Space Engineers Console Commands

Czech indie developer, Keen Software House has produced and published a 3D sandbox game titled “space engineers”. The game uses voxel-based technology to create its world. Early access to the game has been accessible on Steam since April of that year when the initial build of the game was made publicly available.

There have been approximately 3.5 million copies sold globally as of January 2019. Since May 2015, the game’s source code has been made available to the public and is being maintained by KSH as a service to the modding community.

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How to use Space Engineers commands?

To answer space engineers how to open the console

  • You may spawn materials and ores when not in survival mode by switching to creative mode
  • Pressing Shift+f10, and then switching back to survival mode after placing the materials and ores in a storage container.
  • That’s a basic method for obtaining resources, such as teleportation. This is a way to open a space engineer admin console to access cheats such as space engineer console commands teleport.

Space Engineers Console Commands List

Cheat Effect & Purpose
Command: /listprefabs {filter}


List ships in the Prefabs. {filter} to refine your search by name.
Command: /addprefab {#} Add the specified {#} prefab. Spawns the specified prefab ship directly in front of the player
Command: /addwireframe {#} Add the specified {#} prefab as an un-built ship. Spawns the specified ship 2m directly in front of the player.
Command: /adddrone {#} or /addpirate {#} Create a pirate-controlled and owned ship using the [#] prefab. Directly in front of the player, the specified ship is spawned 2m away. This logic will run if the prefab has a programmable clock and timer.

example: /adddrone assailant_mk.1

Space Engineers Cheats & Commands Benefits


Advantages of using console commands in space engineers
A very difficult game becomes somewhat easier.
The items that can be acquired are easily located.
When a cheat takes you to where you want to go fast, you feel like a winner.

Those who like playing tactical games at higher levels will need gaming commands. Developers often include game commands for testing purposes, but third-party software may also create them, improving a game’s value. This article discusses the benefits of using gaming cheats.

Many gamers value cheats because they allow them to compete with both other players and the game’s designers. Cheat codes are supplied to testers to help them explore a game. The commands allow players to go through to the next level without finishing the previous one, making the game simpler. Cheat websites often include codes that enhance a game’s fun and intrigue.

Long-term repetition of a game may lead to boredom. Cheats, on the other hand, change the game and make it more fun. Making the game more challenging or easier may give a unique viewpoint on playing it. When it comes to games, most players lack the time to practice and improve their skills, but they still want to get the most out of it.

The effect is that you may be trapped on a single level for days and lose precious time. The reason for this is that many players use game cheat websites to aid them in completing a tough job and advancing in a specific game. In order to pass a barrier or turntables against their opponents, gamers might use game commands to get the resources they need. Many in-game features, such as unique characters, need real-world money to get.

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Game summary

So paying for these services is a waste of money when free cheat codes achieve the same thing. Using cheat codes is completely free. Every video game has a few difficult stages to go through. A player must overcome a barrier to remaining motivated and interested in the game despite continuous failure. Thus, cheat codes may help rekindle a player’s interest in the game.

The use of cheat codes allows you to unlock additional features in games. It adds to the game’s fun. Some gamers become weary of playing the same game in the same manner. But not with cheat codes. Cheat codes also help experimenters. To find out which ha(ks work best for a player’s approach, they must experiment.

Above are space engineers‘ cheats. Console commands, despite the fact that some people consider them to be cheating, are really designed to provide amusement in the same way that they do in the games for which they were originally designed.

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Creative Mode – Space Engineers Tutorial

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