Pokemon Cloud White Cheats

Pokemon Cloud White has become a popular game among gamers worldwide, and many players have discovered the benefits of using cheats to enhance their gaming experience. Cheats allow players to unlock special items, catch rare Pokemon, and achieve a higher level of success in the game.

In this article, we will provide readers with valuable insights into different types of cheats available in Cloud White and how to use them to their advantage.

How to use these Cheat Codes?

To use cheats in Pokemon Cloud White, you can follow these steps:

  • On your device, install an emulator for the Game Boy Advance.
  • The game should be downloaded from a good website.
  • Open the emulator and load the Pokemon Cloud White ROM.
  • Enter the cheats in the cheat menu and enjoy the game.

Pokemon Cloud White Cheats List

000014D1 000AMaster Balls
10044EC8 0007Master Code for Everything 1$
82003884 0001Master Balls (You can buy them at all Pokemarts)
820258400044Infinite Rare Candy
509197D3 542975F4Walkthrough Walls (need Master Code)
01ff16dd0Infinite HP in battle

Pokemon Cloud White Item Cheats

Items are essential in Pokemon Cloud White and can help players progress through the game quickly. Here are some of the important cheats in the following.

Rare Candies

Rare candies help you to level up quickly without battling with others.

Master Balls

Master balls help you to become a master in the game by catching up with rare and legendary Pokemon with a 100% catch rate.

Mega Stones

Necessary tasks drain too much energy and time, but you can save time by using the Mega Stone cheat.

  • Charizardite X: 82003884 0066
  • Charizardite Y: 82003884 0067
  • Blastoiseite: 82003884 006A
  • Venusaurite: 82003884 0069

For Legendary Pokemon

Legendary Pokemon are rare and challenging to catch in Cloud White. However, it becomes easy to catch them with proper cheat codes. Here are some of them especially for you.


Mewtwo cheat code is used to obtain Mewtwo. Using this code saves players time and effort that would otherwise be spent on finding and catching Mewtwo in the game.


Using a Zapdos cheat code in Cloud White allows players to obtain Zapdos, known for their high speed and special attack.


The Articuno cheat code in Cloud White is to allow players to obtain Articuno, a legendary Pokemon featured in the game.


With these cheats, players can catch rare Pokemon, obtain valuable items, and achieve higher success in the game. However, players should use cheats responsibly and turn them off when not in use to avoid any glitches in the game. Pokemon trainers can master the game by using these tips and tricks.

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Where to find Mega Gems in Cloud White?

You can find them in various places, i.e.

  • Head north of Island Six after delivering both gems to Cellio. Battle your Rival in a new area, and upon defeating him, and he will reward you with a Mega Gem.
  • They are scattered all around the game. Sometimes, you can find them underground, or sometimes you have to defeat some tough trainer.
  • Mega Stones can also be obtained as rewards for completing certain side quests or story missions.

What are the steps to mega evolve in Pokemon Cloud White?

  • Obtain the Mega Ring and the corresponding Mega Stone for the desired Pokemon.
  • During the battle, choose the Mega Evolution option instead of a move.
  • Select the desired Pokemon and confirm your choice.
  • The Pokemon will then mega-evolve, gaining new stats, abilities, and appearances.

Is there a limit to how many times you can Mega Evolve during battles in Pokemon Cloud White?

No, you can Mega Evolve as many times as you want during battles in Pokemon Cloud White as long as you have the Mega Ring and the corresponding Mega Stone. It typically lasts for 8 hours only.

Does Pokemon have cheats?

Yes, there are cheat codes and devices available for some Pokemon games that can modify the game’s mechanics or provide benefits to the player.


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