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The Witcher 3 console command is a genuinely huge RPG with supernatural monsters, a dream show, and somewhere around one fantastic tub. In this article, I have explained witcher 3 console commands achievements and the witcher 3 console commands item.

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How to use witcher 3 commands?

Witcher 3 Console Commands

You will need to enable the debug console before being able to use these commands. You can do this by changing a setting in your game files, or by installing a DLC. Using the control center in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is dead simple. Down below are the details mentioned step by step for your better understanding.

  1. In the first step always open up Windows Explorer and explore your Witcher 3 organizer and check if there are any glitches or not.
  2. In the next step you have to right-click on The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt in your Steam Library, and choose the option of browsing.
  3. In the next step witcher 3 console commands, the mod file will automatically open in windows explorer in the same file.
  4. In step 4 you explore to – config – base, and open up the general.ini record with Notepad++ or Notepad.
  5. In the next step witcher 3 console commands steam at the lower part of the document, type “DBGConsoleOn=true” without the symbols.
  6. Now you can save the file in the same document and you can easily run The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.
  7. In the last step, you can open and close the control center by tapping any of these symbols or icons @ or # or F2.]

Witcher 3 Console Commands List

Command Function
god Toggles invincibility on/off.
likeaboss Toggles like a boss mode on/off. While enabled, you deal 40% of the enemy’s health as damage with every hit.
addkeys Gives you all keys required to open all doors.
addmoney(amount) Adds the specified number of Crowns (money).
removemoney(amount) Removes specified number of Crowns (money).
additem(‘item code’, amount) Adds the specified item to your inventory. Can optionally specify an amount. Consult this item codes list for details.
removeitem(‘item code’) Removes the specified item from your inventory. Consult this item codes list for details.
witchcraft Adds one of each item in the game to your inventory. WARNING: command may take time to execute and/or crash your game.
spawn(‘npc code’, amount, distance, hostility) Spawns the specified NPC type in front of you. Can optionally specify the amount/distance from the player. Can also specify hostility towards you (true/false). Consult this NPC codes list for details.
killall(distance) Kills all enemies within the specified radius around your character.
healme Sets your health to full.
setlevel(level) Sets your level to the specified number.
levelup Increases your level by 1.
addexp(amount) Supplies you with the specified amount of XP.
learnskill(‘skill code’) Learns the specified skill/talent. Consult this skill codes list for details.
addskillpoints(amount) Supplies you with the specified number of skill/talent points.
AllowFT(0/1) Enables (1) or disables (0) the ability to Fast Travel from any location.
ShowAllFT(0/1) Enables (1) or disables (0) the ability to see all Fast Travel locations, whether or not you’ve discovered them.
ShowPins(0/1) Enables (1) or disables (0) the ability to see all pins (points of interest) on the map, whether or not you’ve discovered them.
ShowKnownPins(0/1) Enables (1) or disables (0) the ability to see all previously discovered pins (points of interest) on the map.
settime(days, hours, minutes, seconds) Sets the time of day, in the form of days/hours/minutes/seconds since the game began.
TM(multiplier) Sets the speed of the in-game time. Examples: 1 = 1 minute passes every second (default). 0.5 = 1 minute every 2 seconds. 5 = 5 minutes every second.
Ciri Switches your character to Ciri.
Geralt Switches your character to Geralt.
Cat(0/1) Enables (1) or disables (0) the Cat potion effect (night vision).
Drunk(0/1) Enables (1) or disables (0) the Drunk status effect.
dismember Dismembers the currently targeted NPC.
SpawnHorse Spawns a horse.
instantMount(‘horse’) Spawns and instantly mounts you on a horse. This can only be used with the ‘horse’ parameter.
staminapony Spawns a horse with unlimited stamina.
spawnBoatAndMount Spawns and instantly mounts you on a boat.
makeitrain Make it rain.
stoprain Stop it raining.
changeweather(‘weather code’) Sets the weather to a specific type. Consult this weather codes list for details.
winGwint(0/1) Instantly wins (1) or loses (0) your current game of Gwent.
addgwintcards Supplies you with one of each Gwent Card. Exception is the Katakan card, which requires: “additem(‘gwint_card_katakan’)”.
secretgwint Begins a game of Gwent against the AI.
addabl(‘buff code’) Bestow the specified buff effect on you. Consult this buff codes list for details.
rmbabl(‘buff code’) Removes the specified buff effect. Consult this buff codes list for details.
cleardevelop Resets your character, removing all items and levels and resupplying you with the starting gear.
buffme(‘effect id’, seconds) Bestows the specified effect on you. Different from the addabl command! Consult this effect codes list for details.
appearance(‘appearance code’) Sets your appearance to the specified model. Consult this appearance codes list for details.
WitcherHairstyle(‘1’/’2’/’3′) Sets your hairstyle to the specified type. Requires apostrophes around the chosen number.
addHair1 Sets your hairstyle to the default style.
addHair2 Sets your hairstyle to the ponytail style.
addHair3 Sets your hairstyle to the long loose style.
addHairDLC1 Sets your hairstyle to the loose short style.
addHairDLC2 Sets your hairstyle to the mohawk/ponytail style.
addHairDLC3 Sets your hairstyle to the Elven Rebel style.
shave Shaves your beard.
setbeard(beard code) Sets your beard to the specified type. Consult this beard codes list for details.
settattoo(0/1) Enables (1) or disables (0) the tattoo on Geralt’s neck.
setcustomhead(‘head code’) Sets your character’s head to the specified model. Consult this head codes list for details.
removecustomhead Resets your head model to default.
xy(x, y) Teleports you to the specified x/y coordinates.
gotoWyzima Teleports you to Wyzima.
gotoNovigrad Teleports you to Novigrad.
gotoSkellige Teleports you to Skellige.
gotoKaerMohren Teleports you to Kaer Morhen. Yes, you must spell it “KaerMohren” for it to work.
gotoProlog Teleports your character to White Orchard.
gotoPrologWinter Teleports your character to White Orchard (Winter).
ToggleCameraAutoRotation Toggles automatic camera rotation on/off.
fadeout Fade out the display.
fadein Fade in the display.
testpause Pauses the game.
testunpause Unpauses the game.
dlgshow Toggles the game’s UI on/off.
activateAllGlossaryBeastiary Enables all Beastiary entries in the Glossary.
activateAllGlossaryCharacters Enables all Character entries in the Glossary.

There are many Witcher 3 console commands. Few are less valuable. Here are the most helpful witcher 3 console commands we want that you all should attempt first. The following is a list of all witcher 3 console commands item list and witcher 3 console commands start quests in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

Alongside their capacity and how to utilize them. Make sure to utilize the search box at the table to track down a particular command Down below are all witcher 3 console commands and witcher 3 cheats pc mentioned in this article.

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The Witcher 3 tips: the essential guide

The Witcher 3 guide series

Down below are the Witcher 3 hints that have been chosen out of numerous as the really important game-changing tips. In this guide, we will get to know about witcher 3 console commands armor and witcher 3 console commands Xbox one. We will cover all that from battle and stock to exchange, travel, and modding. So we should get everything rolling!

  1. Make sure you always save the game before any fight or battle.
  2. For full recovery, you can take a pause for an hour.
  3. Then you can plan for battles with oils.
  4. You also have to be very vigilant regarding rolling.
  5. For new regions, you have to put the notice on the notice board.
  6. You can use roads only when there is no traffic.
  7. Always carry weapons that are sharp.
  8. Whenever you are a fee charged for your weapons
  9. Always opt for perfect mods.
  10. In case of damage, wait for one hour and then start saying it.

Witcher 3 game summary

There are a couple of commands you can use to magically transport around the guide. If you haven’t opened the quick travel focuses. You genuinely should enact god mode before you magically transport anyplace. As you will bring high overhead and quickly bite the dust on the off chance that you are not invulnerable.

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Nowadays a huge number of people are fond of playing video games. At times there are difficult levels and to complete them you have to use commands or codes. Console commands are basically secret passwords that help you in winning your game. A few of its major advantages are as follow:

Additional feature

There are additional features present in Witcher 3 console commands which help players in levels. A lot of people think that to complete the game they can easily use cheat codes. But for availing this additional feature you have to complete a few levels on your own and only then you are accessible to these commands.

Easy game

This feature makes the game more interesting and easy. For instance, if you are stuck somewhere and you are about to quit the game. Then these commands will show up on the screen and will help you in taking your game further to the next level.

Strategic playing

At times there are new players and at times people who play this game are pros. People who are already into this game can plan their game according to the proper strategy. As they already know which code or command is going to help you in reaching the next level.

Through this, they streamline their game and have higher chances to win the game. They can also guide their fellow players to when they have to put these codes and when it will be beneficial for them to kill the opponents.

How to use Witcher 3’s Console! | Advanced Walkthrough


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