Pokemon Unbound Cheats

Cheats have always been a core part of the Pokemon games, even for coded games like Pokemon Unbound. The Pokemon games are fun and preferred by a lot of players all around the world but using cheats no doubt increases that fun. The Unbound v2 comes with a lot of different and unique cheats for Pokemon trainers to use.

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If players run empty on rare resources such as rare candies then they can use the rare candy code in PC to get more whenever they desire. There are cheats to obtain other rare items as well. If you like to complete the game as fast as possible, then you can use the walk-through walls cheat so no obstruction or wall will block you from going to the other side.

How to use these commands?

If you want to use cheats in Pokemon Unbound, a Game Boy Advance emulator is required.

  • To use the cheats on a GBA emulator, open the emulator and load the Pokemon unbound.
  • Once it is open, go to the “cheats” or “cheat codes” menu on your emulator.
  • To add a cheat, simply click add new cheat and specify the cheat type that you’re using for example Gameshark, Action Replay, or Codebreaker.
  • It is highly recommended to name your cheat to the function that it performs so you can identify each cheat.
  • Once everything is done, enter the code in the box,
  • Finally, your cheat is now ready to use.

Pokemon Unbound Cheat Codes List

Change the gender of a PokémonMale:
100% catch rate/Stealing trainer’s Pokemon92247612 00002801
12247612 00004280
D2000000 00000000
Restore health in battle (Press START)94000130 FFF70000
62111880 00000000
B2111880 00000000
10049E60 000003E7

Rare candy

The rare candy code returns in Pokemon unbound and this time, it is no different. Pokemon trainers who want to use the easier way of leveling up a Pokemon will use this cheat to get infinite rare candies rather than having to waste a lot of time using the Pokemon in battles to upgrade it that way.

Players who use the cheat will be granted infinite rare candies to upgrade and evolve as many Pokemon as they want. No longer will trainers have to go through the painful process of upgrading a Pokemon that they just caught through Pokemon battles.

However, players who use this cheat should be advised not to spawn a lot of rare candies at once as that will affect the performance of the game and may result in unexpected crashes or their save data being corrupted.

Ghost mode

The walk-through walls or commonly known as “Ghost mode” is a very useful cheat for players who would like to skip past most of the content of the game and reach the end as fast as they can. When a player uses this cheat, his character in the game will ignore any kind of obstruction or wall and walk straight through.

This is an incredibly useful cheat when players want to go past a barricade but they have to complete a task first. But when using this cheat, you can just walk past that barricade and never have to worry about doing those tedious chores.

Master ball

In a game all about catching Pokemon, there will be some players who decide to catch every Pokemon in the game and there are some who do not. Unfortunately for the players who do want to catch every Pokemon, they will need a ton of Pokeballs or master balls.

Luckily, pokemon unbound offers a cheat to get infinite master balls as well. Master balls are superior to Pokeballs in every way so It would be ideal to only use them to store your Pokemon.


If you want to build a huge collection of shiny Pokemon, it will be difficult to do so by playing pokemon unbound normally. Shiny Pokemon are incredibly rare and hard to catch and failing to catch one could take you hours to encounter another one.

But by using a certain cheat, you could make it so that every wild Pokemon you encounter is a shiny Pokemon. With the help of this cheat, you won’t have to worry about finding a shiny Pokemon for so long.

What is the unlimited master ball in Pokemon Unbound?

Master balls are a superior option to pokeballs in Pokemon Unbound. Using a master ball, you will be able to catch even the rarest of Pokemons with just a single throw.

How do you activate cheats in Pokemon unbound?

Players who are using the GBA version of Pokemon Unbound will need to download a GBA Emulator to use cheats in the game. All order details are listed above the article

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Which starter is best in Pokemon Unbound?

Gible is the most useful Pokemon for new players. Players who are just starting their Pokemon unbound journey will be faced with a really important choice when they start the game. The choice of what their starter Pokemon will be.

How do you catch trainers in Unbound?

You can use a certain cheat in Unbound which will allow you to catch and use whatever Pokemon your opponent just used in the battle against you. The cheat code is listed in the above article

What to do when Pokemon cheats are not working?

It could be that the cheat that you are trying to use is outdated and no longer usable. For example, some Pokemon Cheats v2 may not work in the previous versions of the game.

It is not uncommon that the cheat that you are trying to use isn’t working so if that is the case, then there could be several reasons for this problem. To check if the cheat that you are using is working or not, make sure the box next to your cheat code is check marked. If it isn’t working, then you should check again that the code that you’ve entered is entered properly.

Even the slightest mistake will make Pokemon unbound cheats not work at all. If that doesn’t fix it, try switching your code to other code types. If the problem persists, then try disabling all other cheats first because using too many cheats at once will make all the cheats stop working.


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