Pokemon Locations Guide 2024 [Everything Mapped]

There are various Pokemon places, based on the game you’re playing. Different areas, each with its collection of Pokemon species and places, are included in the Pokemon games. Some important Pokemon places from different games are shown here:

Top Pokemon Locations List

  • Viridian Forest (Kanto Region): In the original Pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow games, the Viridian Forest is home to Bug-type Pokemon like Caterpie and Weedle.
  • Cerulean Cave (Kanto Region): Mewtwo, a formidable Psychic-type Pokemon, can be found in Cerulean Cave in Pokemon Red, Blue, Yellow, FireRed, and LeafGreen.
  • Mt. Moon (Kanto Region): In the Kanto games, Mount Moon is home to Rock-type and Clefairy Pokemon.
  • Eterna Forest (Sinnoh Region):  Burmy and Combee are two examples of Bug-type Pokemon that you could run into in Eterna Forest in Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum.
  • Safari Zone (Various Regions): In various games, the Safari Zone is a unique location where you can come across rare Pokemon, but the Pokemon that are present can differ from game to game.
  • Mt. Coronet (Sinnoh Region): Mt. Coronet is the home of numerous Pokemon of the Rock and Steel types in Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum.
  • Victory Road (Various Regions): Victory Road is a difficult region in many Pokemon games where you can discover powerful wild Pokemon before facing the Pokemon League.
  • Cave of Origin (Hoenn Region): Kyogre and Groudon, two legendary Pokemon, can be found in Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald’s Cave of Origin.
  • Pokemon Go: The mobile game Pokemon Go makes use of actual places. There are some Pokemon that can only be located in certain places.
  • Wild Area (Galar Region): The Wild Area in Pokemon Sword and Shield is a huge open-world area where you can run into a variety of Pokemon, many of which are rather strong.

Where can I find Legendary Pokemon in Pokemon games?

Games have different places for legendary Pokemon. Caves, sites for special events, and the game’s conclusion are examples of common locations.

Where are Starter Pokemon typically found in Pokemon games?

In the majority of the games in the series, you can only ever get one of the three starter characters at the very beginning of the game. In the majority of the games in the series, you can only ever get one of the three starter characters at the very beginning of the game. Players typically receive starter Pokemon from a Professor or a Trainer at the start of the game.

What locations are best for hatching Pokemon eggs?

To hatch Pokemon eggs, walk around in-game. The eggs will hatch after you’ve walked a specific distance.

Where can I obtain evolutionary stones for evolving Pokemon?

Evolutionary stones can frequently be gained through in-game shops or discovered in specialized places like tunnels or hidden goods. Pokemon Sword and Shield’s Digging Duo and Evolution Stones. In Bridge Field, close to the Pokemon Nursery, you can discover the Digging Duo.

Are there specific areas where Shiny Pokemon are more likely to appear?

During specific in-game occasions, such as Community Days in Pokemon Go. Pokemon with Shine have a better chance of appearing.

What is the Safari Zone, and where can I find it in different games?

A unique location for Pokemon capture is the Safari Zone. Different Pokemon games have it in different areas.

Where can I find the Battle Tower or Battle Frontier in Pokemon games?

In Pokemon video games, battle locations, such as the Battle Tower, are frequently featured in large towns or unique locations. It is situated in the Johto region west of Olivine City.

What are the best locations for training Pokemon’s Effort Values (EVs)?

For EV training with different stats, there are dedicated locations, such as Iron Island for defense EVs and HP Up for HP EVs. Effort Values, or EVs, are the secret numbers that assist in characterizing how powerful a Pokemon’s specified ability is.

How do I access special event locations for unique Pokemon?

Distribution events, Mystery Gifts, and real-world events are frequently the only ways to get to special event places. Special forms that have temporarily appeared during various events.

Where can I find Water-type Pokemon in Pokemon games?

Near bodies of water like lakes, rivers, and oceans are where you’ll generally find Pokemon of the water type. Aquatic animals like Squirtle and Magikarp, who live in wet surroundings, are drawn to these regions.

What are some good locations for finding Flying-type Pokemon?

Many different places, including forests, caves, and routes with thick grass, frequently have Pokemon of the flying type.

Where can I find Ghost-type Pokemon in various Pokemon games?

Pokemon of the Ghost type are frequently observed in locations like graveyards, eerie houses, and at night on specific routes.

What are the top locations for Grass-type Pokemon?

In forests, meadows, and places with a lot of flora, grass-type Pokemon can be discovered. However, Various Pokemon, including the Ground, Normal, and Bug kinds, can be found in grassy places.

Where can I find Electric-type Pokemon in different Pokemon regions?

Pokemon of the electric type are frequently found in caverns, close to power plants, or along routes that pass via electrically-equipped locations.

What are the best locations for Ice-type Pokemon?

During snowy weather, in snowy locations, particularly in caves, ice-type Pokemon are often seen. In Dream World, in addition to the usual possibilities like Shellder, another ice type, Smoochum, and Lapras, there are other Pokemon that know ice punch.

Where can I find Fire-type Pokemon in Pokemon games?

In environments like volcanoes, deserts, and close to heat sources, fire-type Pokemon can be found. The North Province’s Area Three is an excellent spot to look for Fire-type Pokemon.

What are the top locations for Dragon-type Pokemon?

In locations linked with dragons, like Dragonspiral Tower, dragon-type Pokemon are frequently found. These include the Great Crater of Paldea, South Province Area One, West Province Area Two, and other notable locations.

Where can I find Rock-type Pokemon in various Pokemon regions?

The locations of Pokemon GO include farms, quarries, parking garages, cities, hiking routes, and natural areas. Mountains, hills, and underground spaces are common locations for rock-type Pokemon.

What are some good locations for finding Psychic-type Pokemon?

A lot of psychic-themed locations, such as Psychic Gyms or psychic researchers’ labs, are where you can find psychic-type Pokemon. Every boulder has a psychic-type Pokemon hiding underneath it, such as Meditite, Flittle, Indeedee, Espathra, etc.


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