Pokemon Storm Silver Changes

We have compiled a list of the Pokémon Storm Silver Changes for you to check out and try. These changes can be discovered by any player using the guide we have provided. You can find the documentation(PDF), wiki and even the game cheats list on our platform. Discover the all the changes happening in the game below:

Pokemon Storm Silver Changes List

Here is the list of all changes:

Increased DifficultyAI & Trainer EnhancementsBattles are more difficult because AI and strategic trainers make them more difficult.
Gym Leader UpdatesNew RostersGym leaders have up-to-date Pokémon teams, so you'll need to adjust your tactics to beat them.
Expanded Pokémon RosterAll 493 PokémonYou can get all 493 Pokemon from the first 4 generations, which means you'll have more options for your team.

Pokemon Storm Silver Changes Game Summary

Pokémon Storm Silver is a game that was made by fans. It changes the original game, Pokémon Soul Silver, to make it more challenging and fun.

The trainers and gym leaders are stronger, and you can catch all 493 Pokémon. Some Pokémon have new abilities and moves, which makes the game more strategic. You can also get legendary Pokémon by playing in-game events.

The game has some improvements that make it easier to play, like unlimited TM’s and early access to the Pokéathlon. These changes make the game more exciting and fun for fans of Pokémon.

What’s Pokémon Storm Silver?


Pokémon Storm is a modded version of Soul Silver. It modded the gameplay of the original game. It increased the level of difficulty, updated the trainers and gym leaders in the game, and allowed all 493 Pokémon to be caught.

What’s the difficulty like?


Storm Silver enhances the difficulty of the game by enhancing Artificial Intelligence (AI) to make battles more challenging. Gym Leaders have updated rosters, while trainers are more tactical and provide a more captivating experience.

Any Changes to Pokémon?


Yes, some of the Pokémon have been updated with new typing and move sets, making battles more interesting. Evolution methods have been modified, and legendary characters are now easier to find through in-game promotions.

Are there Gameplay Improvements?

Quality-of-Life improvements like unlimited tampons and early access to the Pokéathlon make the game easier and more fun for everyone.

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