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When a weird attack threatens the Earth, an elite worldwide group known as “X-COM” goes to great lengths to defend humanity’s last bastion of civilization. It all started with Jules Gollop’s Mythic Games and MicroProse’s 1994 tactics game X-COM: UFO Defender.

There are six released and at least three canceled MicroProse titles, plus at least two books, in the company’s initial portfolio. One of the most popular titles ever, X-initial COM’s entrance, has been emulated and even remade several times by different developers, including several copies of one another, successors of a single idea, and unauthorized revivals, all xcom 2 commands

Million of forest Games are produced by XCOM: Operation Zero, which was licensed by 2K Sports and launched in 2012 to monetary and academic acclaim. The precursor The Federal agency: XCOM Released publicly and the follow-up XCOM 2 was also released.

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How to use Xcom 2 commands?

Xcom 2 Console Commands

For steam users 

  • So the console is workable after you launch the option of the ALLOWCONSOLE, the way you can find the options is completely dependent on whether you are playing via steam or not.
  • If the gaming is done on steam then finding this option is way simpler, open your steam account, find the library option, and select properties by right-clicking.
  • After viewing the properties option click on the launch option in the box, type the code in the box, and hit ok. Once you have clicked OK the code will be in working condition
  •  After the game, get loaded up.

For nonsteam users 

  • To enable the codes on a nonsteam setup all you need to do is to find the spot where the game has been installed and saved in the program files.
  • Click on the MODLAUNCHER and create a copy of it so that it can appear in the form of a picture for your ease.
  • Open the shortcut with right-click and search for the properties option and in that text box, you need to make the addition of allowing console at the end of it.
  • After you are done with this and have applied, just get rid of all the windows and start the game using the shortcut so that the game will start with the codes applied.

Console Commands List

Name of Code Codes
GiveResource giveresource [resource id] [amount]
AddItem additem [item id] [amount]
GiveHackReward giveha(kreward [ha(k reward id]
GiveActionPoints giveactionpoints [amount]
GiveScientist givescientist [level]
GiveEngineer giveengineer [level]
GiveTech givetech [tech id]
GiveFacility givefacility [facility id] [avenger/map index]
SetSoldierStat setsoldierstat [stat id] [value] [soldier name] [0 / 1]
MakeSoldierAClass makesoldieraclass [“soldier name”] [class id]
RemoveFortressDoom removefortressdoom [amount]
ForceCompleteObjective forcecompleteobjective [objective id]
endbattle endbattle [0 / 1]
BondSoldiers bondsoldiers [“soldier name”] [“soldier name”] [true / false]
SkipAI skipai
PowerUp powerup
TakeNoDamage takenodamage
ToggleUnlimitedActions toggleunlimitedactions
ForceCritHits forcecrithits
GiveContinentBonus givecontinentbonus [continent bonus id]
ToggleUnlimitedAmmo toggleunlimitedammo
ToggleFOW togglefow
ToggleSquadConcealment togglesquadconcealment
TTC ttc
TATC tatc
LevelUpBarracks levelupbarracks [amount]
HealAllSoldiers healallsoldiers
GiveFactionSoldiers givefactionsoldiers
GiveAbilityCharges giveabilitycharges
RestartLevel restartlevel
RestartLevelWithSameSeed restartlevelwithsameseed
pause pause
sloMo slomo [multiplier]
screenshot screenshot
listtextures listtextures
listsounds listsounds
ToggleRain togglerain
ChangeList changelist

Reaching black market 

You might claim back some of your investment in alien technology in the second campaign. In XCOM 2, the Black Marketplace is back, but you may now make money selling it. There are many Intels to go around, so you’ll have to be smart with your purchases.

Manufacturing and weaponry and personality enhancements, but also researching emotions may be found in the Black Marketplace. In a pinch, they may be a lifesaver, but be aware of how much Cpu you’re wasting.

But first, a sentence of warning. Making money on the black market might put you in a tough position. Dead or worthless objects have been removed from the system. Countless construction supplies and the tendency to tend alien skeletons may be utilized for a wide range of renovations and expenditures.

Our recommendation is that you offer to the Black Market only unless you’re in a really tight financial situation, and just sell near minimum wage, how to use the commands to kill all aliens

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Unlocking avatar upgrade cards 

Similar to the last games, you have the option to improve your operational headquarters. You must select various improvements dependent on the difficulty setting you’re performing at. For example, if you’re operating on the toughest difficulty level, your troops will return from assignments in a state of exhaustion.

The sooner you have a Combat Evolved Centre, the sooner your men will be able to recover from their injuries. More Punisher advice awaits you! To discover more about how to improve your Avengers, see our Perfect Way To Improve My Hero site.

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Destruction in the battleground 

Formally generated things are increasingly common on the battleground. Something has the potential to be eliminated or harmed. If you do not however manage to use it, you’re missing out on a valuable resource, instant build and Delerium core

What’s so critical about it? Having no cover means that your competitors can’t make use of it! Were you advancing on a well-armed foe? You have a significantly better chance of hurting them if you start blowing up your covering, which removes all of their perks. However, keep in mind that this might be abused by us, so be cautious while hiding between low ceilings or other things.

XCOM 2 adds the ability to detonate bombs under your opponent’s feet. On high of the roof, you’re up against four Emergence troops. What do you do? Watch as they tumble to the ground, getting both health first from explosions and additional fall harm as a result of the flooring being blown away.

toggle squad concealment ToggleSquadConcealment is used to hide the location of your soldiers 
ttc The TTC helps to transport your soldiers from one point of the map to the other with just one touch.
tatc The TATC console command is used to transport all the units of soldiers from one point of the map to the other in a rapid instant.
levelupbarracks [amount] LevelUpBarracks console command is used to level up the soldiers of your squad.
heal soldiers HealAllSoldiers command will provide healing to your soldiers which will improve their health points.
give faction soldiers By using the GiveFactionSoldiers command, you can call the soldiers from different units or groups for the battle.
giveability charges You can use the GiveAbilityCharges console command to get the new abilities for your soldiers.

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Using the resistance HQ 

The concept of sitting at your Rebellion HQ while you possess goals here on the battlefield may appear weird at times. Get your mind moving! Even if you’re under attack by space aliens, using the Headquarters for a few days might offer us a significant advantage.

It is possible to acquire intelligence or increase the pace at which people repair or construct via the usage of the HQ Even on the toughest levels, the recovery bonus is a big help.

Whenever you’re dealing with a limited scientist headcount, the construction increase is quite substantial. If you can get a few buildings up and operating soon, it will provide you with an initial advantage that will aid you over one’s mission.

You’ll get a variety of bonuses during the game. Acquiring commodities is important, but acquiring Intel, Researchers, and Architects should take precedence. These last two are essential if you want to improve your soldiers or your stronghold at the same time.

Improvements occur more quickly when you own a larger number of items.

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