Terraria Console Commands

The world of Terraria is a place filled with exciting new experiences! A place where the unknown prevails! A territory that is exclusively yours, which you are free to mold, protect, and appreciate. In Terraria, you have an almost infinite number of choices to make.

The game is a two-dimensional, action-adventure, expansive virtual world in which the player manages a specific individual in a universe that has been pre-generated. Over 35 million copies of the computer game Terraria have been sold, making it the fifteenth most successful video game ever sold worldwide.

The first thing that a player does in a role-playing game is creating a character, and then a world. It is possible to create several different personalities as well as several different planets. Because the formation of worlds is dependent on unpredictable seeds, there are almost no two worlds that are identical to one another.

At the beginning of the game, the player’s character will emerge amid their new environment, equipped with a copper shortsword for defense. The video game is packed with a diverse assortment of content and features.

The majority of the time spent by players will be devoted to adventuring, constructing various objects, and either gathering or constructing stuff. But sometimes this collection of items can be a hectic task. For this, you can use terraria commands for singleplayer as well.

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How to use the Terraria commands?

Before trying to utilize the mentioned instructions in Single Player mode, you will first need to verify that you are connected to a Multiplayer server so that you may use them in Multiplayer mode. This is because the instructions can only be used in Multiplayer mode. Terraria how to open the console is described here:

  • Select “Multiplayer” from the list of options on the menu that appears on the main screen.
  • You need to create a connection with the server that you want to use. You need to use the backtick key (‘) to access the game’s console once you have already begun playing the game.
  • You have the option of selecting one of the Terraria commands that are shown to you above and typing it into this box.
  • Simply press the enter key, and that’s all there is to it!

Terraria Console Commands List

Command Effect
config Indicates a specific configuration file to use
players OR max players Sets a maximum number of players
motd Sets your server’s message of the day
world Loads and automatically launches a world
secure Adds cheat protection
noupnp Turns off the universal plug and play
lobby Determines whether friends can join the server

Commands for server

When you begin messing about with customized servers in Terraria, as in many other open-world construction games, the game may quickly go from a relaxing pastime to an all-consuming addiction. Console instructions are going to be able to assist you in making the most out of this facet of the game, which has a nearly unending amount of different things you can do once you begin exploring it.

The procedure of configuring a server in Terraria is not too complicated, and doing so will be of great assistance to you in achieving the desired level of personalization in the game. When you host a server, you may invite your friends into a persistent environment that you can visit again and again. This is a terrific way to socialize. In a game that values innovation and curiosity, this is an excellent opportunity to try out new things, which is another benefit.

These console commands allow you to make adjustments to your server as well as the players that are currently connected to it. They also assist you in shutting things down when you are ready to call it a night. The following is a complete list of all the console commands that may be used in Terraria, as well as the command line options that can be used when starting a server. By the way, to use these Terraria cheat commands pc, the server has to be hosted by you.

These commands allow you to help configure the server’s regulations and parameters when you initially launch a new Terraria server, and you may use them at any time after that.

How to write commands on the Console?

In contrast to the requirements of some other games, activating the console won’t require any further steps on your part. When you are in a multiplayer community, regardless of whether you are the one running the server or not, you will have the ability to write certain commands by merely inserting a forward slash before entering the instruction that you wish to type.

If you wish to make use of other commands, you will need to input them into the server console of a devoted Terraria server. This is the only way to do so. Downloading and running a program such as Terraria Dedicated Server GUI is required to do this task. This was the answer to how to open console commands on terraria.

More console commands for server use

You may alter many settings on your Terraria server by using any of these commands that you can enter into the console while you are running the server. This set of settings can only be used on a personal computer. The following is a list of every command that may be entered into the console, along with the function that it serves:

Console Command Action
help Prompts the command list to pop up
playing Shows who is currently on the server
clear Clears the console
exit Closes the server
exit-nosave Closes the server without saving
save Saves the world
kick Kicks a certain player from the server
ban Bans a certain player from the server
password Shows password for the server/changes password
version Shows the version number
time Displays the current time
port Shows the listening port
max players Shows the max players allowed on the server
say Declares a message to all players on the server
motd Displays the message of the day
dawn The time will be set to 4:30 am
noon The time will be set to 12:00 pm
dusk The time will be set to 7:30 pm
settle Calms all water in the world
midnight The time will be set to 12:00 am

How do spawn items in Terraria?

There are no official Terraria codes to spawn items. You are going to have to utilize the Terraria Inventory Editor to spawn things while playing the single-player mode of the game. Your preference should go for Terrasavr since everything can be done via the web app, making it the most user-friendly option.

When you go to the website, in the top left-hand corner, you’ll see a button that reads “Load Player.” Click on that button. This will load your Terraria saves and ask you to select the player (.plr) file that you wish to change from the list that appears. When you pick it, the app will immediately load your most recent save. To access your stock at this time, you will need to select the button labeled “Inventory.”

Simply choose the button that is positioned to the right of your inventory to have access to your library. You may either use the search tool or click on the category that interests you to find the item that you want and then you can drag it into your inventory. From this point on, you have the option to do either of these things.

Click the ‘Save Player’ button to the right of the ‘Load Player’ button if you are satisfied with what you have changed for the player. This will cause your saved file to be downloaded with the changes that you have just made to it.


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