Pokemon Go Cheats 

One of the differences that players will notice in Pokemon Go is the absence of any cheats in the game. But on the bright side, the game does have some exploits which are essentially just cheating, stuff that isn’t supposed to be in the game.

Here, we will discuss all the Pokemon Go cheats on Android and on iPhone that you can use in the game.

How to use these commands?

You can cheat in Pokemon Go in various ways such as location spoofing, using a bot, account sharing, and much more. If you want to spoof your location, there are several apps available on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

You can also download a ha(ked version of the game on the web which will grant you many different abilities in the game. You can also use a bot to play the game for you while you are unavailable.

Choosing Pikachu as your first Pokemon

First-time Pokemon GO players are welcome to use this cheat. For your starter Pokemon, ignore everyone else until Pikachu appears on the screen. The history of Pikachu with Pokemon and Nintendo means that the player and Pokemon have a natural affinity.

Promo codes

From time to time, pokemon go releases new promo codes for the game which give you tons of in-game goodies if you redeem t in the game.

However, these codes rarely ever come out and even when they do, you will have to redeem them as fast as possible because the promo codes expire very quickly.

You will have to stay active in the game to benefit from this cheat.

Using a bot

Using a bot is one of the most dangerous methods to cheat in Pokemon Go. Usually, the laziest and most careless players use this ha(k and end up getting banned. People who don’t play the game much or get bored while doing so can use bots to play the game for them.

These bots can do everything in the game themselves. You can use these cheats to get rare Pokemon without even having to play the game yourself.

Account sharing

Account sharing is a very harmless cheat method. To benefit from account sharing, You need to share your login credentials with a trusted person who lives in a different part of the world to catch the Pokemons that only live in their region. By using this method, you will be able to catch rare Pokemon that you will never be able to find in your region.

Rare candy

One of the ways to get rare candies in Pokemon Go is by visiting different locations on the map that can award you rare candies for doing so. But to stock up on a large sum of rare candies, you will have to visit a lot of locations which can be very tiring and a waste of your precious time. Luckily though, you can use something called a location changer.

A location changer is an app that lets you change your location on your Android or IOS device in an instant. By changing your location to the location on the pokemon go app that will award you a rare candy, you can get that reward without even actually visiting the place. You can then repeat the method with a different location and get as many rare candies as you want by just sitting in one place.

You can also use these steps to get rare Pokemon as some rare Pokemon only appear in some areas of the world. With a location spoofer, you can change your location around the world to catch any Pokemon you want.

How to download these cheats?

This is also a very risky method of using cheats in pokemon go. You can download a GO cheat apps on the internet which is a modified version of the game that comes with unique mod features that aren’t normally available in the regular version. These cheats will help you out a lot and they are easy to use.

How do you get unlimited rare candies in pokemon go?

It is necessary to purchase premium raid passes in Pokemon Go to buy rare candies.

Can people still cheat in pokemon go?

Yes, people can still cheat in pokemon go but it is against the terms of service of the game and you will end up getting banned if you’re caught in the act.

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What is the best Pokemon Go cheat?

Location spoofing is no doubt the best and safest cheat in Pokemon Go. With it, you can instantly change your location to complete various objectives or pick up items around the world.

Is it safe to cheat in Pokemon Go?

No, you aren’t allowed to use any kind of cheat in Pokemon Go and if you’re caught while doing so, you will either receive a warning or a complete ban depending on your actions.

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