Skyrim Item Codes

If you want to make your playthrough experience fun and different, then you should use the various cheats that the game has to offer. Using the tilde button on your keyboard, you can bring up a console where you will be able to input hundreds of different cheats and each one of them has a completely different function.

There are Skyrim weapons codes as well which will allow you to obtain any weapon in the game while some others will allow your character to become invulnerable, walk through walls, and so much more. However, there are a lot of Skyrim console commands, and finding the command that you want to use can be a little tricky and difficult to remember.

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How to use Item Codes?

  • To utilize Skyrim Item, you should enter the order by entering the tilde (~) key.
  • Doing this will open a designer capability on the control center, which can be utilized to order code: player.AddItem [Item ID] [Amount]
  • Utilize any of the item codes and afterward add how much that thing is and press the down button.
  • Make a point to accurately type the code.
  • Try not to add various codes simultaneously because it causes errors and accidents in the game.

Codes List

Item NameItem Code
Abecean Longfin00106E1B
Ancestor Moth WingXX0059BA

Popular Skyrim item codes

If you want to get all the required weapons, items, and armor for your Skyrim build, then collecting all these items will take you a lot of time and effort, especially on a brand-new character. You may have to tackle some main quests as well as a lot of side quests and exploration to obtain all these items.

Because Skyrim offers a lot of cheats for players to use, you don’t have to gather these items for your build at all. You can just spawn in everything required. You can also use some other cheats to not only obtain items but to make the game more fun as well.


If you want a specific armor set to complete your build or if you just want to look fancy, then you can obtain that armor very easily. By using the armor codes, you can obtain any armor in the game in an instant. You can skip through all of that grind and just get it right away when you first start your Skyrim playthrough.


In a world where a weapon is your only hope of survival, you would not only want just a weapon but the best weapon. But to prevent players from ruining their first experience, you aren’t supposed to find such powerful weapons early on and that is why they are secretly hidden.

But players who still want to become overpowered from the very beginning of their playthrough can use the various item codes designated to spawn every weapon in the game. If you want a sword or bow that you do not wish to grind for to obtain, then you can use the Skyrim find item id cheat to spawn your desired weapon.


In Skyrim, you are given the option to brew potions and use them. When used, a potion will grant the player buffs that will turn the tide of a difficult encounter or boos in their favor. To obtain any potion that you desire, you can use the potion codes to spawn whichever option you would like.

However, there are a huge number of different potions in the game and each one comes with its unique benefits. Because of this reason, you’ll have to remember or note down the ID of all the potions that you are going to use so you can receive the potion that you are looking to use immediately.

Skyrim materials ID code

In any familiar RPG game, you are likely to find a bunch of resources scattered all around the world and Skyrim is no different. You can use these materials to complete a bunch of actions such as upgrading your weapon, brewing potions, etc.

But some players would like to not bother collecting these materials over and over again. These players can always spawn any material they want if they remember the Skyrim materials ID for the material that they are looking for.

How do you get weapon commands in Skyrim?

To obtain any weapon, armor, or item in the game, you can use the Player.AddItem <ItemID> <#> command in Skyrim. To make the cheat work, simply enter the above-given command in the in-game console. Now, you will have to search for the item ID of the item that you are trying to spawn and replace that ID in <ItemID>. To spawn a set number of items, replace the <#> with the number of items that you want to spawn.

Try Skyrim Perk IDs

What is the strongest weapon in Skyrim?

Auriel’s Bow is regarded by many Skyrim players as the best weapon in the game. Many players consider it the best due to its good fire rate and damage. The Auriel’s Bow seems like an ideal weapon for those players who want to spawn the most powerful weapon in the game to use from the very beginning of their playthrough.

How do you spawn a sword in Skyrim?

To spawn a sword of your choice in Skyrim, you will have to search for the ID of the weapon and spawn it using the Skyrim item ID search cheat. You can easily search the ID of any weapon by downloading a Skyrim item codes pdf from the internet.

How much does it take to be 100% Skyrim?

Finishing the main story of Skyrim will take you around 30 to 35 hours. To experience everything in the game, you will be expected to put in roughly 200 hours or more. However, if a person is using cheats, their playthrough will be very likely much shorter than the average playthrough.


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