Pokemon Platinum Cheats 

Pokemon Platinum has been out for quite some time and many players keep returning to the game to experience the game again. One of the ways they do it is by using cheats in their new playthroughs to make the experience completely different than the previous ones. The players may not be looking forward to catching Pokemon and gathering items again which is also another reason to use cheats in the game.

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You can collect rare resources such as rare candies using rare candy codes or even modify what Pokemon you wish to encounter by using the modifier. Other cheats include exp share which allows you to share exp with your party Pokemon that are not participating in a battle. If you own a PC, you can also play the game using Desmume and Drastic.

How to use these Cheats?

If you are playing pokemon platinum on the Game Boy Advance or you are using an emulator to emulate the GBA version on your PC, you will have to follow some additional steps to activate the cheats.

  • If you are looking for the best emulators to play on, you can use Desmume and Drastic. Both are fantastic emulators to play pokemon platinum on.
  • Now if you want to enable cheats, load the ROM file of pokemon platinum into the emulator.
  • You will then have to search for the cheat that you want to use and enter it into the cheat menu of the emulator.
  • You can also add a name and description of the cheat as well which will help you remember the function of the cheat.
  • When you’ve done everything right so far, simply use the cheat and enjoy all the game.

Pokemon Platinum Cheats List

94000130 FCFD0200
12060C20 0000020
Walk through walls and on water
94000130 FCFF0000
B2101D40 00000000
Unlock All items
92249cde 00002101
12249cde 00002100
d2000000 00000000
Capture trainer pokemon

What are the Benefits of using these codes?

Pokemon modifier: With this cheat enabled you’ll only see the Pokemon that you want to while exploring the world. What this cheat essentially does is change the code of the game to make it so that you will only encounter the Pokemon that you chose while using this cheat.

All items

When this cheat is used, you’ll instantly receive 99x of any item that you want. This eliminates most of the grinding process of the game and allows you to become powerful in a matter of seconds.

Pokemon games generally have a lot to collect and this is the same case for pokemon platinum. However, by using the all items code, anyone playing the game can get an infinite number of whatever item they desire.

Master ball

By using the master ball code, you will be instantly granted an infinite amount of master balls so you can proceed with catching all the pokemons in the game. There are a lot of pokemons in this game and many people would eventually love to catch every one of them.

But to catch every Pokemon in Pokemon Platinum, you will need an abundant supply of master balls. But don’t worry as there is a cheat for that problem as well.

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Are there cheats in Pokemon Platinum?

Yes, there are cheats in Pokemon Platinum. If you want to use the cheats in pokemon platinum, you’ll need an Action Replay to enter the codes. Alternatively, if you are playing on an emulator, you can also benefit from the various cheats offered in pokemon platinum.

Is it safe to use cheat codes?

Yes, it is completely safe to use cheat codes as long as they are offered by the developers themselves. You will have to use the cheats according to the guidelines of the developers and you should always refrain from using any type of cheats for online play against other players.

Does Desmume have cheats?

Yes, Desmume does include a cheats function. To use cheats in Desmume, select emulation from the toolbar. After that, select “cheats” and then “list” which will bring up the cheat list where you can enter any cheat that you want to use.

How to use cheats with Action Replay?

If you are looking to use action replay cheats on an emulator, then the process isn’t much different from the one mentioned before.

You’ll first have to load the ROM file of pokemon platinum into your emulator. When that is done, go to the cheats menu and enter the cheat there along with a title and description of the cheat. Next, when you are about to save the cheat, you will be prompted to save the cheat as an Action Replay or Gameshark cheat.


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