Pokemon Platinum Rare Candy Cheats

Platinum Rare Candy cheats are codes that players use to get more Rare Candy items. You can fast level up and strengthen your Pokemon using these cheats. In Pokemon Platinum, the Desmume emulator offers a way to get more Rare Candies. These cheats designed with Desmume have special codes that change various aspects of the game. When inputted into Desmume, these cheats change the game mechanics, allowing players to complete challenging tasks.

The EXP cheat is a technique that gains experience points for your Pokemon. It helps them level up faster and become stronger in battles.

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How to use these Cheats?

Using Platinum Rare Candy codes is simple.

  • Open the emulator program on your computer that lets you play Pokemon Platinum.
  • Look for the “Cheats” option in the emulator’s menu and activate it to access the cheat menu.
  • In this menu, you can add a new cheat by entering a special code, often a combination of letters and numbers.
  • By checking the box next to the cheat code, you will activate it.
  • Now, start your Pokemon Platinum game within the emulator. Enjoy the game!

Platinum Rare Candy codes List

94000130 FCFF0000
B2101D40 00000000
Rare Candy (999/1st Slot )[L+R]

What are the Benefits of using these Codes?

Rare Candy

Rare Candies are special items in the game that instantly boost a Pokemon’s level. You get more of these candies when you use the Rare Candy code. It is useful because instead of training your Pokemon through battles to level them up, you can use the candies to make them stronger quickly.

Desmume Rare Candy

With the Desmume Rare Candy cheat, you can quickly boost your Pokemon’s levels. This cheat gives you more Rare Candies, instantly increasing a Pokemon’s level. It is useful for making your Pokemon stronger without battling a lot.

Action Replay

The Action Replay Rare Candy code for Pokemon Black 2 gives you extra Rare Candies. These candies help your Pokemon level up quickly, improving their abilities without much effort. It is a handy way to strengthen your team quickly.

Exp Multiplier

The Exp multiplier code changes how many experience points your Pokemon earn from battles. Experience points help your Pokemon level up. With the Exp multiplier code, your Pokemon gets more experience points than usual. These speed up their growth and make them stronger in less time.


Platinum Rare Candy cheats make your game more fun. These cheats work with the Desmume emulator, giving you extra Rare Candies. These candies help your Pokemon grow fast. Plus, the Exp multiplier code makes your Pokemon level up quicker by giving them more battle points.

The Desmume Rare Candy cheat is great for easily boosting your Pokemon’s levels. It is the same with the Action Replay Rare Candy code in Pokemon Black 2. It helps your team get strong fast. With these cheats, training becomes quicker, Pokemon evolve faster, and your game becomes even more enjoyable.

How do you Get Unlimited Rare Candies in Pokemon Platinum?

Cheats are available in Pokemon Platinum to get never-ending numbers of Rare Candies. These cheats are like secret codes that you can put into the game. They make the game give you lots of Rare Candies. It helps your Pokemon become stronger quickly. You can use these cheats if you are playing with a Desmume program on a computer. Just enter the codes, and you will have plenty of Rare Candies to use.

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How to Cheat Rare Candy in Pokemon?

Cheating for Rare Candies in Pokemon is easy. You can use cheat codes if you play on a computer with an emulator like Desmume. You need to enter the cheat code in the emulator’s cheat menu, and then your Pokemon gets more Rare Candies when you play the game.

Does Pokemon Platinum have Cheat Codes?

Yes, Pokemon Platinum does have cheat codes available. Players use these cheat codes with emulators like Desmume, enabling them to play Nintendo DS games on their computers. By entering the cheat codes into the emulator, players can activate these cheats and enjoy different aspects of the game with added advantages.

What is the Fastest Way to Get Rare Candy?

Using cheat codes is the quickest way to get Rare Candy in Pokemon games. Cheat codes are special shortcuts players can use to get things in the game without playing normally. To use cheat codes, it would be beneficial if you played the game on a computer with an emulator.

This emulator lets you use special codes that change the game. One of these codes can give you more Rare Candy. When you activate the cheat code, you will instantly get more Rare Candy in your inventory.


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