Pokemon Radical Red Cheats

Pokemon Radical Red is a much harder version than Pokemon FireRed which is why many players will be looking forward to using cheats in the game.

Popular cheats from other Pokemon games like the rare candy and wild modifier are also available to use in this game. These codes will surely help anyone to overcome the more difficult challenges of this game.

How to use these codes?

Whatever code it is that you are trying to use, whether it be the mega stone or the catch trainers Pokemon code, you can activate any very easily.

  • To activate a cheat, you’ll have to find the code for the cheat.
  • Once you have the code for the cheat that you are trying to use.
  • Simply enter the code in-game and it’ll be activated.
  • It is as easy as that.

Pokemon Radical Red Cheats List

280EA266 88A62E5CUnlimited rare candy
91B85743 27069397Unlimited master balls
E51E97C3 7858E4EBInfinite money
830043B8 03E7Max HP
No random battles
830043B6 03E7Invincible

Mystery Gift Phrases

Asides from just the regular old cheats, you can input a Pokemon radical red cheat code phrase at a Pokemon centre. If you input the correct Pokemon radical red mystery gift phrases, you will be awarded rare and powerful Pokemon for free. The free Pokemon include a Calyrex, a Lugia, and a Ho-Oh. You should take advantage of these mystery gifts as soon as you reach a Pokemon centre.

Rare candy

It wouldn’t be a Pokemon game without having rare candies in it and also a cheat to go with it to get your hands on as many rare candies as one could ever want. Using the rare candy code, anyone who uses the code can get an abundant supply of rare candies to feed pokemons that you’ve just caught and level them up as much as you can.

Rare candy is used to increase the chance of evolving a Pokemon while also increasing its level by one.

Wild Pokemon modifier

With there being hundreds of different kinds of Pokemon to catch, it can prove quite difficult for anyone playing pokemon radical red to catch their dream Pokemon. Luckily, you can get your favorite Pokemon right now using the wild Pokemon modifier.

With this cheat, you can change what type of wild Pokemon you’ll encounter while this cheat is activated. By selecting the Pokemon that you want to encounter, you can easily catch it without having to look for it.

Mega stone

If you’re facing a tough opponent or you just want to push your Pokemon’s limits to the max, then you can use a mega stone to make it a mega Pokemon for one battle. This, however, will cost you a rare resource called mega stone. But as always, there is a cheat just to get mega stones as well.

By using the mega stone code, players can get their hands on an infinite supply of mega stones. By doing so, you will have enough mega stones to use a mega-evolution Pokemon in every battle. Your opponents will surely stand no chance against you after using this cheat.

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Catch trainer’s Pokemon

You just started a battle with another Pokemon trainer. He reveals his Pokemon and it is a very rare Pokemon and one that you’ve never seen before. After seeing that Pokemon, you might be wondering how to catch that. Well, there is no need to catch one for yourself.

By using the catch trainers‘ Pokemon code, you can acquire the exact Pokemon that your opponent is using without having to catch it. You can then proceed to use it whenever you would like. It will be like your Pokemon.

Legendary pokemon

Legendary Pokemon, as the name suggests are some of the most powerful and rare Pokemon in pokemon radical red as well as in any other Pokemon game. But finding and catching one is a very difficult task. To fix that problem, you can use the legendary Pokemon code which will make it so that you will only encounter legendary pokemon throughout your playthrough.

You can then catch as many Pokemon as you want. But there is still a problem of having to catch the legendary Pokemon. For this problem, You can use the code 100 catch rate which will make it so that you have a 100% catch rate when catching a Pokemon. No Pokemon will escape your Pokeball while this cheat is active.

Can you use cheats in radical red?

Yes. You can use a variety of different cheats in Pokemon Radical Red. Several cheats include the rare candy cheat or the infinite master ball cheats which will help you make your Pokemon a lot stronger.

Is pokemon radical red a real game?

Pokemon radical red is a fan-made version of Pokemon FireRed that introduces some significant changes. It adds some new features to the game as well as makes the game more challenging/

Are there Pokemon in radical red?

Pokemon radical red adds new pokemon as well as changing some existing ones. In total, the game has over 750 different Pokemons for trainers to catch.

Can you cheat in Pokemon?

Yes! If the Pokemon game has cheats available to use in the game, then you can take advantage of those cheats without any consequences.


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