CK3 Console Commands

Crusader Kings III is a great power videogame/kingdom simulation rooted in the 1400s, similar to its precursors Crusader Kingdoms and Crusader Kings II. Any to 867 or 1166, users take on the role of a warrior.  His games territory is nearly six percent higher complex and significantly taller here over in Crusader Kings II, encompassing Britain, Tanzania probably even farther north than the Earth’s surface, and Region even farther west than Xinjiang.

After a quarterback’s figure dies or is deposed, individuals should come to enjoy that protagonist’s succession. Over the decades, competitors build a family, with said adventure finishing in 1453.

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How to use CK3 commands?

CK3 commands

You will need to enable the debug console before being able to use these commands. You can do this by changing a setting in your game files, or by installing a DLC. One very initial point to note regarding Crusader Kings 3 would be because it participates as either a real human instead of just a strong, all-knowing entity in charge of a country.

  1. Select Crusader Kings 3 with the right click
  2. then select “Properties”
  3. Select “General”
  4. From the Launch Options menu, click “Set”
  5. The launch options will now show “-debug_mode”
  6. Run the game

Console Commands List

Commands Effect & Purpose
age Adds (number) of age to the character ID specified. Remember – you’re adding age, not setting an age number.
add_claim Adds pressed claim on a title specified by the title ID.
add_doctrine Adds specific doctrine to a selected faith – if no faith is selected then defaults to the player’s faith.
add_dread Adds some dread to the selected character.
add_maa Adds selected regiment of men-at-arms to the selected character.
add_perk Adds selected perk to selected character ID(Identity).
add_piety Adds some piety to the chosen character. Defaults to 1000 if no amount is given, negative values remove piety.
add_prestige Adds some prestige to the chosen character. Defaults to 1000 if no amount is given, negative values remove prestige.
add_realm_law Passes specified law into the realm of the chosen character.
add_realm_law_skip_effects Passes specified law into the realm of the chosen character without running effects.
add_relation Adds specified relation between the two characters specified.
add_secret Adds specified secret to the player character.
add_stress Adds some stress to the selected character.
add_title_law (only available for developers) Adds specified succession law to the chosen title.
add_trait Adds specified trait to chosen character. Trait IDs usually match their names.
add_lifestyle_xp_all Adds some all lifestyle experience (default 1000).
add_diplomacy_lifestyle_xp Adds some diplomacy lifestyle experience (default 1000).
add_martial_lifestyle_xp Adds some martial lifestyle experience (default 1000).
add_stewardship_lifestyle_xp Adds some stewardship lifestyle experience (default 1000).
add_intrigue_lifestyle_xp Adds some intrigue lifestyle experience (default 1000).
add_learning_lifestyle_xp Adds some learning lifestyle experience (default 1000).
bypass_requirements Ignores the requirements for player decisions, interactions, schemes, laws, and title creation.
change_culture Changes the culture of the selected county to the chosen culture.
change_development_level Adds some development to the chosen county.
change_fervor Adds some fervor to the specified faith.
change_diplomacy Adds some diplomacy skill to your required character ID(Identity).
change_martial Adds some martial skill to your required character ID(Identity).
change_stewardship Adds some stewardship skills to your required character ID(Identity).
change_intrigue Adds some intriguing skill to your required character ID(Identity).
change_learning Adds some learning skills to your required character ID(Identity).
change_prowess Adds some prowess skill to your required character ID(Identity).
clear_character_modifiers Removes all character modifiers from your required character ID(Identity).
clear_title_laws Removes title succession laws from chosen title ID.
clear_traits Removes all traits from selected character ID(Identity).
discover_all_eras Discovers all cultural innovations for selected character ID’s culture.
discover_era Discovers all innovations for a selected era – defaults to the current era and pressing the tab reveals all era IDs.
discover_fascination Immediately discovers the current fascination of the selected character ID’s culture.
discover_innovation Immediately discovers selected innovation for the selected character ID’s culture. Press tab to see all innovation IDs.
dynasty_prestige Adds some renown to the dynasty ID selected (defaults to 1000).
effect start_cat_story_cycle_effect Gain a pet cat.
effect start_dog_story_cycle_effect Gain a pet dog.
end_schemes Removes all schemes targeting the player character.
event Triggers specific event ID. Press the tab to see all.
fow Toggles the fog of war.
gain_all_dynasty_perks Gives the specified character ID all dynasty legacies.
gain_all_perks Gives all lifestyle perks to specified character ID(Identity).
give_title Gives a specified title to the chosen character.
gold Ads specified the amount of gold to the player character (defaults to 1000, negative values remove gold).
guaranteed_scheme_success Schemes are always successful.
guaranteed_scheme_secrecy_success Schemes are always secret.
instabuild Finishes holdings and buildings within a day in the player character’s domain. Re-enter to disable.
instant_birth Pregnancies last for one day. Re-enter to disable.
join_era Enters specified era for the character ID’s culture.
kill Kills specified character ID(Identity).
know_schemes Discovers all schemes targeted at the player character.
merge_culture Changes the culture of all counties from the first specified culture to the second.
pregnancy Makes female character ID pregnant (second character ID is the father). If no father is specified, then it remains unknown.
remove_doctrine Removes specified doctrine from the chosen faith. Press tab for all doctrine IDs.
remove_nick Gets rid of the selected character ID’s current nickname.
remove_relation Removes relation between the two character IDs specified.
remove_trait Removes specified trait from chosen character.
set_culture Changes culture to specified culture your required character ID(Identity). Press the tab for all culture IDs.
set_dread Sets dread to a specified amount of your required character ID(Identity).
set_faith Changes faith to specified faith in your required character ID(Identity). Press tab for all faith IDs.
set_focus Changes focus to the specified focus of your required character ID(Identity).
set_nick Gives specified nicknameyour required character ID(Identity).
set_sexuality Changes sexuality of selected character ID(Identity).
set_stress Sets stress level to chosen number for selected character ID(Identity).
set_diplomacy Sets diplomacy skill to select a number for the selected character ID(Identity).
set_martial Sets martial skills to select a number for the selected character ID(Identity).
set_stewardship Sets stewardship skills to select numbers for the selected character ID(Identity).
set_intrigue Sets intrigue skill to select a number for the selected character ID(Identity).
set_learning Sets learning skills to select a number for the selected character ID(Identity).
set_prowess Sets prowess skill to select numbers for the selected character ID(Identity).
yesmen AI characters accept all proposals. Re-enter to disable.
yesmen_instant AI characters accept all proposals instantly. Re-enter to disable.

Concept of Crusader King 3

If you’re playing Crusader Kings 3 for the very first time, you’re actually asking what your goal is. Perhaps you’ve enjoyed tactical videogames previously, and you’re aware knowing they have goals. Crusader Kings 3 doesn’t offer a clear goal that users can achieve, therefore this might be difficult to figure out exactly what you’re expected to do initially.

For the first few matches, all you’ll have to do is govern your kingdom. There was enough to make you feel comfortable accomplishing it now, and it’ll be a great opportunity to gain an understanding of how this is going on in Crusader Kings 3, ck3 wiki console commands

Eventually, you’re attempting to ensure all his clan, or succession survives till the finish line. If your first king dies, you’ll probably just pass on with that individual if their replacement does anyone in your household, ck3 trait console commands and ck3 princes of darkness console commands

However, because you’re particularly interested in good numbers, you’re in luck. Users can potentially advance to the status of the monarch by extending their kingdom and acquiring additional honors.

Your actions, regardless of status, can often gain you notoriety, that really is a gauge of whether you seem well. You’ll be glorified across the universe if you acquire too much of it because great achievements will be passed along over the years.

event [event id] Triggers [event id].
add_trait [trait id] [character id] Adds [trait id] to [character id]
give_title [title id] [character id] Gives [title id] to [character id]
set_sexuality [sexuality id] [character id] Changes the sexual orientation to [sexuality id] for [character id]
pregnancy [character id] [character id] Impregnates female [character id] with father [character id]

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Guide for the beginners

You’ve selected the team commander and are currently taking your initial glance at the display. You’ll commence the match with history stopped — time does not run in Crusader Kings 3, and players can reactivate it at any point by pressing the keyboard shortcut or pressing the symbol there in the bottom center of the display.

Whenever some difficult choices are offered to him, the clock will instantly stop. And shouldn’t worry – you may pick each option a few at a moment and spend as long research as you will require on every one of them, ck3 enables console commands, and ck3 how to turn on console commands

The Problems tab is probably of the least significant keys just on display, especially because you’re first getting started. The additionally smudged symbol towards the middle of the picture is that ck3 immortal console commands.

Particular critical matters are represented by jewel arrows adjacent to the Trouble icon; all of those are items that must be addressed quickly or face a fine. This could involve terminating the play, so ensure to take care of issues as soon as possible.

Hold your cursor finger over all of them to discover something regarding what has to be undertaken, and then move to open the appropriate selection window, ck3 wiki console commands. During playing Crusader Kings 3, you’ll do a lot more reading on the fly, however, if you continue to utilize the mute option to examine the Concerns list periodically, you’ll certainly be able to maintain the domain or household well-managed.

add_perk [perk id] [character id] Adds [perk id] to [character id]
add_piety [amount] Adds [amount] of piety to the player character.
add_prestige [amount] Adds [amount] of prestige to the player character.
add_realm_law [law id] [character id] Passes [law id] to the realm of [character id]
add_realm_law_skip_effects [law id] [character id] Adds [law id] to the realm of [character id
add_relation [relation id] [character id] Adds [relation id] between [character id] and [character id]
add_secret [secret id] Adds [secret id] to the player character
add_stress [amount] [character id] Adds [amount] of stress to [character id]
add_title_law [title id] [law id] Adds [succession law id] to [title id].

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Your main character

You’ll utilize the personality sheets frequently because it provides a lot of relevant details. One could access it just by going to the bottom left-right side of the window and tapping on the hero picture. When you pick something up, you’ll see a picture of their person and her husband, if they already have one.

Photographs of your kinsman plus, if relevant, your heir can be found on the right-hand side. A red or yellow numeral will indeed be flashed over each one of these increased relative, representing your emotions towards you, ck3 console commands primogeniture and ck3 console commands change county faith

add_trait [trait id] [character id] Adds [trait id] to [character id]
add_lifestyle_xp_all [amount] [character id] Adds [amount] of experience to all lifestyles of [character id]
add_diplomacy_lifestyle_xp [amount] [character id] Adds [amount] of diplomacy lifestyle experience to [character id]
add_martial_lifestyle_xp [amount] [character id] Adds [amount] of martial lifestyle experience to [character id]
add_stewardship_lifestyle_xp [amount] [character id] Adds [amount] of stewardship lifestyle experience to [character id]
add_intrigue_lifestyle_xp [amount] [character id] Adds [amount] of intrigue lifestyle experience to [character id]
add_learning_lifestyle_xp [amount] [character id] Adds [amount] of learning lifestyle experience to [character id]
change_culture [county id] [culture id] Changes the culture of [county id] to [culture id].

Game summary

So rather than 2-dimensional pictures, players feature-filled, three-dimensional computer person reconstructions.  They feature qualities that affect their statistics & conduct, just like in Crusader Knights II. Decisions accepting that are despite a project’s objectives will make them more stressed.

The heredity component in the framework lets protagonists transmit several of their traits to future offspring.  Characters can fear powerful protectorates into remaining devoted by raising their Terror, as rises when a player commits cruel acts such as murdering or tormenting other people.   Individuals can choose from five different occupations.

Every profession contains three skill branches that enable people to improve their lifestyle-related abilities, ck3 console commands traits and ck3 console commands mac.


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