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Subnautica originally launched on 1 availability in September 2015 for Internet Explorer, April 2016 for macs, and May 2016 for Consoles One. It came outside from new content in February 2019 for Macintosh Computers, while Xbox One and Sony PlayStation variants followed in October.

Namco Distribution provided the hardware system releases. In May 2021, the Pokemon Nintendo, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S variants of the game were announced. Over 3 million downloads had just gotten shipped by December 2020. Subnautica: Down Zero, the prequel, was announced on May 14, 2021

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How to use SubNautica commands?

  • To activate the console commands on the Switch
  • Subnautica players will have to pause the game and then press all 4 shoulder buttons at the same time;
  • That is to say to press the R, L, ZL, and ZR buttons all at once.

Console Commands List

Codes Usage & Purpose
goto [name] This code is used to teleport you to a particular location.
warp [x] [y] [z] This code will warp the set of coordinates you provide.
warp forward [meters] This code is used to warp the player forward.
warpme This code will teleport you and your vehicle to the last base.
spawn You can use this to respawn nearby if you are stuck in the game.
randomstart This code will send you onto the life pod at one of its start locations.
kill This code is used to kill you and respawns you back on the lifepod.

SubNautica Console Commands Make sure to read your profile 

Using radio transmissions, Subnautica will lead players to the second significant narrative location, but afterward, you’re through all yourself alone. Sure to read the PDA comments you acquire after exploring the guiding structure.

While the program may provide you with a level indicator and a few rough numbers, it’s up to you alone to find the next places. In the beginning, I merely scanned the information and then wasted much too much time being confused and overwhelmed without paying more attention, subnautica below-console commands

Among the greatest prevalent methods of replenishing one’s appetite is to catch and grill fish. As a result, many individuals boil a large amount of fish before embarking on a lengthy journey, believing they would be edible at any time like plastic bottles.

Because of the brief period of time it takes for salmon to go bad and become indigestible, it will educate participants on the difficult method, subnautica ps4 console commands not working and subnautica below zero console commands ps4 solution

SubNautica Console Commands cheats

Equipment carried 

Click the button for the product’s trigger to remove your weapon from your fingers. In my experience, the margin between being out of the air and reaching the level isn’t tremendous, but it may absolutely make a massive distinction.

Sitting on a seat prevents your numbers from dropping, which surprised me initially. If guys are using your Smartphone or checking up on personal logs, take a break. For this reason, users must create 2 lighthouses before venturing into a new habitat or place for maybe the first time. This will allow them to backtrack quickly to important regions.

Placing unneeded things on the seabed takes up much room and may even impede overall gameplay. Recycle food and other waste by building a dustbin. To dispose of your spent nuclear reactor rod, you’ll require a nuclear waste removal, subnautica below zero console commands

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Fishes and plant pot 

Within your stock, prepared fish begin to degrade after just a short period of time, however, untreated fish will remain fresh. Way to cure fish using salt is a preferable option if you want to travel for a lengthy period of time. Using the heat knife, you could sear steaks just on the fly (don’t forget to scoop these up, however!).

Fling it into a school of fish and catch the ones who are sucked in. The paralysis rifle may maintain individuals immobile if they start to wiggle far too aggressively. As a time-saver, I prefer to catch a number of animals and throw them into my current location tanks, console commands disable achievements.

Console fans irrespective of the fact that Potted Plants provide far greater growth room than Growbeds. In an Astronomy, for instance, a player might accommodate a single grow bed or 10 Potted Plants. Players that wish to maximize the amount of area they have to work with must keep this in mind.

The scanners are just these initial tools you’ll learn to be used alongside your fabricators in the gameplay, and it’s effective for a range of purposes. Studying plants and wildlife will provide you with knowledge regarding them as well as additional manufacturing techniques on occasion. Identifying furnishings and construction materials will allow you to construct these.

After you’ve retrieved the required quantity of bits from the sea bottom, you’ll be able to view the object’s schematics. The program will display your progression on and for property enabling things that require many components to be identified. One too can check your development in the plans area of your Smartphone, subnautica console commands disable achievements

Unless you’ve already experienced a Subnautica videogame, this advice may feel like a rehash. If you understand how the gameplay works, you realize how important it is to keep your food and water levels up. In Subnautica, the player would perish if any of the 2 meters is depleted, and both are continually elapsing,

Game summary

Subnautica is set in the not-too-distant past. On its inaugural trip, the Aura, a profound starship built either by Alterra Company, was dispatched to a constellation in the farthest regions of the recorded universe. Its main goal is to construct a Phase Gate, a piece of high spectrum mass transit.

Nevertheless, the Degasi’s other purpose, because the majority of the company is unaware of, is to locate and perhaps recover the people of a cruise liner the Degasi, which wrecked 10 years later on world 4546B. The Borealis is struck by something like a mystery electromagnetic burst as it approaches 4546B’s orbital, so it starts to crash down on earth.

Multiple staff, including Ryley Roberts, the player protagonist, jump into escaping containers. The individuals of the neighboring life pods perished for numerous reasons, isolating Ryley as the youngest member. Ryley discovers documents indicating that all three members of the Degasi’s staff survived the original impact, but subsequently, both of them are verified died and both are believed murdered, subnautica console commands achievements

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