Pokemon Arceus Tier List

Welcome, fellow explorers, to the Pokemon Arceus Tier List! As you journey through the vast landscapes of Hisui, your choice of Pokemon companions is crucial for success. This tier list will guide you through the wild terrains, categorizing Pokemon based on their strengths and versatility. From stalwart defenders to swift attackers, discover the Pokemon that will stand out in the untamed realm of Pokemon Arceus. As you embark on this pioneering adventure, let the Pokemon Arceus Tier List be your compass in assembling a team that thrives in the ancient and mystical world. Unearth the potential of your Pokemon and witness the evolution of the Arceus Tier List!

Pokemon Arceus Tier List

We’ve categorized every Pokemon into S, A, B, and C tiers based on their abilities:

S Tier

S Tier: These Pokemon are the apex predators in the untamed world of Pokemon Arceus, excelling in both strength and adaptability.

  • Basculin (Braviary Mount): With the Braviary Mount, Basculin achieves unparalleled mobility and offensive power, making it a top-tier choice for traversing the diverse landscapes.
  • Decidueye: Known for its keen eyesight and precision, Decidueye secures its place in the S Tier, offering a balance of speed and powerful ranged attacks.

A Tier

A Tier: These Pokemon exhibit considerable strength and versatility, contributing significantly to your exploration and battles in Pokemon Arceus.

  • Rapidash (Galarian): Galarian Rapidash, with its graceful movements and Fairy/Psychic typing, earns a spot in the A Tier, providing both speed and magical attacks for strategic encounters.
  • Bastiodon: As a formidable Steel/Rock-type, Bastiodon falls into the A Tier, boasting strong defensive capabilities and a solid presence in battles.

B Tier

B Tier: While not at the pinnacle, Pokemon in this tier offer reliable strength and contribute effectively to your journey in Pokemon Arceus.

  • Scyther: Known for its swift and precise movements, Scyther secures a place in the B Tier, offering agility and powerful Bug/Flying-type attacks for diverse encounters.
  • Luxray: Luxray’s Electric typing and impressive stats place it in the B Tier, providing solid offensive capabilities and versatility in battles.

C Tier

C Tier: Pokemon in this tier may face challenges in certain situations, requiring careful consideration in your team composition for Pokemon Arceus.

  • Braviary: Despite its powerful Flying-type moves, Braviary falls into the C Tier, facing challenges against certain opponents and scenarios.
  • Froslass: As an Ice/Ghost-type, Froslass lands in the C Tier, offering unique abilities but encountering difficulties against specific matchups.

So which Pokemon Is the best?

In the Pokemon Arceus Tier List, Basculin (Braviary Mount) and Decidueye stand tall in the S Tier, showcasing unmatched strength and adaptability in the untamed world. Galarian Rapidash and Bastiodon in the A Tier offer considerable contributions, providing speed, magical attacks, and solid defenses. Scyther and Luxray in the B Tier exhibit reliable strength, while Braviary and Froslass in the C Tier may face challenges in specific situations. As you explore the ancient landscapes, consider the unique strengths of each tier to forge an unstoppable team in Pokemon Arceus!


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