades soldiers in the Avenger Barracks.
Togglefow  supplies Makes the map prominent in the game.
AimUpgrade # Weapon Command Increases the number of scopes while aiming.
AddItem Hazmat Vest # Item Command Increases the number of Hazmat vests.

Cheats & Commands Benefits

Please do not consider it actual cheating as they only help you try some things first. To make them work, you need first to enable the console. To allow the console, follow the steps mentioned above. After activating the console, you need to type ‘enable cheats’ in the dialogue box. Remove punctuation marks and spaces before actually ordering. Once the command is activated, you are all set to set out different game features.

If you are not interested in all cheat commands, you can also jump to god-like modes directly. The god-like manner of ‘PowerUp’ will help you access limitless ammo and unbeatable units. Another way, ‘TakeNoDamage,’ will only make your teams invincible. However, there is no feature of infinite ammo in it.

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Resource Commands

Resource commands are all you need if you want riches or wealth in the game. There are many variations in these resource commands. So, you will have a list of bids that will help you increase your resources in the game. Some of them are listed below.

An unlimited number of corpses

The command will give you limitless corpses on your battlefield that will help you cause severe destruction for your enemy. You need to start “give resource CorpseAdventTrooper #” to activate the cheat in the game.

After activation, you will see countless corpses in the game. In addition, bids such as give resource Corpse Advent MEC # and give resource CorpseAdventOfficer # are also used to find out xcom two wotc console commands soldier stats.

Escalate ability points

Give resource Abilitypoint # is used to increase the game’s xcom 2 commands ability points. Combat helps you to earn ability points otherwise. They allow you to buy skills for your soldiers. You can change the number of ability points by typing commands combat intelligence.

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Increasing the amount of Intel

In the communication between different regions,  exploring secret dark events, and buying items from black market developers introduced Intel in XCOM 2. To increase the amount of intel in the game, you need to type give resource Intel # after activating the console.

Raise the number of Elerium cores

To re-energize soldiers in the upgraded infirmary, you need to type ‘give resource Elerium Core #”. It is the Elerium core that serves the purpose of strengthening your soldiers on the battleground.

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