Pokemon Radical Red Pokemon Locations

Pokemon Radical Red is a famous game that is the fan-made ROM of the renowned game Pokemon Fire Red. The favorite related game has the same features as the original game. The game’s features are numerous, and there are different locations linked with other cards of the Radical Red.

As a user, you might have basic knowledge about different locations and the areas where you can find different types of radical red Pokemon. Please find all the locations below

Pokemon Radical Red Pokemon Locations List

Radical Red is always a challenging game with different features for game lovers. The user must have points and access to such types of games. Radical Red is better known as the most challenging game that often deviates from the standard Pokemon formula.

Legendary Pokemon

Legendary Pokemon is also available for different games and consists of various events. Such cards are public on different websites. But legendary Pokemon information is available from other forums.

Trade Evolutions

Trade evolution cards are available at special events. These cards are taken and mostly reviewed through the forums and for special occasions. The game has wide generations and features that can amaze the kids.


The fossil cards consist of some other basic cards. The information is all about the root, claw, and armor fossils. The basic cards provide information about the basic structure and basic demand.


Pikachu is the most famous game and most widely used game. The game has its popularity and features. The users normally use this card to settle for the users. Pikachu is a big machine viewer that can operate games and is available for easy card access.

All these cards have their location and are specifically found at different sites with different featured characters for the players of the radical red Pokemon.


The other card the clients have is the Eevee, which is available on online websites and forums. This is mostly available in Celadon City.


The cards are fish for Dratini, at least available on the safari zone secret house. This card is the most famous location for the safari zone characters.

Are there Pokemon in Radical Red?

Radical red route encounters are different in the Pokemon and are from multiple regions. Radical Red expanded from the availability and had access to 775 Pokemon.

What are good Pokemon in Radical Red?

The Guide pdf says some good Pokemon exist, including Skarmory and others like Leech Seed, Poison Powder, and Giga Drain.

Where do you find Sonam in Radical Red?

Sonam is among the radical Red Route 1 encounters in the Viridian forest, buneary on Route 3, and Riolu on the moon basement floor.

Where is Bulbasaur in Radical Red?

Bulbasaur is at route 13 during the day and is available via surfing on Vermilion city shores.

What are Red Canon Pokemon?

Red canon Pokemon are caught in Viridian forest with other locations, including Red and Charmander. These are the characters from Radical Red Pokedex.

Did Red have a Pikachu?

Red is the sole starter in the Pokemon and is famous for the Pokemon Yellow, too. There are different Pokemon anime that are yellow and have appeared in the whole fame structure.

Who is the strongest Pokemon?

Red is the strongest and fastest trainer in the Pokemon games and is at level 88 for all players.

Are radical red starters shiny-locked?

There are different radical red starters, and they are not locked. Even they are in operation once the game starts.

Where is Rookidee in Radical Red?

Rookidee is available in radical red and normally is at route 22 at night. The player can easily access the game character during the remote game conditions. There is also availability for the character at Route 9.

Where can I find Charmander in Red?

Charmander is available in Red and is the most common and most demandable. This player is mostly given to red/blue payers as the first starting pot for the players.

Where do I get Trubbish in Radical Red?

The radical red safari zone guide says that Trubbish and sanygast are available during the early route in surrounding Vermillion.


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