Pokemon Ruby Cheats 

Pokemon Ruby is one of the most popular Pokemon games ever released and almost every fan of the Pokemon video game franchise has played this one. Many people keep coming back to this game to start a new playthrough. So how about using the cheats that pokemon ruby offers to its players?

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Using cheats will completely change your experience of the game and your playthrough will be mostly different from the rest. Players can use cheats for GBA as well as on Android. These cheats will allow you to do all kinds of fun things like getting any item for free, walking through walls, changing wild Pokemon encounters, and much more.

How to use these Cheats?

If you are using ruby cheats for Game Boy Advance, you can easily activate cheats in just a few simple steps.

  • Firstly, you will have to download both, an emulator of your choice as well as the Pokemon Ruby ROM file from the internet.
  • When you have downloaded both of them, open the emulator, and from there, load the pokemon ruby ROM file.
  • You can then go to the cheats menu in your emulator and enter all the cheats that you want to use there.
  • Adding a title and description to the cheat is also an option. We recommended adding the title and description as that will help you remember the exact function of the cheat without having to look it up again and again.
  • Once you enter the cheat the first time, it will be saved in the emulator so you won’t have to input it again.
  • After that simply use it.

Pokemon Ruby Cheats List

Change the nature of wild Pokémon
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Walk through walls
Catch wild Pokémon easily

What are the Benefits of using codes?

There are various cheats in Pokemon Ruby, each with its purpose. You can use any cheat you may like but you may need to enter a master code before you can use some of them. These cheats will allow you to gain various advantages.

You can use the mega stone code to get lots of Mega stones or the master ball code to get lots of master balls.

Rare candy

If you are running short on rare candies or you have a lot of Pokemon waiting to be leveled up, then consider using the cheat code called rare candy which will grant your character an infinite number of rare candies to evolve your Pokemon as fast as possible without having to take them into battle to level up.

Walk through walls

This cheat allows your character to walk through any obstacle in your way. Using this cheat, you can bypass barricades that block you from going to the other side.

The Pokemon games are fairly plain games which are why some areas of the game are inaccessible until you progress through the story of the game. However, you will no longer have to worry about it. You can go anywhere you like from the very moment you start your playthrough by using the cheat walk-through walls.

Shiny pokemon

This cheat will turn every Pokemon into a shiny Pokemon and allow you to catch one easily. A shiny Pokemon is an incredibly rare Pokemon that most people may not be able to catch or even see for years. Some people might get lucky and catch one very early on but by using the cheat shiny Pokemon, anyone playing Ruby can catch a shiny Pokemon.

Are there cheat codes in pokemon ruby?

Yes, like other Pokemon games, pokemon ruby also comes with many cheats for players to use. These cheats will allow you t change your playthrough in various ways such as by giving you infinite items, allowing you to walk through walls, etc.

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How many master balls can you get in Ruby?

In all Pokemon games as well as Pokemon Ruby, you can only get one master ball for your entire playthrough. But players who use the master ball cheat for pokemon ruby can get 99 master balls and also get even more whenever they want by simply re-entering the cheat.

Should you use cheats in Pokemon?

Cheats are something that you should eventually want to use in pokemon ruby to get a new experience. Using them on your first playthrough may ruin your first impressions of the game so you should only use them on one of your later playthroughs.

Why do people use cheat codes?

People use cheat codes to either experience a game in a completely new game such as completely breaking the rules of the game or just to collect rare items and get a headstart at the beginning of a game.


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