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Players build and control their civilizations over time in the well-known turn-based strategy video game Civilization 6. Cheats for this game are unique codes that change the game’s difficulty or enjoyment. You use these codes to get advantages in the game. These codes help you win or do things without much effort.

In this game, players have ways to use cheats, like Civ 6 console commands for money. People look for these cheats on sources like the Civ 6 console commands wiki or Steam. Tools like WeMod also help with trainers, making it easy to use cheats and changes in the game. It can make playing more fun.

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How to use these Cheats?

Using cheats in this game is simple.

  • To access the console while playing, just hit the tilde key “~” on your keyboard.
  • Then, type in specific cheat commands like “gold” followed by the amount you want, such as “gold 1000,” and press Enter.
  • It instantly gives you that resource.
  • Some players also use tools like WeMod, which provide trainers with a user-friendly interface to apply cheats easily.

Civilization 6 Codes List

CodeWhat they Do
Reveal Allshow all of the map
Explore Allset the whole map as explored
Help AllDisplay all console commands.

What are the Benefits of using these Codes?


This cheat quickly gives you gold by typing it into the game’s console. It helps you improve your economy, letting you buy things like units and buildings without worrying about not having enough gold.

Quick Build

When you type this cheat, building projects in your cities speed up. It means you can finish buildings and wonders right away. It is great when you need to make your cities stronger fast or catch up with others.

Add Technology

Using this cheat, you can get any technology without following the usual order. It is useful because you can access advanced units and improvements before others.

Add Civic

This cheat works like the tech but for civics. You can choose whatever civic you like without following the normal procedure. It gets you powerful bonuses and policy cards right away.


With this cheat, you call units with specific strengths to your spot. It is handy for making your armies stronger quickly or defending against enemies.

End Turn

This cheat jumps to the next turn right away, skipping waiting time. It is great for speeding up the game or in scenarios without turn timers.

No Interface

This cheat hides the game’s interface, so you can take clean screenshots or enjoy the visuals fully.


Civilization 6 codes give players helpful advantages to make the game more fun. You use special codes in the game’s console to get shortcuts and improvements that make running your civilization easier. Cheats like getting gold right away, building things quickly, and quickly getting new technologies and civics let you play faster and more freely.

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Are there Cheats in Civilization 6?

Yes, there are cheats available in this game. For example, entering “gold” followed by an amount of gold can instantly provide that much gold to the player’s civilization. Similarly, cheats like “quick build” can speed up building construction, and cheats like “add tech” and “add civic” can grant immediate access to technologies and civics.

How do I Enable the Console in Civ 6?

Enabling the console in Civ 6 is easy. Press the tilde key “~” on your keyboard to start the game. It starts the console, a unique window where you can enter cheats to change the game. It resembles a secret command post that you can enter while playing.

How to Grow Fast in Civilization 6?

To grow quickly in this game, follow these steps: First, make more cities close to good things like resources and strong areas. Build districts that match your victory plan to help you do better. Study things that make your cities grow and produce more.

Use trade routes to make your cities better. Keep your people happy by having enough homes and good things for them. Make friends with other groups to get benefits. Also, use rules that speed up growth. You can grow fast and do well in this game by doing these things.

Does Civilization 6 have Mods?

Yes, this game does have mods available for players to use. Players can find and install mods through the Steam Workshop, a platform within the Steam gaming platform. Installing mods is easy. Players can subscribe to a mod in the Steam Workshop, which will automatically download and install when they start the game. Once installed, players can activate or deactivate mods from the game’s main menu.


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