Pokemon Glazed Cheats

Pokemon Glazed is a Fan-Made game of Pokemon Emerald. It is a perfect game for a company like GameFreak. There are some cheat codes for this game to make it even more fun to play like Pokemon Master codes used for activating every cheat code in-game. Although it is prohibited to cheat in any game, some players who want to enjoy the game, even more, use these cheats.

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pokemon glazed

With these codes, players can do everything they want like Walk through walls code that allows the player to walk through non-accessible areas. By using cheats, players can get an infinite amount of things, items, berries, and pokeballs in their bag. There are many more cheats available for this game which we will explain in this blog about their function, use, etc.

How to use these codes?

  • First, you need to find the cheat code you need for your game.
  • Open the Cheat code section.
  • Copy/paste the code in the section. Then turn the code status to ON.
  • Click the necessary buttons to activate (if required).

Note: Before activating any cheat make sure to save the game, in case of any error that can corrupt your save file. And don’t save the game in and out of the bound location using cheats. Use cheats at your own risk. Always save before using any cheats.

Pokemon Glazed Cheats List

7881A409 E2026E0C
8E883EFF 92E9660D
If the above code didn’t work try this one
7881A409 E2026E0C
C56CFACA DC167904
Walk Through Walls
If the above code does not work try this one
82005274 0044
Rare Candies
085938BB 99FF313DHave All Pokeballs

What are the Benefits of using these codes?

There are a dozen benefits of using cheats however it is not good for those who want to keep it fair. These cheat codes allow players to visit any location in the game without progressing through the story like teleporting from one location to another just by cheats. Other cheats have a 100% catch rate that allows the player to catch any wild or legendary Pokemon without fail.

There are many more types of these cheats available all over the internet for players to use. These cheats make progress faster and make it easy for players to end the game. Sometimes events in this game are only available for console users, the emulator players can not play these time events of the game so, players also use these codes to play that one-time event in-game to enjoy.

Like in pokemon platinum there is a Pokemon called Darkrai who only gets through a one-time ticket in the game. Players use cheats to catch it.

Unlimited Rare Candies

This cheat adds an unlimited amount of rare candies to your backpack. The rare candy levels up a single Pokemon you want by one level per candy. Rare Candy code puts an infinite amount of rare candies to get from PC in-game.

By this code, players level up their Pokemon without training them by fighting against enemies and making their Pokemon lv. 100 (max level) and sweep any Pokemon in one hit.

Every encounter is shiny

This cheat allows the player to glitch the shiny encounter rate of wild Pokemon and make it 100%. Although there is a tiny 1/8000 (0.8%) chance to encounter and then catch a shiny Pokemon.

Getting any Pokemon

By changing the YYYY to a desired code to encounter any Pokemon available in the game. By this code, players can get any legendary Pokemon they want to build their team to fight with the champion for the championship title.

Infinite master balls

Master ball code allows catching the trainer’s Pokemon without fail. Without cheats, if we throw a Pokeball to the trainer’s Pokemon we fail to throw it as we are stealing other Pokemon which is not possible without this cheat. Players used to catch other trainer’s rare Pokemon but, catching one ends the battle.

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What is the master code for the Pokemon Glazed cheat?

Enter the master code first: 82005274 YYYY, and in place of YYYY put the item id. After using the cheat go to the poke mart and purchase the first item. The master code is the activator of some cheat code without activating the master code you can’t activate the cheat.

What is the Pokemon Glazed remake off?

Pokemon Glazed is a ROM of the game Poké=emon Emerald created by a person named Lucbui, it starts in a new region called Tunod which is also a fan-made region, it shows the adventure of a new trainer in this region that wants to be a master in the Tunod region.

How many regions does Pokemon Glazed contain?

Pokemon Glazed has three regions first and the new one is called Tunod, 2nd region is the remake of Johto, 3rd and last is a smaller region called Rankor. It also has some rematches of some trainers, Gym leaders, Elite-four, and champions from New and old regions.

Do Pokemon Emerald cheat work on Pokemon glazed?

Pokemon Glazed is a remake and fan-made of Pokemon Emerald, so the codes usually work the same in both games like Walkthrough, rare candies, master ball, etc. However, some of the codes may not work. so, make sure to use cheats made for the specific game.

How to play the game?

The game has a new storyline other than the original game of Pokemon. Pokemon Glazed is a fan-made game of Pokemon Emerald. At first, we start the game in a town called Glenwood Town based in the Tunod region. Then we get to choose a single Pokemon from 5 options Turtwig, Chimchar, Piplup, Shinx, and Riolu to take as a partner with us.

Then we have to battle with other trainers to level up our Pokemon and make them stronger. We have to battle 8 different types of gym leaders to obtain 8 different badges. Go on the adventure to catch different Pokemon and train them to catch legendary Pokemon to become undefeatable after all this, we have to beat the elite four in the Pokemon league to defeat the champion of the region to become the champion.

Is it fun to play with cheat activations? 

Yes, It is fun, but playing with cheats on, you are undefeatable so there is no point in training your Pokemon for the next fight or finding a Pokemon you want like Greninja. You can simply use cheat codes to get any Pokemon you want.

It ends the curiosity and hard work the player does to win the game. Overall, it is good for the players that play just for Pokemon catching not for the story.

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