Pokemon Gold Pokemon Locations

We have compiled a list of the Pokemon Gold Pokemon Locations for you to check out and try. These locations can be discovered by any player using the guide we have provided. You can take any route and use any map to get to these locations. We tell you how to get to map, locations by route. Discover many items and even learn to get respawned in the game using this pdf guide we provide. Consider this to be a Walkthrough for all locations in the game.

Note: You must have some basic knowledge about different locations(from Pokedex or by playing the game) to understand all the maps we’ve listed. Please find all the locations below

Pokemon Gold Pokemon Locations List

Here is the list of all locations and the guides:

  • New Bark Town
  • Route 29
  • Cherrygrove City
  • Route 30
  • Violet City
  • Sprout Tower (Violet City)
  • Route 32

New Bark Town: New Bark Town is where players begin their journey in Pokemon Gold. It’s in the Johto region and where they get their first Pokemon.

Route 29: Route 29 is located below New Bark Town. This is where players begin their journey and can find Pidgey, Rattata, and Sentret.

Cherrygrove City: Cherrygrove City is located in the southwest of New Bark Town and can be reached by traveling through Route 29. It is a starting point in the Johto region.

Route 30: Route 30 is located to the east of Cherrygrove City. It connects to Route 31 and has many wild Pokemon to catch at the beginning of the game.

Violet City: Violet City is located in the west of Johto, just after Route 29. It is where Sprout Tower and the first Gym are located.

Sprout Tower (Violet City): Sprout Tower is a tall building in Violet City. You can find Gastly and Bellsprout inside. It has many levels and looks like a pagoda.

Route 32: Route 32 is located south of Violet City. It connects to Union Cave and has many different types of Pokemon to encounter.

Where can I find Dratini?

You can catch Dratini in the Dragon’s Den after getting the Rising Badge in Blackthorn City.

When and where can I get Eevee?

You can get Eevee at Bill’s house in Goldenrod City after getting the National Dex and defeating your rival.

How can I find Lapras?

You can find a level 20 Lapras on Fridays on the lower floor of Union Cave. You need to surf across the water to reach it.


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