Pokemon Sun Pokemon Locations

We have compiled a list of the Pokemon Sun Pokemon Locations for you to check out and try. These locations can be discovered by any player using the guide we have provided. You can take any route and use any map to get to these locations. We tell you how to get to legendary locations, map, and Pokédex. Discover many items and even learn to get respawned in the game using this pdf guide we provide. Consider this to be a Walkthrough for all locations in the game.

Note: You must have some basic knowledge about different locations(from Pokedex or by playing the game) to understand all the maps we’ve listed. Please find all the locations below

Pokemon Sun Pokemon Locations List

Here is the list of all locations and the guides:

Melemele Island

  • Route 1
  • Hau’oli City

Akala Island:

  • Route 4
  • Paniola Town
  • Lush Jungle
  • Brooklet Hill

Ula’ula Island:

  • Route 10
  • Route 17
  • Po Town

Poni Island:

  • Poni Plains
  • Poni Gauntlet
  • Resolution Cave

Route 1: Route 1 is in Melemele Island, which is where Pokemon Sun begins. You can find common Pokemon like Pidgey and Yungoos there.

Hau’oli City: Hau’oli City is the main city on Melemele Island in Pokemon Sun.

Route 4: In Pokemon Sun, Route 4 is a path on Akala Island that links Heahea City and Paniola Town. It has Growlithe and other Pokemon.

Paniola Town: Paniola Town is a place in Pokemon Sun on Akala Island where you can find Miltank, Mudbray, and many different types of Pokemon.

Lush Jungle: Lush Jungle is a place in Pokemon Sun on Akala Island. It is located northeast of Heahea City and can be reached by traveling on Route 5.

Brooklet Hill: Brooklet Hill is a place in Pokemon Sun on Akala Island where you can find Water-type Pokemon such as Wishiwashi and Araquanid.

Route 10: In Pokemon Sun, Route 10 is located on Ula’ula Island and has many different wild Pokemon such as Fearow and Ledian.

Route 17: In Pokemon Sun, Route 17 is located on Ula’ula Island and is home to Ghost-type Pokemon such as Sandygast and Palossand.

Po Town: Po Town is a place in Pokemon Sun on Ula’ula Island. It is located southwest of Malie City and is home to Team Skull.

Poni Plains: Poni Plains is a location in Pokemon Sun on Poni Island. It has Tauros, Mudsdale, and many other types of Pokemon.

Poni Gauntlet: Poni Gauntlet is a place in Pokemon Sun on Poni Island where you can meet different Pokemon and fight battles before challenging the Elite Four.

Resolution Cave: Resolution Cave is a place in Pokemon Sun on Poni Island where you can find Jangmo-o and other Dragon-type Pokemon.

Where to find rare Pokemon in Pokemon Sun?

Rare Pokemon are in different places on Alola’s islands. Look in caves, water, and grassy areas. Some need specific times or weather.

Do Pokemon locations change in different versions?

Yes, some Pokemon are only in certain versions (Sun/Moon/Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon). Check online guides to see which ones are in your version.

How to find Pokemon in special habitats?

Different habitats like caves, jungles, and beaches have different types of Pokemon. Change your search strategy based on the habitat to find the Pokemon you want.

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