Pokemon Sun Cheats

Pokemon Sun is a very popular Pokemon game which is why many players ask for its cheats codes. By using popular cheats like the rare candy or the wild modifier, you can change and enhance your gameplay in many different ways. People can use Pokemon cheats on many different platforms. They can use it for Nintendo 3ds and Citra.

How to use these Cheats?

If you want to use pokemon sun citra cheats on an Android device, you will have to pre-activate the cheats before launching the game.

  • To enable the cheats, you will have to go to Internal Storage\citra-emu\cheats on your Android device and then open the file there with a text editor.
  • You will then have to add the line “*citra_enabled” just above the first line of code.
  • When you have done that. Simply enter the cheat code inside that file.
  • If you have done everything right, citra android will be enabled.

Pokemon Sun Cheats List

Hold RIt helps to walk over walls
Select+UPIt upgrades all TMs and HMs
330D647C+UPIt multiplies the number of all medicine up to 950

Rare candy

In a game, all about catching the best of the best Pokemon and training them to become the most powerful, cheats would be a really big help to the players. Training a basic Pokemon to the max level may take a lot of time which many players might not have. Worry not though as you can upgrade any of your Pokemon to the maximum level right now with the rare candy code.

There are essentially two ways to level up your Pokemon. One is by fighting battles and the other is by using a rare candy. The second method is the easiest as you can instantly level up any Pokemon by using a rare candy.

Master ball

If you are going to catch any Pokemon in pokemon sun, you need to have pokeballs or master balls to do so. Master balls are superior in every way so why not use them instead? You can certainly do so by using the pokemon sun master ball cheat. With this cheat, you will never have to worry about having master balls to catch another Pokemon.

Wild pokemon modifier

The Pokemon that you are wanting to catch may be rare and difficult to come across. To save your precious time, you can use the pokemon sun wild Pokemon modifier and choose what wild Pokemon you would like to encounter next.

Are there cheats for pokemon sun?

Yes! Just like Pokemon Moon and most other Pokemon games, pokemon sun offers several cheats and players may benefit from using them whenever they would like.

Can you use cheats on the Citra emulator?

You can use any cheat that you desire on Citra. However, you can’t use cheats in those games that do not offer it by default.

Can you get banned from pokemon sun?

If you use the game’s cheats for causal play, then there is no harm done. However, anyone who uses third-party ha(ks online then the game services will be subject to a permanent ban.

Why won’t Citra cheats work?

There could be many reasons why your Citra cheats aren’t working but the most common reason is that the cheats may not be compatible with the game version that you are using.

How to use the commands?

If you’re using a 3ds and want to use 3ds codes, then you will have to look up the cheat code that you want to use. The cheat that you want to use will have a special code that will be required for you to enter to benefit from that cheat. When you’ve input all the desired codes that you want to use, you can go back to the game and enjoy a completely different gameplay experience.

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