Pokemon White Cheats

Pokemon White is a popular game that can be challenging to progress through without spending hours training your Pokemon. Fortunately, cheat codes can make leveling up Pokemon and obtaining rare items much easier. However, it is important to be safe when using cheats to avoid corrupting your save file or causing glitches in the game.

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This article provides various cheat codes for Pokemon White, an explanation of how to use them with the DeSmuME emulator program, and a brief introduction to databases. Read on to learn how to use these cheats and enhance your Pokemon White gameplay experience.

How to use these Cheats?

DeSmuME offers a feature that allows players to access cheats in Pokemon White. Here are the steps to use the Rare Candy code in Pokemon White using DeSmuME:

  • Open DeSmuME and load Pokemon White.
  • Go to the “Emulation” tab and select “Cheats.”
  • Click on “List” and select “Action Replay.”
  • Enter the following cheat code.
  • Check the “Enable Cheats” box.
  • Start playing Pokemon White and go to your bag.
  • You should now have unlimited Rare Candies.

Pokemon White Cheats List

000014D1 000AMaster Balls
10044EC8 0007Master Code for Everything 1$
82003884 0001Master Balls (You can buy them at all Pokemarts)
820258400044Infinite Rare Candy
509197D3 542975F4Walkthrough Walls (need Master Code)
01ff16dd0Infinite HP in battle

Without Action Replay

If you are looking for modification in the game without using an action replay device, then here is something special for you.

Rare Candy

Rare candies increase a Pokemon’s level by one instantly. You can use this cheat 9206B5B0 00000001 if you want rare candies.

Vintage White Codes

Pokemon Vintage White is a fan-made version of Pokemon White that adds new features, changes the game’s storyline, and introduces new Pokemon. Here are some of the most popular Pokemon Vintage White cheats:

  • 128898B6 EDA43037
  • 361E3586 CD38BA79

100 Catch Rate

In Pokemon White, catching Pokemon can sometimes be difficult due to their low catch rates. But, this cheat assures you a 100% catch rate, which is something everyone looking for while playing a game. Here’s the 100 catch rate cheat code 52180C50 43082020


Several Pokemon White cheat databases contain codes for various cheats, such as unlimited items, rare candies, and master balls.

Action Replay Code Manager

This software allows players to manage their cheat codes and transfer them to their Action Replay device.


This online tool allows players to create their own custom Pokemon with specific stats and movesets.


This online tool allows players to edit their Pokemon saves and add rare items, Pokemon, and more.

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The use of Pokemon White cheats and cheat databases can enhance the gameplay experience for players. From quickly leveling up Pokemon using Rare Candies to accessing unlimited master balls and rare candies, cheat codes offer a variety of benefits.

To get the most out of Pokemon White, players can explore the different cheat databases available, such as Action Replay Code Manager, PokeGen, and PokEdit, to create custom Pokemon and add rare items. So go ahead and try out these cheats to level up your gameplay!

Does Action Replay work on Pokemon White?

Yes, Action Replay does work on Pokemon White. It allows players to input cheat codes to modify the game’s mechanics and obtain various in-game benefits.

Which starter Pokemon is considered the best in Pokemon White and why?

It mainly depends upon the playing style of the players. However, many trainers consider Snivy to be the best starter Pokemon in the pokemon white game because of its high speed and special defense stats, as well as its Grass-type moves, which can be particularly useful in the game’s early stages.

Oshawott and Tepig are also strong choices, with Oshawott having a good mix of defense and attack, while Tepig has high attack and HP stats.

Which one is better? Snivy or Oshawott

If you are looking for a fast and agile Pokemon, then Snivy will fit best into your game plan. If your game plan is to be defensive and balanced, then Oshawott is especially suitable for you.

What is the best region starter?

The best region starter in the Pokemon games is subjective and depends on personal preference and playstyle. But here are a few popular ones such as the Kanto region, Johto region, Hoenn region and Sinnoh region

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