Pokemon Leaf Green Cheats 

Pokemon leaf green is another game in the huge Pokemon video game franchise. Like other Pokemon games, leaf green has a fair number of fans that like to play the game. Many of these players also tend to use cheats at some point in their playthrough to get a completely new experience.

These cheats will change the rules of the game in various ways such as giving you infinite amounts of any item in the game, allowing you to walk through walls, changing wild Pokemon encounters, and such. You can use the Pokemon leaf green v1.1 cheats which will allow you to use cheats for my boy’s Android and also without Gameshark with the help of an emulator.

How to use these Cheats?

  • You can use Pokemon cheats with Gameshark but if you want to use leaf green cheats without Gameshark, then you’ll need an emulator to use Cheats.
  • You can download the Pokemon Android emulator to make use of those cheats. You’ll also need the ROM file of Pokemon leaf green.
  • Once you have the emulator and the ROM file, simply open the ROM file from the emulator.
  • When the emulator has loaded the ROM file of the game, visit the cheats function inside your emulator and add as many cheats as you desire.
  • You also have the option to add a title and description for the cheat and it is recommended that you do add them so you can remember the function of each cheat.
  • Once all the cheats have been added, you can enjoy the leaf green with cheats enabled.
  • However, you should avoid using too many cheats at once as that might result in crashes or corruption of your save file.

Pokemon Leaf Green Cheats List

Buy items at the mart82003884xxxx
0001 = Master Ball.
0002 = Ultra Ball.
0003 = Great Ball.
0004 = Poke Ball.
Rare CandiesBFF956FA 2F9EC50D
If the above code does not work try this one
82005274 0044
0$ master balls in mart958D8046 A7151D70
8BB602F7 8CEB681A

What are the Benefits of using these codes?

Using leaf green cheats will benefit you a lot in your playthrough. You may use pokemon leaf green v1 1 cheat to gain various advantages such as infinite items, money, and some cool abilities that you can not normally achieve.

Rare candy

The leaf green cheat rare candy is a very popular cheat used by many players of the Pokemon games. It is available in almost all Pokemon games and gives a big advantage to players who choose to use it.

As the name suggests, by using this cheat, you will be granted an infinite number of rare candies which will be stored in your inventory. You may then use these candies to upgrade any Pokemon you want.

Walk through walls

By using the leaf green cheat to walk through walls, you can even access the later regions of the game because this cheat will allow you to walk through any obstruction blocking your way.

When you first start your Pokemon leaf green playthrough, you won’t be able to explore the later regions of the game without completing the previous ones. This might not be a big concern for players who are on their first playthrough ever but for players who have already completed the game, they may want to explore the later regions very early on.

Infinite Money

Everyone likes money right? Even in video games, people do and the money cheat in Pokemon leaf green is exactly for those people. This cheat will give you infinite money just like the name says and you can then proceed to use it and purchase anything you want in the game.

All 3 Starters

When new players of leaf green first start their playthrough of the game, they will be given the most important choice, the choice of what their starter Pokemon will be. Almost everyone will struggle in choosing a specific one but you can use cheats in leaf green to get all 3 starter pokemons and try all of them out in one playthrough.

How do you enter cheats in leaf green?

To enter cheats in leaf green, you have to simply enter the cheat code in the game. But if you are using an emulator, you will have to enter the cheat in the emulator instead of the game and then activate it to be able to use the cheat.

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How many legendaries can you catch in leaf green?

You can only catch 1 legendary per playthrough in the game. However, by using cheats, you can have more than 1 legendary Pokemon. The legendary Pokemon that you will encounter in your playthrough depends upon which starter Pokemon you picked.

Can you get Entei in leaf green?

Yes, you can get Entei in Pokemon leaf green. However, if you have already started your game playthrough and didn’t pick Bulbasaur as your starting Pokemon, then you won’t be able to get him the legit way. If you still want to get Entei, you can use cheats to receive it.

Where is the 9th badge in leaf green?

The Volcanic Medal is the ninth badge in Flame Red and Leaf Green. You must pass across the main places to arrive there: Highway 18, and Highway 17.

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