How to Use Console Commands?

You may make changes to the game’s variables and settings while the game is still running by using a command-line interface (CLI). Furthermore, consoles often display a history of failures, warnings, and other messages that were created throughout the execution of a program. Activating or deactivating it is usually accomplished by pushing a button on the device.

In most cases, the console may be reached by pressing the backtick key on a QWERTY keyboard or the 2 on an AZERTY keyboard, which is often located behind the ESC key on most keyboards. By default, the console is normally buried in the system tray. In most cases, it must be enabled either via the game’s configuration files or by a command-line argument when the game is first loaded into memory.


How to use console commands valheim will be discussed below.

To get the most out of Valheim, you may either fight monsters and build massive settlements, or you can explore the world. In order to progress in the game, you’ll have to grind for better equipment or finish large tasks. However, if you’re strapped for time or simply want to get straight into the action, there’s another option.

All of the game’s objects and settings may be spawned and modified via ha(ks, dev commands, and console instructions in Valheim. That said, even though it has a significant influence on gameplay, it’s still an excellent addition. Changing the Valheim starting settings on Steam will allow dev commands.

Valheim may be found in your Steam library by selecting it with the right mouse button and then selecting Properties. There is a launch option on the General tab. Here you should use “-console” (without quotation marks) if you want to run Valheim commands from here. After loading into your world by pressing F5, type “dev commands” (without quotes) in the console to enable cheats. Entering “dev commands” again will turn off the cheats.

Fallout new vegas

Below will be discussed how to use console commands fallout new vegas.

As a debugging tool, the console in Fallout: New Vegas offers. Using it in-game to correct bugs or modify game material is possible, but it may also be used to gain an edge over other players. The console window may be opened by pressing backquote (‘) or tilde ().

A cursor will appear at the lower-left corner of the screen, and the game will come to a stop. We’re going to use this to type in our command-line arguments. Type command and then press Enter. When your code performs any action, you may be informed about it by email or other means. Tilde keys may be used.

Try on Skyrim Console Commands


How to use console commands Skyrim is the topic of the below’s discussion.

To get access to Skyrim’s commands, open the developer console. All you have to do is press the tilde () key on an American English keyboard, which is situated just below the Esc key. On a British keyboard, the grave (‘) key must be pressed, which may be located in the same place. ‘

There is no need to worry about caps locking with terminal commands since they are not case-sensitive. Many instructions include portions that read “itemID>” “#” if you pay attention. In certain cases, do not utilize the > or # brackets. Make sure that you fill in your desired item’s name and then change the number with the number of items you need.

More on SubNautica Console Commands


How to use console commands subnautica will be answered below.

Some of the best equipment you can find can be made with the help of strange flora and aliens. Although unanticipated problems may emerge in Subnautica, they might be anything from bothersome to game-breaking in nature. Console commands may be used by PC and other users to fix the most obtrusive faults.

Console commands are restricted by default because they prevent players from gaining achievements. To utilize these helpful troubleshooting tools, players will need to perform a few actions. For starters, you may disable the console by selecting it from the drop-down option that appears when you hit F3. Unchecking a box may be done by using the F8 key, which brings up the mouse cursor.

To begin entering commands into the terminal, press Enter when the console has been activated. The console commands may be accessed by pressing F3 and Enter after a break. Many commands may be learned, but it is essential, to begin with the most basic ones to ensure that all operations are performed in a safe manner.

Try Fallout 4 Console Commands

Fallout 4

When you’re playing Fallout 4, the “tilde” key is located above and to the left of the “1” key on your keyboard. When the tilde key fails to work, this might be the cause. By using the tilde key on your keyboard, you may input a variety of commands into this terminal.

On the bottom half of the screen is a dark grey console, which serves as the main interface. A wealth of options for your gaming experience are opened up by using these console commands. Enemies may be instantly slain or revived, and players can even enter god mode, which allows them to control the world. Above is how to use console commands fallout 4.

Check Witcher 3 Console Commands

Witcher 3

Making it possible for players to ha(k The Witcher 3’s debug console is the first step toward achieving unbreakable power. If you have a Steam copy of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, launch Steam and right-click on The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt in your game library. Choose ‘Properties’ from the drop-down option. Navigate to the ‘Local File menu and choose ‘Browse Local Files.’ Follow these steps to make your way from “bin” to “config” and then back to “base.”

Open Notepad by right-clicking on the ‘general.ini’ file on your computer’s hard drive and choosing ‘open with’ from the context menu. DBGConsoleOn=true” should be copied into a new line at the bottom of the page, which should be inserted at the end of the page. Open The Witcher 3 and save the file to your computer. It is now possible to open and close the debug console by using the tilde () key on your keyboard.

Press enter once you have opened the terminal and typed in your instructions. Even if you got The Witcher 3 from the GOG store, you may use the same technique by heading to your installation location in Windows Explorer and looking for general.ini in the corresponding ‘base’ folder. How to use console commands witcher 3 is mentioned above.



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